Foot thumb hallux valgus treatment without surgery

Valgus foot deformation is considered almost the most common orthopedic condition. Looks like a weird lump in thumb manifested as curvature was established.

valgus deformation of the finger

. this disease is slowly developing there, its pretty difficult up in the early stages, causes pain and different complications. Understand pathology valgus deformation under foot, which is in the process of development bear < Tarsus-phalange joint of the thumb. As a result, his phalanx such as an angle relative to each other.

One begins at the end of the protrusion side of the bones of the skull. This leads to the formation outside of the foot toes. Sometimes, this process can be accompanied by pain.

The causes, development, valgus

The bones of the foot trail and thriving on a background other provisions there are several reasons:

  1. The anatomy of the violation. Bld. always individual features of the foot. Scroll to some inaccuracies (for example, excessive length of the first metatarsal phalanges or finger bones) feet within a larger deformation under load. The basic anatomy of the foot internal normalization task, an orthopedic surgeon in the treatment of a valgus online.
  2. Weakness ligamentous structures. Depend upon it, properties, structure, collagen fibers, ligaments and tendons. Their weakening is easily reached, because the power is not portrayed in the shape of the vault and after cutting loads.
  3. Are overweight. Deviation continuous overload 1 incentive feet. metatarsal bone, finger, respectively, – outward. Overweight patients that there is a high risk of pathology.
  4. Narrow and tight shoes and high heel addiction. Wearing a similar dyeing Properties a negative impact on foot vault.
  5. Inheritance. Stop may indicate that he has blood relatives whether it has changed the trend in the development of the deformation. Of heredity "response" features of the connective tissue supporting arches.

For these reasons also arise pathology includes damage to the feet and different.

Symptoms and photos

Based on the symptoms, hallux valgus, foot are as follows:

  • visible, soft, education, parity, but the skin in the region of the joint redness and pain of the inflamed joints visible because of the feeling of the bag;
  • valgus deformation of the retainer finger
  • modifies the shape of the thumb being curved;
  • a hard lump formed in the region of the first phalanx;
  • developing the bone annoy, irritate skin covers;
  • the pain that appears during walking;
  • mobility of the thumb loses. Over time, motor activity, and may lose the other fingers.

There is a disease that manifests itself as shown in the picture below, human.

Deformation stage

Gallus decided to devote four degrees valgus depending on the angle, the deviation thumb:

  • I degrees — 15 degrees.
  • II degree — 20 degree.
  • III degree — 30 degree.
  • IV degree — 30 degree.

The first two degrees of hallux valgus, 1 finger, foot, not complex and mostly bring a cosmetic inconvenience. Degree III and iv health effects. Such ductile deformation, time, II, and iii finger ceasefire a walk to get involved in the process; ingrown nails; corns and calluses, inflamed and painful abcess; the inflatable foot osteomyelitis. Therefore, early diagnosis is of great importance.


During the first stage, determine a diagnosis, hallux valgus thumb – this eye examination, the doctor and determination disease. During the examination are considered, in which case the plantar surface, flexibility (animal) at the top of your feet and stop functionality and sensitivity of the vascular status is determined phalanges.

The doctor is responsible, taking into account all possible limitations, the motion stops, the correct pathology to determine the cause. The distance between < Tarsuslutrolled heads determines the degree of deformation in a finger. Applies to patients the most common complaints: the feeling of heaviness after a heavy workout, sore pain in the front legs, stiffness, while it is in motion.

valgus deformation of the finger exercises


If untreated, the cause of the disease pathological processes in the area of the vertebral column, knee, and hip joints.

The progression of the disease alters the biomechanical change, foot and walk. The disease is a frequent cause of constant friction which causes irritation and inflammation of the vesicle because of the peculiar development of edema and inflammation of the joints synovial thumb handbag.

Valgus deformity is a frequent complication of other arthritis < Tarsusluphalangeal thumb joint as cartilage constant friction fabric decreases.

Maybe treatment without surgery the bone on your finger?

In the early stages can be operated without treatment. Thumb valgus deformation imply that under the previous phases I—III degree, without complications and with a small angle variation.

Conservative treatment includes a private gym in the house, fix weight, wearing orthopedic shoes, and medical treatment.

Foot thumb hallux valgus in the initial stages of exercises and pain that accompany the ability to significantly reduce the angle of deviation is the problem.


