hallux valgus deformity of the foot in children causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

hallux valgus deformity of the foot in children – a defect characterized by foot drop and vault him to the height of the X-axis curvature of the neck. Hallux valgus outward and heel of the foot in children celebrated a reverse finger sagged in mid-foot portion, clumsy gait, fatigue and leg pain. Diagnostic pediatric orthopedic hallux valgus of the foot in children on the basis of external examination, radiography stop 3-x appeared, and plantography, sunmerry. Treatment of hallux valgus foot in children is accomplished by using, exercise therapy, massage, orthopedic shoes she wore orthopedic trapping tires; ineffectiveness – performed surgery.

children with foot deformities вальгусная

To understand valgus deformation of foot under such a deformation, compression and knee in children stricta, which fix the distance between the inner edges of 4-5 cm, More ankles, in this case, the toes and the heel is rejected, the vault the outer side and the inner stop "заваливаются" in. Such a curvature is called the foot, x-shaped, on the contrary, varus (shaped) deformation of the stop. Drop foot deformity accompanied by hallux valgus, if the height of the dome, talk about the Plano-valgus foot children. In this form, the most common pathology of Pediatric Orthopedics and Traumatology.

The reasons of the foot hallux valgus in children

hallux valgus may be congenital or acquired deformity of the foot in a child. In the first case, the determining factors and intrauterine fetal so as to violate the bones of the foot, deformation is diagnosed in the first months of life already stop baby. The actual most severe congenital deformities of the foot means "stop-rocking chair" or "vertical taran".

Acquired hallux valgus deformity of the foot in children-related defects in the tendinous-ligamentous apparatus Nov and developmental disorders-skeletal system of children. This determination is usually 10-12 months, while such deviations, the child's first independent steps. hallux valgus deformity of the foot children with hypotonia the most common weak. The reasons in the last крыться premature infant, intrauterine fetal гипотрофии, inherently weak connective tissue, early child common diseases of SARS, bronchitis ,pneumoniae. A special role weakening связочно-Nov bone belonging to the foot and the machine tickets. Violation of the static-dynamic relationship-developing children on the background of secondary lower extremity neuromuscular diseases: polyneuropathy, cerebral palsy, myodystrophy,polio. hallux valgus deformity of the foot may be a result of the children. overriding obesity and excessive stress due to excessive body weight.

Hallux valgus deformity of the foot after injury, sometimes children bond, Nov, bone, legs and feet, and long-term limb plaster. More in rare cases, congenital hip dysplasia and deformity of the foot hallux valgus occurs in children peccetur. The reasons for the staging of the foot hallux valgus choosing the wrong shoes children child's feet can move in early (very soft and a foot that is badly done).

Nov уплощается baby weight tone weakness under the weight of the arch of the foot, the tibial muscles, as well as attenuated foot Nov and bond finger, and feet stretched out and keep the optimal position. The offset into the ankle joint of the foot is a children's hallux valgus, heel and toe – out.

Symptoms of hallux valgus foot in children

In most cases, the first symptoms of the foot hallux valgus the mother in children of 1 year to close the difference after a short time, he did the first steps like a baby. This attention is not coming as a child he walked the whole foot, and his inner edge.

Time stop wins, x-shaped, Hiking, incompetent, insecure children get bored quickly while playing with their peers, the complaint pain, lower extremity and spine. In the evening stop child swollen, calf cramps bell Nov. In the examination, the painting irregular gerund is clearly his child - monster shoes insole.

hallux valgus deformity of the foot can lead to the development of children with platypodia, shortening, limbs,scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, deformation, pelvis, knee and ankle joints, osteoarthritis of the foot.

Diagnostic of hallux valgus foot in children

hallux valgus deformity of the foot can be seen a child's pediatrician, however, if you are the final judge, pathology, examination and special examination orthopedic traumatologist the only child that lets the child and its severity. On examination, the child's finger and draws attention outward deviation of the heel, smoothing and offset vault in the inner part of the foot.

Radiography of the foot hallux valgus in children identify the issues for the final decision to stop the computer plantography and podometry. Radiographs performed 3 stop on fail stop changing the location of the accesses to see each other. Computer plantography allows you to calculate different morphological parameters of the foot. The load distribution is evaluated with different sections of summer foot. Revealing computer podometry changes, clinical symptoms, hallux valgus, foot appeared yet in children. In some cases, ULTRASOUND may be required for purposes of clarity of Description holds joint.

Exceptions should be checked foot valgus deformity of children with Central and peripheral nervous system pathology, child neurologist.

Treatment of hallux valgus foot in children

вальгусная treatment in children with foot deformities

The purpose of the treatment is used in children hallux valgus of the foot, back to her normal form and function, strengthening and ligamentous apparatus Nov.

Congenital hallux valgus foot in children with extremity immobilization plaster wrap may be required. Pediatric orthopedic warp and dressing selection according to the type and simulation degrees deviation.

The next phase (in this case purchased the foot of hallux valgus in children - from the very beginning, this is not recommended for the tub foot massage courses ( lumborum-in the field of sacralis, joint, leg, stop) парафинотерапии, ozokerit and mud applications,electrophoresis, dia dynamics, magnetic field therapy, electrical stimulation leg and foot Nov, ИРТ. Useful on-site treatment, swimming and exercise therapy.

Children's individual needs custom foot insoles or valgus deformity in the selection of functional tutuslu with the hard edge of the foot Arch and heel support orthopedic shoes.

Hallux valgus surgical treatment of the foot in children that presented relatively rare (7% cases). Path correction considering the features and the pathology of hallux valgus stop violence children are determined separately. Children's orthopaedic Traumatology fibular transplantation long tendon are the most common methods we have received the inner edge of the foot with Achilles elongation of the muscles; also arthrodesis talus-navicular Joint, External fixation device, trapping, etc.

Prognosis and prevention of hallux valgus foot in children

hallux valgus deformity of the foot in children can reach a significant cosmetic flaw is not only extremely heavy, but why dysfunctions disability leg up, young working-age. In this case, extremely low distortion, and feature a full restore in time can be cured foot.

To avoid the development of hallux valgus in the foot of the lower extremity in children load children up to 7-8 months to be deleted. Rational mode is a hardening that must be followed that contains, gymnastics, preventive massage, nutrition, adequate sleep, and walk. Important warning rickets, vitamin D and trace elements.

Definitely participate on a regular basis, a pediatrician, both routine inspections conducted by experts of a different profile (. t. h. children's and orthopedic surgeon). To be given serious attention, choosing the right shoes for the baby must be: size (large and small); made of high quality natural materials; var супинатор intensive, hard, rear and side portions.