foot valgus deformity

valgus deformity, foot pathology, and the cone together on the inside. In the area of the ankle joint and the stop of valgus (x-shaped) deformation, the inner edge of the heel is based on the surface. Сведенных together in a standing position the foot on the heel of 4 cm or more distance from each other. For the development of dysplasia may be the cause, connective tissue, prenatal developmental disorder in the legs, as well as the wrong shoes in childhood, unilateral, stroke, metabolic and endocrine disorders. Valgus deformity is one of the results sometimes stop the wrong attitude. Exposure on the basis of diagnosis, examination, radiography and optometrik. Conservative treatment includes physical therapy and wearing orthopedic shoes in the early stages. It's not an expression, performed surgical correction in the correct position.

foot valgus deformity

valgus deformity of foot – the middle part of the foot the foot goes down, the axis of curvature, the outward expansion of the heel, inner down her sides. Сведенных standing legs visible in a patient with x-shaped deformity of the ankle joint and rear sections of the foot in the area – a considerable distance from each other on the adjacent inner ankles and heels. Pathology is usually in early childhood. Because flat feet can develop in adults, exacerbating both under the influence of various traumatic and non-traumatic factors.

Due to evolutionary allows you to secure the foot the maximum support and efficiency movements. The tarsal bones in the fingers and toes are kept strong ties with all the "design" as a whole, represents, moving, walking and running cushioning that provides a constant stress training. Depreciation is possible as convex foot: longitudinal and cross -. Because of a major load in this workbook are normally distributed between all three support points: the heel bone and the first bone plusnevoy fifth plusnevoy the head of the bone.

Congenital or acquired disorder of shape, size or function of the capabilities of individual items (bones, Nov, ligament) all the other departments has no effect on the foot. Between the rate of anatomical formations, broken, distribution, load. In some cases, pathological changes of the foot arch уплощается more active way. The flat tibial tarsal foot bones of the foot and progresses more than a million displaced against each other, valgus deformity of the foot.

The causes, development, foot valgus deformity

The main reason for the formation of valgus stop, usually, congenital connective tissue dysplasia. Risk factors such as trauma (fractures, bone, foot, ligament rips and tears), osteoporosis, endocrine disorders (diabetes, thyroid disease) because of the foot and overload the excess weight. it could be the manifestation of a skeptical foot valgus posture. In some cases (congenital anomalies) taped foot deformation, immediately after birth, but more often occurs when the baby starts walking and is exacerbated due to wearing the wrong shoes, inadequate physical activity, or not properly chosen physical activity. Valgus development, stop, in advanced age, usually on a background of an already existing flat feet sudden weight gain or during pregnancy. Stroke and musculoskeletal injury of the foot, valgus deformity may occur without a pre-existing flat foot.


Valgus foot deformity classification

Depending on the cause, developmental specialists, valgus Orthopedics and Traumatology stop the properties of the following types:

  • Static. Poor posture is one of the symptoms.
  • The structural. Occurs congenital pathology – bone the tranny in the upright position.
  • Make up. Achilles is created укороченном suchozilij, "скручивании" косом the shin bone and ankle in position.
  • Paraziticheskie. Encephalitis or polio as a result of complaining.
  • Spasticheska. Occurs malobercovoy-Nov ekstremalnych spasms.
  • Giperkorrektsionna. Kosolapa of malpractice.
  • Rakhiticheska. Observed in rickets.
  • Травматическая. Then develops, bone fractures, foot, snags, and breaks the bond. A re-installation may occur after the axis of the leg and infringing, and covering severe injury (broken leg, broken hip and damage to the knee joint).

Valgus to three degrees according to severity stop:

  1. It's easy. The longitudinal arch height – 15-20 mm, heel inclination angle – 15 degrees elevation angle belt – aside from a ten foot section of 140 degrees, 8-10 degrees, the angle is 10 degrees valgus position is located in the rear part.
  2. Average. Belt height – up to 10 mm, heel inclination angle – 10 degrees elevation angle belt – 150-160 degrees, valgus rear foot part located in position, the front edge up to 15 degrees.
  3. It's heavy. Belt height – 0-5 mm, the heel inclination angle of 0-5 degrees, a range of 160-180 degrees elevation angle, the front and rear portions of the foot position of valgus and abduction more than 20 degrees. Constant pain, joint Chopra. The deformation correction is a conservative Challenger.

