Valgus deformation of the foot

Thorn in thumb view says about an incorrect bone growth. This disease is called deformation, valgus feet, and requires compulsory treatment. Just appearance the seals at the same time a strong pain the disease itself. If sore big toe bone, and the person experiencing discomfort while walking, then you should pay attention to health. Pain business a signal about violations ligament, bone, tendons, and joints. Often appear on a background hallux valgus and other diseases, for example joint arthrosis disposition, the weird vesicle inflammation in the chronic form, combined type cross or flat feet and other abnormalities. Therefore, it is important to learn the causes and treatment of disease.

Why grow the bone fingers

Visible is a common disease in women, from time to time, male gender valgus deformation jumps to his feet. Just to explain this: women's nice casual shoes, narrow and high-heeled shoes, even the aching of the bone on the big toes. Regular wear noticeable bumps standing. This issue, if you close your eyes, and slowly continues to deliver stop valgus deformed people suffer.

It's a little shoe socks and the foot's curvature during an unnatural position. Often working in the wrong position, which leads to the little finger on the bone growth of the foot, foot.

At the hotel, uncomfortable shoes, there are other reasons. A large part, experts says, purines high uric acid content in blood a violation share. Acid crystals deposited in the joints and cartilage then small already. Increased uric acid may occur intake, certain medications, diet, stress, and heavy physical labor.

Can occur for a variety of reasons, the bones of the foot:

  • excessive weight;
  • bruises and fractures;
  • a lack of calcium;
  • prolonged standing of the legs;
  • bearing children and disorders, hormonal background;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • after 60 years of age.

Attributed to them diabetes, arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, thyroid disease and menopause.

Age, illness

The disease that most people encounter after the age of 40. At this age about the emergence of some changes that occur in the human body affecting, standing on the edge. In women, menopause and metabolic changes that can be connected. Camber, toe may occur after the commitment to a strict diet during which the man takes the necessary ingredients and trace elements.

If on the bone in the big toe growing at a young age, about this of serious violations in the body. For example, failure, endocrine system, but at the same time and can occur after injury foot.

If you are predisposition this disease is preventable, and regular doctor visits. A flat foot footwear or orthopedic insoles to reduce the burden of required for the election of a specific phalanx.


Classification of diseases

Decided to devote such deformation, such as:

  • static;
  • congenital;
  • rachitic;
  • traumatic;
  • paralyzed.

Violence is also classified as a disease. 20 degrees with a phase characterized by a small deviation between easy, average 25 to 35 degrees and more heavy finger 35 is rejected. The degree of the disease depends on the method and duration of therapy, but after a series of accurate detection of the scene will be the doctor's diagnosis methods.

Symptoms of illness

If you grew up, clubfoot, visit medical institution. You should get help and learn how to allow time for medical condition, the primary symptoms as well as to see a photo.

Initially visible and the pain a little discomfort walking. What difference does a man tired faster foot steel, friction shoe about a finger of bone bulging in the area, often visible, Egypt. Over time, the situation is getting worse: the tuber continues to grow, bend and win big toes and the second visible swelling covers the damaged area of the skin red color.

Edge of growing up on delivery, the pain of pulling people, almost all of the foot. About the second, third, and ring fingers, the foot is often the difference corn and dry skin.

While bone disease, leg pain, including during rest. Bump in the big toe is a big difference, even the discomfort of wearing shoes. Egypt may appear a strong and on the little finger might cause contamination. Slowly all of the pain foot motion.

Learn how to determine

Whatever the denouement in the middle of a solid? To determine the correct diagnosis in the first place you will need to visit a doctor for for. This process builds and examined in advanced stage disease. In the examination, the doctor's only changes the bone that draws attention, at the same time, the foot surface, by defining the accuracy and functioning. In the reception you need an expert to tell you in detail how it hurts the bone of the leg is approximately the thumb, deformation of the Statute of limitations and physical activity.

