Valgus foot deformities in children with

These pathological changes the direction of the axis of the lower extremity predisposes the development of duztabanlik. Slowly, regular exercise, and conduct treatment methods, you can set the position of the heel, shaping, foot accurate staging; if children with valgus foot deformities if left untreated, may cause irreversible changes in these Nov-skeletal system. Pathology treatment takes much time and effort, but in everyday use, the child will be rewarded a nice walk and a barrel vault on the right foot.

What is the valgus foot in children

The flaw, which is characterized by a reduction in height of the foot of them, the vault and the X-axis, the extremity of the curvature of the neck called "the children stop setup valgus". We celebrate the children of this pathology sagged outward opposite ends of the heel and toe, mid-foot portion, clumsy walk. If the child compresses the distance between the inner ankles and the knee joints right Party of 4-5 cm maximum inner vault "autumn".

At what age

All newborns have flat feet – norm the kids, because I can still walk, and ligaments, bones and tendons so you just learn to live load. At least it starts up as a child, walking barefoot, her foot are created and strengthened. When you destroy the vault shaped structure, or even if you can't see them for a long time, the doctors put the provisional diagnosis "valgus deformation of foot". Noticeable changes about 1-1,5 years.

The first symptoms to talk about, show the urgent need to stop the curvature of the Self, the child's doctor, because it is prone to progress pathologies. If untreated, the disease, the situation will be even worse, the development that causes a more serious problem. The doctor, assess the situation, which detects baby's health and optimal therapeutic measures. Generally, the use of conservative methods to correct the problem, surgery rarely cure advanced cases.

Flat feet in children causes

Pathology may have purchased or innate nature. The formation of hallux valgus foot in children in some cases, the contributors themselves, mom, who, as early as possible, to put the feet to teach it walk. This wind-Nov-skeletal system as a result of the process of deformation stress that the child is not ready. The first steps to do as children, when the body will be stronger and ready for this (about 10 to 12 months).

Warp stop DALLAS children


Genetic pathology that can provoke be revealed to any breach or during pregnancy. Congenital deformity of the foot in children, diagnosis is usually made by doctors at a young age, a child's life in the first months of baby). The most dangerous types of congenital pathology is regarded as a stop-taran and vertical swinging. That holds necessary when making a diagnosis, such surgery.


The flaw of the foot may occur due to failure, underdevelopment of the foot tendons and ligaments, also, the reason for the curvature in the legs, sometimes decreased tonus child Nov. Toddler feet can thrive on such factors incorrectly:

  • prematurity;
  • newborn baby overweight;
  • fetal hypotrophy;
  • scoliosis;
  • polio;
  • rickets;
  • Toilet training a child who walks at a very early age;
  • Cerebral palsy;
  • congenital weakening of the connective tissue (in the form of utero);
  • myodystrophy;
  • dysplasia;
  • feet exposed for a long time, casting, post-trauma;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • polyneuropathy;
  • passed infections, viral diseases;
  • the wrong shoes (adequate fixation of the heel, very soft);
  • congenital hip dislocation.

Symptoms of illness

It occurs when the hallux valgus, the parents foot the difference of characteristic symptoms, usually just to make a child of time before it starts. the first steps. In addition, most children grow up and gain skills, all within walking distance deviation symptoms disappears. If nothing else the boy walks for a long time, the Symptoms the disease remains. In this case, you need to show the child to see a doctor. The most common symptoms of curvature of the ankle include:

  • my baby's not coming, while you walk the foot flat on the entire surface, only the inner Dome;
  • the difference ' clumsiness;
  • the child gets tired when walking;
  • a small Bank steps;
  • the foot form x-shaped;
  • audio mixing walking.
Symptoms of illness

The curvature seems to be child stop

The staging wrong, Hey, the difference a certain tolerance, for example, to change the location during finger bending and heel (they look like). In this case, the overhang portion of an average foot position as a result of the legs, unnatural. The strain with the children, celebrated the curvature in the legs, foot deformities due to the knee joint if to assemble them, the ankles, the inner edge remains a relatively large distance (4-5 cm).

Curvature deformation occurs and the formation processes Completed Nov duztabanlik and other abnormalities-skeletal system. You may notice the problem, and if you look closely the legs crumbs: they reduced a curved knee, an X-shaped manner. In most cases, this pathology is innate, and its smallest expense because of the weak is a key indicator in the development of Nov-skeletal system.

5 year if it continues to be a problem, I hope, why not, because the feet, according to the age of the child is aligned. Stop later the child needed special curvature and timely treatment, otherwise the disease will result in the deformation of the knee joint curvature of the spine and pelvis and can cause other serious back problems (back pain, deformity, spine, etc.).

Pathology during the development phase

Infringement in the development of limb if left untreated, progresses slowly. The stage of illness the following properties:

  1. A mild form. Deviation, maximum, 10 to 15 degrees is normal. Stop using custom orthopedic insoles and shoes easy to adjust the curvature of this scene.
  2. At the second stage at an angle of 15-20 degrees and your feet in the position equals to refuse treatment should include conservative treatment is complex and mer.
  3. A significant deviation in the third stage into the joints of 20-25 degrees. In this case extensive treatment and long-term character.
  4. Stop heavy degrees of curvature characterized by a deviation, higher 30 degrees. Contains the conservative methods of treatment, so treatment will be effective are always having babies, and surgery.