Foot valgus deformity symptoms

What bothers the patient the expression of a pain especially when using the wrong shoes and then a walk or static load. It's also a potential tension, leg pain and gait disorders Nov. In severe cases, almost constant pain syndrome. Typical set of changes detected by an external examination: the patient is based on the outer edge of the ground detected on all surfaces of the foot flexion, with the front section back. Bulging below the inner ankle is determined with head space due to the offset tranny bone. In some cases, visible bulging another horn blew this bone. As an aside the front section against the back. The longitudinal axis, the curved foot. Denied and heel and the inner edge leans outward and not a regular part of the floor. Сглажена outer ankle, keeps the interior.

In this position the patient in standing located in the heel from each other. Nov ikronozhnoi on your stay plumb in the middle part goes down, the heel inside. The painful point on palpation detected aponevroz lad some more drops under the inner edge of the bone and Poroshenko, dew point: external ankle. Often, he noted, diffuse pain, leg muscles, especially the expression and the rear surface of the heel on the lower leg, the leg and the inner surface of the front tibia in the area comb. Nov pains due to the increased load and a constant voltage because of a violation can affect the normal function.

Pathology usually occurs in childhood. Untreated or inadequately treated is maintained throughout the life of the deformation, however, doctors are turning to non patients dysfunctions resulting. Attack can develop at any age. Teenagers and young people to occur in conjunction with the possible aggravation of pain valgus deformity. Morphological changes in Mature and old patients, usually compound, notes the superiority of functional disorders. Syndrome, valgus deformity of the foot in adulthood and the changes more frequent overall body visible on the background of the increased load condition: in the last months of pregnancy, rapid weight gain, both during and after the period of prolonged immobility klimakterichesko due to changes in living conditions or severe diseases.

Diagnostic foot valgus deformity

Diagnosis external symptoms of exposure based on the data and the instrumental work. Flattening the tooth doctor draws attention to a dome foot, heel, ankle swollen internal and external deviation smoothing outward. To confirm the diagnosis and to determine the degree of deformation is made pantografica, podometrija stop and radiography. Reducing the height of the arch of the foot on the location of the violation detected rentgenogrammy front, middle and rear sections of the foot bone tarsal joint as well as individual. Podometrija that is used to evaluate load distribution means. Computer pantografica applied to calculate the angles, settings and directories is allowed for and determine whether the type of flat-foot.

Guidance for consultation with the patient and deformation spasticheskiy parametricheski a neurologist or neuro-surgeon. Consulting endocrinologist, endocrine system diseases prescribed for suspected. Densitometry for suspected osteoporosis necessary, to double or rentgenologicheski absorbtsiometriya фотонная absorbtsiometriya. The reason for osteoporosis, menopausal syndrome, consulting a gynecologist is shown to the patient.

Foot valgus deformity treatment

The treatment is done ... or травматологами orthopedic specialists. Valgus foot deformities in children with orthopedic shoes containing a wearing effective conservative treatment, massage, crude paraffin, paraffin, mud, magneto therapy, diadinamoterapiyu, electrophoresis and exercise therapy. Necessary surgical intervention are rare and usually congenital into a vertical position, are carried out the tranny bone or the Achilles tendon. In addition, the vertical combined with applied technical tarane Dobbs: they're dragging the correct position by using the feet first, instantly the wound windings, then the record Tarantino-joint using the speaker with the full path instead Kirchner and lad-leather ankilostomyaz. Then gypsum impose, 8 weeks later wearing breusov appointed, and then orthopedic shoes.

Properties limited conservative treatment of adult patients with severe valgus foot surgery is required. Depending on the type and resection can be done to an extent with flat feet Tarantino-пяточного arthroplasty, arthrodesis Tarantino-пяточного joint, a long fibula tendon transfer operations and other Nov astrologicheskie.