The reasons foot thumb hallux valgus

Moving the first finger is deformed, the deformation why have the other fingers to shape with a hammer. Speakers a stylish shoe to wear to prevent bumps, why pain and burning sensation, "light" take a walk, incompetent, why early fatigue and severe discomfort. Valgus deformation of the bone conservative treatment methods transferable only in the early stages, the trail to prevent the development of pathology. Normal or nearly returns her status surgical of the foot, 95 – 99% improve the quality of life of the patients.

The first foot foot hallux valgus possible causes

Hereditary weakness, ligament and tendon the main reason it is considered hallux valgus, the first finger, foot to foot is the ugly manifestation of cross-flat feet.

Among these factors, the aggravating problem of weakness fiber apparatus, rapid wear, joints, generally includes the following:

  • Excess weight (why foot higher load);
  • Hormone, reused and natural weight gain during pregnancy;
  • Osteoarthritis the joint;
  • Professional features – continuous monotonous mechanical load the joint (professional athletes, ballerinas, hairdressers, etc.);
  • The hotel offers comfortable, tight, narrow-toed high-heeled shoes (and optional simultaneous action of all these factors);
  • Diabetes mellitus (blood flow and carbohydrate metabolism disorders);
  • Injury foot.

Important: shoes provokes a problem that it shows up as an indicator. Flat heel shoes 4 cm – equal stop installed; high-heel – high-load joints of the foot and adjacent the front section; a shoe without a heel, for example, a sharp ballet shoes that causes extreme foot.

Emergency relief: anti-inflammatory and pain medications and ice

To remove the pain, swelling and inflammation of the joints, especially warm to the touch, apply an ice pack to the affected site and active to reduce for 10-15 minutes three or four times a day. A useful circular motion, massage, ice, a painful bone.

Important: the inflammation-free a large amount of aggressive free radicals. They actively no joint, if it does not impair the antioxidant properties of vitamin C, vitamin C, for example, to avoid the severe form of the disease and the necessary migration intake of a balanced diet, vitamin and mineral remedies, however, the last as well as you need to take medications carefully, preferably on the advice of a doctor.

Ophthalmic solution

Especially in its advanced stages can not be treated by any medical duztabanlik conservative, the changes that occurred are irreversible. The problem in the case of Valgus toe grab in time is very important. The first symptoms with the disease during orthopedic tools use complex drugs, interfering with your ability to require moderate physical effort in the development of these pathological changes. Key ophthalmic solution is this:

  • Custom orthopedic insoles;
  • Orthopedic appliances – hotels, bandages, foot support, the sections in between the fingers, retainers, custom silicone tips;
  • Rational heel, for the daily use of 3 to 4 cm; for men: 1 -2 cm;
  • Not be narrow, wide spout coloring;
  • Properly chosen orthopedic shoes.

Massage and therapeutic exercises

Massage and therapeutic exercises – action of the thumb and hallux valgus strengthen the muscles and findings ways to reduce the arch of the foot. The result depends on the regularity to apply the lesson to be taken massages, do exercise every day.

Massage look at recovery, Nov located of the device, movement and relaxation foot. L Department assumes areas, hips, thighs, back, knee joint, and stops. Useful active friction and kneading, tapping, joint, more than one derivation, circular motion and shaking of hands, feet.

Sample a series of exercises, each one works 8 – This may be up to 9 times:

  • The starting position is lying on your back, our hands ""exercise bike", note the position of the foot: motion – feet, socks, pull forward, reverse motion – before;
  • The starting position is sitting on the floor, legs stretched, hands himself back to the ground with the emphasis that perform flexion and extension of the foot ;
  • The starting position is the same Active a breed, fingers, feet;
  • The same starting position, alternately compressed together and active, fingers, feet, and polishing;
  • Starting position – sitting in a chair, you perform the exercise "caterpillar", we carry the foot move forward and back, just toes, little fingers;
  • Starting position – sitting in a chair, pencil drawing alphabet letters or numbers, the handcuffs between 1-m & 2-m little finger;
  • Starting position – standing, hands up, one by one, walking foot, and heels outside (but inside) foot face.

Please note: the offer without stretching exercises, jerks and aftershocks.

Effective walk barefoot, grass, sand, gravel, lime, rolling on corrugated surfaces, studded tires, cylinder, ball, as well as swimming.

Measures to reduce level of uric acid in the blood

Have very similar symptoms, and other diseases, one of them is gout. Night throbbing pain, redness, bone, joint swelling in places one at a time, high sensitivity, and the affected area. All blood uric acid is present under certain circumstances may transform small crystals that causes joint inflammation. To celebrate, gut pathologies two options:

  • Excessive uric acid formation;
  • Insufficient excretion metabolism this product.

It is important to learn the nature of illness, treatment is fundamentally different from approaches such as techniques and.

To prevent the necessary medicines, e.g. aspirin, slow the excretion of uric acid or rearing the item level, for example diuretics.

Avoid or limit foods high in purine content, are high in protein, animal products, brain, heart, herring, kidney, liver, mussels, sardines, meat, meat juices. Dangerous, too, asparagus, spinach, yeast.

Correct unwanted acceleration component due to the intake of a sufficient amount of water output per day for at least 1.2 – 1.5 liters.

Tips to eliminate recurrence

Under the toe of illness – chronic disease, and therefore felt may be continuous or intermittent. Regular foot care is important for special cases the recurrence of corruption, presents the case not take time – time consulting assistance in therapeutic treatment conservative suggestions and quick response.


Valgus foot deformation requires compulsory treatment. Violence is a problem that might be different: more than a foot more in width is a significant problem. Must scared time ago, a surgical solution, bells and minimally invasive recording on the roads, let, in a relatively short time after the surgery recover. There are more than 400 kinds of operations, a ten foot section, complications percent – low, less than 1%. Important: finger hammer-shaped deformation of the joint that can lead to degenerative changes in the joint disposition, Nasser, headache, walking, pain nail, the more severe consequences Nov-skeletal system.