Valgus deformation thumbs

Hallux valgus (thumb valgus deformation) - this toe joint damage has occurred. This disease is usually inflammation of the big toe vesicle odd. Associated with bone formation in response to the accumulation of the thumb were injured. In reality, hallux valgus, not just a reaction he was wounded. Interestingly, this disease almost never wear shoes that are not available in cultures that are not. Tight Shoes, High Heels and cowboy boots, can contribute to the development of hallux valgus foot thumb. Wide shoes, helps to reduce the possibility of deformation reduces the development footprint for the empty field, if you have the irritated bunion area.

Valgus deformation

The term hallux valgus actually foot with the thumb to describe what is happening. Hallus - the medical term to specify the term bias means the big toe and valgus of the foot over the middle line of the body anatomical deformation occurs. So except for the thumb valgus foot deformation. As it progresses, this process and other visible changes. Someone changes - what a bone, a toe, the first begins in the bone, the more variance in the other direction. This bone is called primus varus. Primus means first medical term meaning bone and varus deformation of the lines arises deviation average body.This situation is creating the first bone and forming the inner edge of the big toe angle toward the line now stay on. In developing a bunion first, it's actually a reaction pressure paint. Trauma first response, plot, irritated, edematous tissue, a bone under the skin in lotions and among the shoes constantly. Over time, constant pressure can lead to thickening, increases bone, swelling and more friction about the shoes.


Many problems in the legs occurs when the pathological result of pressure or friction. It is the easiest way to determine whether the results of the pathological pressure, examination of the legs. Represent a solid leg bone, the skin off. In most cases, symptoms develop gradually as the buffer to keep pace with excessive exposure, skin and soft tissue. Bulging aggravate the already existing injury, or the effects of any bone injury. Skin reaction, friction, and pressure formation in Egypt. Soft tissue settlement under the skin reaction to overload. Egypt under Egypt and thickened soft tissue, painful and inflamed. To promote the pressure decrease pain decrease. To reduce pressure from the outside or the inside of a shoe because of freer because of surgical intervention and removal of unnecessary tissue.

Risk factors

  • Shoes an effect on the frequency of the emergence of thumb-hallux valgus (below that, the non-wear adult shoes). However, this does not mean just a shoe that causes a disease. Nerve pain and nerve impingement can cause tightening shoes and feet in conjunction with the formation of hallux valgus. A stylish shoe may be too tight and too narrow for "aesthetic seemed to the leg". High heels means a load increase, the more the problem is exacerbated by. Also the fashion trends to adopt, not just young people, but also a face-old age group. Basic risk factors can be divided into:
  • Shoes
  • Hallux valgus is probably non individuals. Why that could serve as a shoe.
  • There ballerinas, spend a lot of time blocks, dance, foot, leg, and so on, you can expect from them a high probability hallux valgus
  • Age. The frequency of deformation increases with age, with indicators of 3% aged 15-30 years, 9% in people between 31-60 years of age and 16 %, for those over the age of 60 1
  • Genetic factors have a certain value
  • Disease associated

Some of the reasons biomechanical imbalance, including neuromuscular diseases. There are different types of arthritis that can be associated with this. These associated diseases include:

  • Gout.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Psoriatic arthropathy.
  • Joint high-mobility related diseases, marfan's syndrome, down's syndrome.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Cerebral palsy.


Inflammation of the foot hallux valgus the big toe mostly due to the odd symptoms vesicle. Bunion is painful enough. Visible and severe hallux valgus foot thumb is a cosmetic issue. Also, coloring matching is difficult, especially for women who wants to be wearing them for fashion shoes and fashion is a real challenge. And lastly, to move a second finger and starts increasing deformation friction conditions can be created for the second foot finger shoes.


Disease the story

  • Toe walking uncomfortable or any pain she might be sick at the foot of the transactions. This may show intra-articular cartilage degeneration.
  • Due to metatarsal pain experienced in the area of the shoe that wore. Perhaps progressive deformation.
  • You must find physical activities which increase pain and eases pain ( maybe just coloring withdrawal).
  • History, injury, or arthritis.
  • Quite rarely, the dorsal area of Bursa acute pain or tingling in thumb, index middle dorsal cutaneous nerves traumatic neuritis.
  • A second patient describe symptoms such as pain caused by deformation of foot, mezpal keratosis, or training injuries.
Symptoms of hallux valgus

External audit

  • Sick of walking required to observe. This help to determine the degree of symptoms of pain and possible problems with gait disorders, leg.
  • Position the big toe and other toes of the foot. Decay, the joint may be different appeared.
  • The exceptional position of the joint. Print coloring shows and irritation redness or swelling.
  • Range of motion of the big toe joint. Also, you need to pay attention is available, and pain, krepitasyon. Assumes a crunchy sound without pain synovitis.
  • Walk towards any pathological keratosis in existence suggests warming up.
  • Associate may include deformation and the second flexible or rigid toes and flat feet. This deformation may cause faster progress thumb-hallux valgus of the foot support the foot side of the side dropping.

