Bunion treatment at home

Bunion hallux valgus occurs — rejection due to the curvature of the middle line of the thumb joint. What happened the first time grind — pursuit offset in the case of a limb, disease progression, pain of osteoarthritis which causes the cartilage compounds. The disease leads to challenges and headaches when moving, the insecurity during the walk.

A long walk usually a person in connection with the study, suffers from the difficulty that you encounter just ignores and turns her attention it's too late. The Anatolian shoes if the difference was small, often corn and the wave of emotion-like pain, the stage of the disease that is running this show.

Attention! Diagnosis of the disease at an early stage will ensure to eliminate it completely therefore, any significant results and discomfort when moving the foot, immediately go to a doctor.

It's kind of a disease

Bunion fistula

Pursuit not detected in time, chronic stage. Such a pathology is not that can be treated non-surgical lifting synovial handbags. Surgery in a planned way, and if the Bursa is not inflamed, then 10 days to heal.

Pursuit is usually complicated by chronic fistula on the occurrence of big foot (narrow hole, leading on the skin and synovial sac), left pus. This disease may be a manifestation of when it will end, but then again is restored. The correct approach to the problem fistula – complete surgical removal. After that, usually, the symptoms repeated.

Purulent bunion

Pursuit passes several developmental stages. Purulent inflammatory processes resulting the last. Of this pain the patient's concern, not only walking, but alone. The degree of this disease usually requires surgical intervention and conservative methods вылечивается.

Technical operations:

  1. Bone spurs the doctor on the skin inflammation and defective steering. In severe cases, bone metal construction offset is done in the books.
  2. The next 6-8 weeks, carefully hand-wound, follow the cleaning and maintenance of foot in the cold for long.

Sometimes, calcium preparations after surgical intervention is assigned.

Pursuit determine using X-ray apparatus, the precision will show-stage disease. Though a serious problem, it is possible to heal if you are not at home launched pursuit is too difficult.

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Home treatment

Without surgery

Bursitis, not the emergence of a complex, pus, or fistula, treatment without surgical intervention. A short while ago revealed bursitis conservative methods of treatment.

Corrective orthopedic the treatment with his application, fixing your finger in the correct position in the adoption, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory drugs using massage. A treatment can pass the disease even if the treatment to be done at home.

Maybe salvation folk remedies – прикладыванием compresses, anti-inflammatory compound is treated with bathrooms.

You can use a hot or cold compress by applying them the patient's joint, increased foot traffic and regular massage together with them. It is recommended to compress the plant to produce the anti-inflammatory effect and ability to remove swelling. This banana, lime, burdock, calendula. This method helps only mild disease, but a deeper need to combine with medications and therapeutic exercises prescribed by a physician.

There are enough tested recipes many, the pursuit of a very talented surgical intervention without adjuvant therapy.

Compress early

In the absence of acute pain, a hot compress to apply a decoction of the herb against edema – for example, chamomile, yarrow. To do this, 20 grams of herbal and pour boiling water equals the volume of a glass. You must insist in a water bath for 20 minutes longer then drain and leave to cool to room temperature.

You have the chronic pursuit, try this recipe:

  • стружками ordinary soap mix with honey in a ratio of 1:1;
  • add chopped onion;
  • хлопковую melt and the mixture put on fabric, if you want to insert to the patient.
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The top tie, and a scarf to create a warm greenhouse effect.

Interesting! You can use the same method, young potatoes, pre-сварив after crush to the consistency of honey.

River sand or salt for inflamed прогревания can take place, the pre-pan, then пересыпать this cloth pouch. The implementation of the patient through the joint, and keep towels folded several times until completely cooled.

Aloe vera juice

The plant has a very strong effect. You need to compress this for dinner:

  • buy a squeeze of honey 25 g, him, water, leaf, aloe;
  • pour about a half cup of the amount of vodka;
  • a few days of rest.
Attention! Only the appropriate tools to do this natural honey.

Joint forcibly for five minutes every day, morning, afternoon and evening. Not many herbs you can use and even lilac leaves – 15-20 minutes will be them forcibly while in this position, a complete rest.


These tools will help you much faster and your body inflammation of the head. Underestimate them while in a person's body can become the cause of the importance for the development of the infection. The remaining chamomile infusion for a compress you can take the incentive to do a better job of the body to fight infection.


With vinegar and honey

Designed for obtaining this infusion, analgesic properties and strengthens the immune system. Recipe:

  1. A cup of hot boiled water, add a teaspoon of honey and apple cider vinegar.
  2. Get 250-500 ml every day, throughout the duration of treatment.