How the child's diagnosis foot odor

Diagnosis a careful physical examination of the curvature of the stop to the police station with a child, however, a children's show to confirm the diagnosis of a specialist for Orthopedics. Usually, a number of additional research assigned for this purpose:

  • X-rays three accesses;
  • your computer operating fingerprint (trace) stop;
  • the computer stop working.

Your computer operating fingerprint (track) stop

You can calculate the morphological parameters of this diagnostic research stop. Trail foot pathology procedure definitions. Open browser window bare foot child's pose, then are scanned. As a result,an image on a computer screen, which can assess the state a little sick to see a podiatrist and foot diagnosis.

The computer stop working

Necessary to evaluate the transaction load evenly distributed on foot. Possible to make the computer stop working in cases where there is a pathological change, clinical symptoms hallux valgus the baby yet. Purpose and attribute, you can assign the child an orthopedic specialist, holds advanced ULTRASOUND joint.

Stop radiography

The diagnostic method will help you determine a stop location to each other. Radiography to reduce the height difference on the arch of the foot, violating many rear, front feet in the middle each other. In addition, this diagnostic method helps to uncover the distinct bone deformation tarsal joint.


Under some circumstances, necessary holding the ultrasound joint. Research put under the patient and roll the lower limb in supine position. A special gel ensures good communication with ankle fat, sensor, vol. The device emits high-frequency pulses, thanks to ultrasound visualized on the screen of the device fabric. This diagnostic method will help you to discover:

  • the tibia;
  • ankle joints;
  • muscles of the lower leg;
  • connective.

Treatment of hallux valgus foot in children

At the time of starting treatment if pathology child developing flat feet and other disorders emerging Mar-skeletal system. The purpose of the treatment, plano-valgus feet, back to her normal form, and function. In addition, physiotherapy and some gym strengthening ligaments and consists of the texture of Nov. If you have the purchase form diseases, offering massage therapy courses to children from the very beginning, foot baths, paraffin treatments, electrophoresis, electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy, etc.

Hallux valgus treatment

Instantly, the wound windings congenital deformities

When you blend plaster bandage, the doctor attaches great importance, and the ledges which lead to its formation, deepening the foot and lower leg. Circulatory status must be free in order to you can watch them fingertips. Manual correction remove the bandage for 5-7 days and then spend hallux valgus. Then the latch on top to secure new results. The full correction procedure is repeated valgus foot.

Foot baths and therapeutic swimming

To fix, stop the vault of the right shape and formation, the child is recommended to swim. Absence to perform specific exercises at home yourself features a swimming pool bathroom.

While doing massage of the foot hallux valgus in children

These treatment methods are there and a restorative effect, improve Nov tone, improves joint mobility, promotes healthy neurological development.


Apply the following treatment methods to help. These active metabolic processes in tissues, nutrients to develop and input them. Choice physical therapy procedures when performed by a doctor, this maximum efficiency is different:

  • Electrophoresis.
  • Magnetotherapy.
  • Paraffin wax.

Exercise, physical therapy, physical education

To fix, perform the LFC recommended the heels of deviation experienced pediatricians. Correction hallux valgus foot exercise is very simple. To achieve a positive result for main status – busy kids regularly.

Surgical correction

Hallux valgus applied to the foot during surgery is extremely rare (only 7% cases). Surgical intervention can be assigned separately to the pathology of extreme violence. This is the most common surgical treatment methods include:

  • the muscles of the fibula long tendon transplantation of the foot the Achilles tendon elongation with the inner part;
  • external fixation device, the trapping foot.

Wearing orthopedic shoes

The children should wear orthopedic shoes foot necessarily cure the disease separately are selected. His property lies in the fixing feet with custom insoles, arch support, small, sustainable, heel and their hard backs. The right shoes not human parents, both doctors, an orthopedic specialist, explains wearing it for a while (can be continuous use in an orthopedic shoe atrophy Nov). A hallux valgus of the foot the shoe must meet some requirements:

  • the right base, in the presence of Thomas heel, the inner part of the tooth a little longer;
  • kant soft top;
  • advanced zipper, to secure the good foot, but it is traumatic;
  • rear and side heel and ankle portions to provide a relatively rigid joint and high grip;
  • smooth lining surface;
  • genuine leather exterior and interior.

Preventing valgus feet, and the estimated

Valgus foot before it could be in a phase of heavy concrete as not simply a cosmetic flaw, but why dysfunctions disability leg up at a young age. To avoid this, eliminate the load to the lower extremity children up to 7-8 months. In addition, the proposed preventive actions:

  • a rational harmony mode;
  • nutrition;
  • gymnastics;
  • tempering;
  • restful sleep;
  • intake, vitamin D, and all necessary trace elements;
  • regular, timely visit, a pediatrician;
  • choosing the right shoes (even healthy babies wear shoes orthopedic insoles).