The movement for change at the joint in the thumb:

  • Increased diversion Cross and the right foot and the thumb on the front plane.
  • The extraordinary position of the growing medium, fingers, toes.
  • Change the first joint flexion.

In addition, you need to pay attention the skin and peripheral pulse. It is especially important for good blood circulation if you want to normal wound healing surgical treatment is required after surgery wound.


Radiography will allow you to see, you can specify the degree of subluxation, deformation, joint. If necessary, other diseases can be assigned to SA. ULTRASOUND of suspicious vessels needed for poor blood circulation. Laboratory studies and preparation as needed and are assigned to eliminate related diseases, surgical treatment.


Conservative Treatment

Treatment of hallux valgus foot thumb, almost always, starting with the selection of the user-friendly coloring, the search friction or load. In the early stages, the progress stop in the front portion wide shoes hallux valgus deformation. Bunion pain as a result of pressure occurring due to the coloring, the shoe focuses on the treatment are to remove the pressure deformation. A wider shoe reduces the pressure on the bunion. Bursa reduce friction and thumb pressure for the ribbon coloring can. Distance there are numerous devices such as orthopedic products, strengthen finger and let a load means for change.

Drug therapy and physical therapy

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy to reduce can be assigned to an inflammatory process and relieve pain. Corticosteroid injections are also a little in some places. Long-term physical conditions in the treatment of proven therapeutic activity.

Orthopedic products

Maybe different application orthopedic products ( arch support, audio cassette fingers, toes, fingers, cylinders between them ).The application for orthotic devices for legs helps in the early stages more to stop deformation. Just a few of the severe deformation to reduce the sensation of pain the application of orthopedic products. Uncomfortable help proofread custom insoles foot arch.

If deformation due to a metabolic disorder or a systemic disease is what you need to do, treatment, a rheumatologist or endocrinologist with the participation of a directional fix the underlying disease.

Surgical treatment

If conservative measures, a decision about themselves online effectively treat. Currently, there are more than 100 operational techniques and treatment of hallux valgus.Surgical treatment during basic tasks is as follows:

  • remove bunion
  • re-the bone of the big toe
  • on balance, Nov around the joint, so to prevent deformation

Delete the "sticks"

Some mild cases of bunion formation, surgery may only be removed during the outgrowth joint bag. This operation is performed through a small incision-side in the footwell bunion. Leather-trimmed with accumulation deleted specific surgical planning. Bone leveling and cut leather take small stitches.

More likely, restructuring, big foot will also be required. An important decision to be taken whether it is necessary for the purpose-cut bone and at the same time him again. To resolve this issue, the value of the angle between the first and second bone.Normal angle, approximately nine or ten degrees. If the angle is 13 degrees or more, most likely cut and re-bone. When a surgeon cuts the bone and reposition it produces this surgical operation, the deformation or improve the function, Nov-artificial fracture of the bone of the skeletal system. Two basic methods used to perform the osteotomy and re-bone the first.

Distal Osteotomy

In some cases, the distal tip of the bone is cut off and is moved laterally. In this way, effectively reducing the angle between the first and second bone. Such a process usually requires one or two small incisions in the leg. Once a surgeon reaches a satisfactory position, complete with the accompaniment of the bone osteotomy, the bone with a metal pin. Needle after surgery and recovery is deleted( normally 3-6 weeks after surgery to remove them).

Proximal osteotomy

In other cases, the first bone is cut at the proximal end of the bone. Such a process usually requires two or three small incisions in the leg. Leather-trimmed, the surgeon performs the osteotomy. A hard time of exposure bone Reconstruction and a metal needle. This process also reduces the angle between the bones. Additionally, the generated Free the tendons, muscles, and the adductor of the thumb foot. Therefore, a special bandage is worn after the surgery.

Post-operative rehabilitation

On the average 8 weeks was required for healing, bone and soft tissue. Shoes with a leg bandage or a special wooden base to a better place in this period, to rule out trauma surgery, and the opportunity to give normal tissue regeneration. Directly after surgery, you may need crutches.

Patients with obvious inflammation of the peculiar vesicle can be assigned to the transaction after a certain period of physiotherapy (6-7 procedures). Also, I was required to wear shoes with extended going forward. Maybe use audio cassette. This permission all back to normal faster walk.