Bone the leg without surgery in Moscow

Bone, leg, or how it is called, hallux valgus, and deformation is characterized by the formation of right little finger with thumb bumps deviation, its founder.

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The symptoms of the disease vary depending on the degree of deformation. Some patients have a little discomfort while walking in the notes, other Appendix C of strong pain. daily life.

Deformation occur not immediately, progresses slowly. Increasing curvature and exacerbated symptoms. In the end formed a "bump" on the bottom pick up comfortable shoes and to walk normally for a patient with 1 finger, you do not have to visit a shoe store.

In severe cases may develop swelling and inflammation, sometimes the pain is so strong, why lameness, allow you to walk long distances.

The disease most commonly affects women over the age of 35, but is common and the representatives of the stronger sex, as well as children. That you want the external factors, hereditary predisposition causes deformation of development. In the first stage, the disease can be treated successfully. A surgical intervention is shown in the next illustration.

The anatomy of the foot a bit

1 of the metatarsophalangeal joint. head 1 occurs in the foot with the finger conjunctions. the base of the metatarsal bone and proximal(closest to the body) phalanx thumb.

Stopping construction is very similar to a brush, but here items are available in bone, less mobility nature swap that you want to get tensile strength and elasticity. In the area of the base-oriented strong muscles help Flex of the foot "bow". Thanks to these features, capable of stopping and quitting durable large axial load, not just while walking, but at the same time jumping and running.

The connection of the foot throughout the life of the big business, yet the mechanism is not an item, it crashes. Only weaken the bond – developing flat feet. So now you have the ability to extinguish out and give up vertical fluctuations. This background changes, growing pains, visible lameness, weak joints, the base of the link starts on the background of deformed marks. And one big one – the first finger.

Formed on the inner surface of mineral deposits and their deformation over time due to growth, resembling a bump on the outside. If the patient carrying inappropriate footwear, protruding surface of the bone begins to RUB painfully.

The sound of impact feet and correct posture – spine straight, the load is evenly distributed during walking, both feet. Accounting for the curvature of a limb if you have more pressure, more. Fabric starts to get that foot higher load, stretch, distort – formed flat feet, valgus deformation and more and thumb.


Risk factors that contributed to the emergence of a "leg bone"

Develop hallux valgus, failure, connective tissue, Joint, Base of the thumb, ligament laxity due to the deformation of the machine when developing. Why weak tone ligament most frequently violated hormonal background, precisely for this reason, the disease most commonly affects women over the age of 35 and aggravated and age. Since pathology develops in men is less, the bond representatives of the stronger sex are less flexible and more durable. Compound disease, flat feet, the creator of an encouraging thumbs and open outward, according to him. More open, more powerful deformation and clinical findings.

The underlying causes, development, hallux valgus:
  • Heredity installed one of the major reasons bone growth stops. According to statistics, if a mother thumbs deformation has been identified, the probability for the development of children is greatly increased. Heritage is not a disease in itself, predisposing genetic characteristics, the fiber to reduce the power of incentives of the small joints of the apparatus.
  • Foot injury. Ligament damage can cause bending. A subluxation the bond is stretched, decreases, endurance, joint, and deviation of the big toe natural curling position. Injuries most often occur during flat feet.
  • Nov disease-diseases of the skeletal system (rickets, polio), no connective tissue, joints, bond strength, reduces provoke the development of flat foot and hallux valgus.
  • Curvature of the vertebral column. A long walk in the legs duztabanlik overloaded to the development that requires a deviation thumb.
  • Obesity and lack of physical activity. Nov when I couldn't load the required bundles, blood circulation and tissue regeneration. These background changes and the weakening of the foot's plantar fiber apparatus Nov. Excess weight stretches, encourage bonding and deformation joint of the thumb.
  • Excessive foot. Excessive physical activity promoting "clothing" bond and stretching of the connective tissue in development, resulting in deformities.
  • Arthrosis and arthritis can destroy joint tissue. Thinner and irregular cartilage surface of the Joint, the function was lost. Increased physical activity reinforced the degenerative process of the developing deformation.
  • Osteoporosis. 1 in a joint bone destruction. why finger deformation and impact on education. Over time, bone shoe rubbed a hard, inflamed, developing soft-tissue swelling. If is not a pathological process, crumple, over time, the edema that develops in the injured region.
  • Endocrine disorders. A disappointment, some background notes changing the hormonal glands organism. Decreases with time, the elasticity of the connective area, including founding a thumb.
  • Congenital anomalies other, less common reasons, but can be much more difficult to treat. Underdevelopment of the surfaces of a joint, joints are easy to deform. Connection with such a violation that leads to the faulty functioning contributes to the development of foot, flat feet and curvature of the thumb.