Orthopedic today actively use, new development, namely, retainers, thumb free a hallux valgus position. If they put one shot night and morning. An example of such a release, Valgus Pro gel holder. His colleagues him a lot, but the original gives results faster, Yes, and separating the highest quality material.

I use a big flaw completely eliminate the scar and significantly deformed to release during the Phase II through IV hallux valgus foot discomfort and reduce the degrees of bulging.

valgus deformation finger shoes

Useful exercises

Doctors, prescriptions, special charger, to solve corrupted in the joints reduces pain syndrome a disease that is developing. Special conditions necessary to perform gymnastics, most importantly, this regularity.

The exercises may be different, but some is regarded as particularly useful are:

  • paper (you can use a pen or other small object) rises from where the foot with your fingers;
  • vault is held taut in this position for a few seconds and stop;
  • turn the toes bend and straighten your back until you fatigue;
  • subside you need a paper lie on the ground with the foot;
  • with a rolling pin or a small bottle of water is taken 2-3 minutes on foot;
  • a party is held to a divorce and very few foot minutes.

More effective complex conservative treatment with special massage, drop, Nov, restorative spasms and joint mobility.

Physical therapy

Can be used for hallux valgus treatment, and physiotherapy treatments – ultrasound or diathermy. That you need to consider these activities a temporary effect.

The application is considered to be the most effective orthopedic products are made individually after doing research, the human foot shape and walking.

Use different arch support foot with the roller to stop the disease early digital audio cassette or inter subsequent deformation. If the same process was launched, the use of these products to reduce the sensation of pain only slightly. Individual manage to set foot insoles belt violated.


A hallux valgus, the first finger, foot, shoe should be soft, a wide nose and low-heeled (4 cm). Flat-foot, hallux valgus, you need to wear, a new pair of Shoes, High and Hard Back, 3 cm. high heel, high density and high arch support.

Orthopedic insoles

Insoles and various foot deformities that are used for the correction polystelic. This is the best fit for insoles, custom order. With their help, less strain on the joints of the foot, improves blood circulation, foot, decreases fatigue in the legs.

Coloring fit insoles hard, sometimes, especially in standard. Therefore, you can use the foot pathological disorders with the aim dimidium fix-albus – a shortened version without the regular insoles (front section).

In some mild cases, allow wearing orthopedic orthopedic palillos calcaneum.

Surgical treatment

The operational response to, In most cases, the remedy is already in its advanced stages of disease. Though, do the surgery and early the foot hallux valgus, in this case, the first metatarsophalangeal joint osteoarthritis surgical intervention and also prevention. Modern technology, the joint no action to protect her subsidiya capacitatem and mobility.

These methods are surgical intervention:

  • zoning to be done, and deformed bones;
  • removal of accumulation expeditious manner;
  • the operation, which is balanced by muscles around the joints;
  • holding the distal and proximal osteotomy, a change in the angle between the bones;
  • non – intervention and cooperative joint fixation;
  • tendon transplantation;
  • joint implantation;
  • techniques and individually selected for each patient as well as approximately 93.

The rehabilitation process after surgical intervention so it may take a month or two to wear special orthopedic boots to the advice of doctors for 1.5 months with the help of the diseased limb and lock securely to provide maximum quiet for him during the ride.

As to prevent the occurrence of bone?

Proven ways to disease prevention include:

  1. With proper nutrition. Typically, the lesions, which causes joints are overweight. It is better to get rid of extra pounds, this should be set to do the diet in favor of healthy eating. Fatty, smoked and salted foods eliminate.
  2. Wearing only a comfortable shoe. In the joint in the correct position, rarely is subject to deformation. In some cases, only for wear orthopedic insoles.
  3. Physical exercise. Developed by doctors, in a tone of keeping pace with providing a variety of methods. For this a gym, the gym is busy and at home.
  4. Foot baths. An effective tool for relieving pain, leg fatigue and improves circulation. To increase efficiency, I should add, herbs and sea salt.
valgus deformation of the finger lining

The first manifestation of unpleasant symptoms it is best to consult a specialist. After the meeting, he tells a comprehensive diagnosis, hallux valgus deformity of the thumb what kind of treatment. Just in time for adequate treatment helps to prevent surgical intervention.