If you have this product, it looks like the following:

  1. Mix 100 grams of fat, 15 grams of propolis.
  2. Take a teaspoon at least 3 times per day before meals.

I don't feel severe pain and discomfort if you keep moving, work/school, select, spare shoes, a small stable heel. Try to limit wearing high heels a full treatment of articular. No exercise, sore feet, edema and to speed up your daily create pull for glory on the couch.

Attention! Remember, even the effect of a difference after using this home cure, consult with your doctor regularly to monitor the recovery of speakers.


Treatment for early stage disease with gymnastic exercises. Also after surgery the doctor prescribe the execution of physical therapy procedures. But in no case should the re-joint.

The damaged joint exercises with the goal to develop:

  1. Sit in a chair and squeeze a pen between the toes.
  2. Try to imitate the writing alphabet A-Z
  3. Sitting on a chair, legs and foot back and forth motion with your fingers to produce the sheep Paul try.
  4. Lie on the ground and lift your legs by doing the exercise "Bicycle", take the opportunity to try sock.
  5. Alternately inner and outer foot walk in front.

Work out more often, Hiking without shoes. Patience and the disease will continue.

Treatment of late-stage

In the absence compress the effect above, most likely late-stage disease. In this case, self-treatment is unacceptable and immediately go to the doctor. Don't be afraid and listen to you guys on a table — usually does not provide bursitis surgery острейшей if you have pain. In most cases, you пропишут compresses more input and maybe antibiotics, intravenous.

If you have a sharp pain if you pain relief medications and an appointment to consult with your doctor. In this case, the best alternative is to apply hot and cold compresses. You will need to cut at least motor activity.

The assignment for the treatment first of all, why pursuit. Inappropriate footwear is the root cause you has been, mandated measures I'm watching him. When a traumatic event which took version, similar to other damage. If her appearance is caused by an infection, antibiotics are used.

First of all peace, provided the foot is assigned to drug treatment treatment with antibiotics anti-inflammatory drugs as treatment pills and inflamed the legs of the plot.

Important! One reason it can be because you need to treat chronic bursitis disability.
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Silicone concealer

His bulging deformation occurs in the big toe bone, – a frequently occurring phenomenon. This is just a primitive weapon, but will cause pain. To correct such a defect, недуге start when you can use silicone to fix. Hopefully this old is not worth pursuit of drug treatment, concealer only alleviate the situation.

Corrective soft silicon structure captures the curvature of the finger in the correct position. When worn during sleep that you can use shoes. Allow for the slight curvature that will completely heal a problem.

Also use custom insoles for their shoes and it is advisable purchase is over even after a course of treatment. Himself a sore thumb should be applied, a removable orthopedic bandage, plaster, another curvature prevents the thumb. It should be noted that the first thing must be to ensure that the disease, the family and the near – bed rest and full of peace, and motor loads, why limit yourself to invite everyone for a living home care treatment.

For prevention, always buying opportunities for loose shoes, without socks on their feet, especially heels with the continuous presence of acute related to the business.

An independent opinion, doctor, about people's paths

To get adequate and effective treatment, you must understand this first and foremost means an inflammation, are all methods used should focus on and ask him.

Three stages in the development of switches:

  • primary tissue damage;
  • education and the accumulation of exudates and tissues;
  • growth, tissue.

Thumb pursuit of a few stages:

  • mild redness and seal, which the pain missing;
  • education, the so-called "pulse" of the accompanying pain and discomfort;
  • increased pain, especially after a long time loads;
  • persistent severe pain and joint deformity.
Important! The same selection of treatments and their success directly depends on the disease. And in this case, using recipes of traditional medicine only if you are going to be in this case, in the early stages of the disease, when a "bump" has not yet occurred, and this process is not accompanied by inflammation, a strong headache, tension and possible complications.

Also you need to consider prior to any home therapies:

  • a sharp drop in the load the damaged joint;
  • the procedure for the selection of the right shoes.

If I couldn't keep up pursuit Ascend into a chronic stage, namely fit, compress these two requirements supported private, and another the use of anti-inflammatory ointments, gels, enough to stop further improvement.

In each case the choice of treatments based on the subjective sensation of the patient and to stay expert all the time! The same is true for the given recipes and traditional medicine, the only medical treatment is a supplement that is used as adjuvant treatment always move to main.

It is important to remember the following:

  • all baths must be equal to the temperature of the body temperature and compacts;
  • will be useful and a cooling compress for a short time exposure;
  • the pursuit can't be warming, this may be a reason to worsening of the disease expansion of the heart inflammation.

Eating when you mix apple cider vinegar and honey, through better use of it, compress to the affected joints, and internal. Suitable for this purpose obtained through natural fermentation cider vinegar, along with honey, regulate the body's metabolism will increase traffic and overall tissue and blood vessels.