Some scientists, inappropriate footwear is the main cause of the development of the disease. According to this theory, develops in women and pathology the most common cause is worn-out shoes, high-heeled shoes that is intended to have the front portion is crushed by the fingers. Weakened connective in the background of the thumb is deformed outward in a quick manner and is rejected.

According to this theory, distinguishing three risk factors associated with wearing uncomfortable shoes:
  • Very high heel. According to statistics, a specific hazard, a significantly increased load in that position of the foot heel is 7.6 cm long front section, Joint Base outward and is deformed to have trail mix in a quick way.
  • Narrow nose of the shoe. This form leading edges crushed finger, strong, their damage during loads. Long-term wear hallux valgus develops on the background of a weak bond would be comfortable for painting.
  • The basket of shoes in the front section of the foot of the finger as it's not successful because it's less dangerous such a situation to fix it . Thumb push against blocks, heads street outward. Developing such a painting in the background for long wear and permanent deformation of Education weakened ligaments and the bones of the leg.
In most cases, there are several reasons due to exposure to develop hallux valgus, but the basic structures of violating the integrity of the connective tissue always lies. Observations by scientists, bone, leg, most often develops diseases languages:
  • Bursitis inflammation joint bag 1. finger.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis. This disease, the characteristic lesion of the small joints, including the thumb.
  • Osteoporosis – fracture of the bone with the cartilage deformation in the region to follow him.
  • Gout – accumulation of salts in the joint because of disturbances in metabolism, uric acid. This disease, Joint Base 1. a first finger is affected.

Important! Timely treatment of any pathology to the most rapid recovery. Sasha you will be able to at the clinic a full examination and necessary treatment, will help to cope with "leg bone".

Development Mechanism, disease

Become the causative factors under the influence of the fiber attenuation apparatus, leads to a breakdown in the function of the foot occurs, instability, bone elements push a weak joint. On the background of a weak bond, transverse flat feet – plantar surface of the foot shape and gaining a more flat response out walking and jogging. As a result, an increasing load on the forward section of which marks the base of the joint in the area. Machinery and ligament laxity due to instability, the deflection of the finger joint begins to own it's natural. If this guy wears tight, uncomfortable shoes, wall shear the thumb outward. Pathology develops immediately. A curvature formed in the trigger factors do not cease to exist. Disease stop replacement, painting, and the course of activities Execution Prevention, medical gymnastics, physiotherapy.

Classification of diseases

"Leg bone" is a disease, chronic and emerging for several years. Pathology manifests itself in the development of symptoms at a later date, time is a powerful statement of the degree of the lesion of the joint. According to the International Classification of diseases 10. review this pathology password corresponding to 20.1 km.

Decided to devote three degrees deviation thumb:
  • I have a degree relatively to the thumb of a deviation that is characterized by its axis 40°. The angle between 1. and 2. most of the metatarsal bones of more than 20°. Patient complaints of discomfort in a particular region, the curvature may be, sometimes you can rub the bone, and sick shoes.
  • II degree deviation angle ranges between 40 and 70°. Valgus deformation is the difference with the naked eye, the angle between the metatarsal bones to 20-30°. On the inner surface visible moderate "bump". If the patient continues walking, uncomfortable shoes, resulting in pain, limping while walking. Somewhere edema of the lesion developing.
  • III degree strong with a deviation a normal axis to its characteristic finger: angle 70° and intertarsal – 30°. At this stage, the patient is able to wear normal shoes, heel Sports shoes and comfortable footwear usually are selected without 1 or 2 more sizes.

Depending on the stage of the disease, or prescription of this kind of treatment. In the first stage, to achieve high yield with less symptoms, strengthening traditional conservative treatment procedures . Second-degree curvature determines the method of treatment and the treating doctor. Shows the process is in advanced stages of rehabilitation for a long period.