After examination, the doctor necessarily throws more research, which include:

  • X-rays, lower extremity three accesses;
  • the settings in the scene during which plantography just a disease, but at the same time the load level of a foot;
  • podometry (foot pressure definition).

Non-surgical treatment methods

There are two ways. the treatment of disease. The first major step measure, i.e., the accumulation of surgical or laser removal of the foot. A simpler method pause this bone growth. The most effective treatment depends on the extent of the disease on human health and the recommendations of physicians. In any case, it should be ready home treatment is usually long and can not be cut.

Usually a lighter stage different physiological procedures to correct, compress and FIT. If you need a big toe bone the same methods that the law intervene. Massage, electrophoresis, ultrasound, and other treatments can help relieve pain and tension the Nov re-circulation and the nutrition of the tissues. The custom of wearing prescription often patient release: in-ear, rubber and bandages. They will be available, day or night, every hour of the day. Any record can be moved to the position in an army during her walk. Of course, doctor's recommendations, primer wearing regular T-bone disease proper nutrition the thumb and gravitate.

It is recommended that attention be given to a separate coloring. If bone will grow, the better the models give up on narrow feet. An orthopedic shoe does not deform the foot phalanges must give preference continue to pressure, will reduce. Shoes soft, easy, and almost no heel (maximum heel height 4 cm). A flat foot insoles as well as you should choose the model with a stiff back. Best to do them in order, with all the features foot.


Adnate to remove bone, to a degree that will help moderate to severe surgeon. Modern technology, the little finger on the bone that is removed, the foot and the other foot, it requires a long recovery period. Even after bone has been deleted for Stage 3, A person starts to walk normally for 3-4 days. Special surgery that is used during fixing, fixing the damaged joint through. During the tuning process, and they are made of titanium joint. It is removed after alignment of the phalanx thumb clubfoot hallux valgus hotels generated the redevelopment front. Also maybe spend malotravtichnuyu miniinvazivnykh using process techniques. The process that is used in this manner, micro-injected under the skin through small incisions and tools to cut growth. To help make the transaction a most effective X-rays. Only a small bone or big toe surgery foot deformities when you are prompted.

After that the man to follow some rules. For example, a shoe preference from natural materials, low-heeled, and also use orthopedic insoles. Wearing rubber then you may have a large buildup of cutting or release.

Folk medicine

The foot bone in the treatment of a non-invasive method and try other ways. First of folk remedies to treat valgus deformity, it is best to consult your doctor. Such tools, various ointments, tinctures, compresses, herbs and other vehicles against pain and edema on the thumb of the foot, there is used in the treatment of bone

To reduce painful sensations, you can implement the following methods:

  1. Bath salts and iodine. Your feet should be at least 10 to 15 minutes, adding 10 drops of iodine in warm water and 2 tablespoons salt.
  2. Cabbage leaves help to get rid of that nagging joint pain with honey. That needs to be done on the worksheet hatchet, a knife, and why him honey etc place the patient applying a compress and a bandage to lock it a couple of hours.
  3. Potatoes chopped perfect struggling with a drug swelling. Grater grate a raw potato and apply a thin slurry necessary have one foot that is larger cone.

An inflammatory process you can use to reduce, propolis and clay. Propolis is applied as a light on the affected area hands and knead situation. Also make tincture and the alcohol-based bandage, which is a wet apply. Tissue that helps bring toxic substances to the clay. Water to soften it, smear a thick cone and soak for 2 hours.


Preventive measures

After it grew for bone health should be monitored closely for treatment of the leg. Loyal, true and a balanced diet. Must be present in the diet foods that are high in calcium and other minerals. Also you should not give up heavy exercise for a long time. Operations after heavy exercise instead of the exercise for a warm-up lower extremity.

Harmony, simple rules to get rid of the disease. Remember in the city for a medical after surgery. Need to visit every six months to see an orthopod and a general surgeon. In the case of corruption, immediately begin treatment again thumb leg bone.