Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention complanatus children stop deformation

The only bad complanatus in children may not cause foot symptoms, but I have a series of negative effects at the same time, if treatment begins timely pathology. Pathology may occur in the womb during the period of embryo the period of growth and development for children 3-5 years. In the first year of life the baby's body (especially Nov-skeletal system), there is too big a burden. During this period, children develop, learn, sitting, crawling, standing and walking. Complanatus foot can develop because of a variety of factors, sometimes it may not be visually noticeable.


A flat foot may occur on the background of existing disease itself is normal, since the age of three All children. The ends foot valgus formation of a child 5-year-old age. Be visually noticeable at this age the symptoms of hallux valgus of the foot, the more common manifestation of a child as he walked. To prevent the unwanted effects of illness, you should see a doctor-specialist or a surgeon to prescribe further diagnosis and treatment of foot diseases.

Symptoms children stop deformation complanatus

Stop complanatus symptoms in children can be expressed visually, both manifest in the form of pain. Hallux valgus deformity stop the expression of basic symptoms are as follows:

  • camber, toe, to walk;
  • pain in the legs (especially Frequent manifestation till the end of the day);
  • headache;
  • curvature, posture, child;
  • fat, chubby feet.

Warp stop complanatus can occur for a variety of reasons. First of all, the provoking factor Pvds development, dysplasia is the weakening of the joint bond. As it reads the statistics, more valgus than that observed stop were male (50%), girls (approximately 35%). There may be a positive factor for obesity development in children complanatus deformation.

The development of hallux valgus, the foot can be seen, and a number of factors:

  • knee joint deformity;
  • rickets;
  • have to carry the baby a lot of time in bed due to chronic diseases. As a result, these muscles are weakening, may cause deformation and load them any more.
  • or stop ankle injuries;
  • the wrong shoes, etc.

The baby's development in the first two years, will be a tickle feet and chubby normal factors, but if this change is not a problem after a while, you should see a doctor.

Early the possible development of featured complanatus can be connected wrong foot pose, foot when walking, the result is a child who is full. Can be seen, and with external changes, which will remind you that Hourglass. The child may be present with unstable gait, fatigue, rapid walking.

Diagnostic pathology


This children's formation and development, Nov skeletal system lasts 6-7 years, and if you have the symptoms, it sounds like a disease diagnosis, "hallux valgus foot". The term "flat feet" is replaced with the term "hallux valgus" and if, after a change to the age of seven will not be raised, which will be the name of the disease "complanatus".

The transition of chronic illness to avoid it will be very difficult to correct something that is necessary, showing the growth profile during the period the baby doctor regularly.

Lesions in various degrees outstanding stop:

  1. The deviation of the characteristic of the foot of First Instance 15 degrees. Deviation data, it is not uncommon for many children. In time the right approach in a successful manner are corrected, and a relatively short period.
  2. Characteristic is a deviation of the second degree to 20 degrees to stop. In such a case stop change, you can successfully fix a challenging but necessary endeavor for a positive outcome.
  3. The third degree of the disease, the deviation of 30 degrees. Treatment is comprehensive and long.
  4. Up to 30 degrees deviation characteristic of the fourth-stage disease. With surgery only set foot in such a huge flaw.

The diagnosis is based on visual inspection of the foot during the summer, radiography, and ultrasonography and computer plantography joint children.

In time if you ignore the disease and begin treatment in the future, the child may develop a number of unpleasant diseases such as arthritis disorders, osteoarthritis, chronic pain in the legs, back pain, scoliosis, clubfoot, foot odor.

Techniques and ways of treatment

If complanatus should be made of the foot in children in the treatment-based examination, to some extent stop the destruction, the age of the child, etc. congenital diseases, yet if you cannot identify him in the East, treatment must begin immediately.

Baby foot complanatus applications without pharmaceutical treatment, therefore, it's not worth it to be feared damage to the internal organs. First of all, treat it as a stop, with small children, implemented corrective plaster bandage, in which the doctor puts feet boy.

An important role in the treatment for a valgus foot massage, exercise therapy. The disease has returned after treatment is prevention as appointed for the lining of special shoes.


Massage and therapeutic exercises

Massage for children after swimming or when a child is residing, good mood. You must put on a horizontal surface meeting baby massage, then massage in a circular motion to the mover on the leg, then foot. A foot massage should be done, lightly pressing a finger to draw the figure 8 and finger prints feet, gently squeezed it. Such a massage is definitely featured all the babies to prevent the development of flat feet.

May a designer or even a bowl of tennis balls, then remove and put the child to imitate them jump. This massiroval to foot, plus a Little Exercise so that you can stay comfortable it will bring a lot of positive emotions.

Older children can offer you perform the exercises like:

  1. Being the kid to ask, exactly, are required to turn slightly upward in socks that upgrade later.
  2. Sliding movements should be done-fingered one leg slightly longer connect to it, then again another foot.
  3. You must bend your legs in a sitting position a little, then needed to upgrade the ground from the heel of the first sync, then alternately.
  4. Where you need to put any small object, then, for the present, a child is to catch him with his fingers the foot. The subject that you can use as a brush and paint, pencil, small ball, etc.

Exercise while you focus on the game in better shape, the word "necessary". Baby massage by adjusting the density of the print after holding to exercise the lower leg and foot.

Complanatus to learn how to massage feet, you will need to visit a professional masseuse. The child himself then led to perform massage treatments or home.Thanks, calf strengthening exercise and massage the foot plays an important role in the formation of the belt occur Feb.

Sometimes foot deformities an extremely serious form, a treatment is only surgical. Are varieties of operations, as treatment complanatus stop:

  1. Fast response, ' honors scholar - Grice. Essence is a special insert to set up operations in the proper position and lock the foot to help the child who is in bend to her will.
  2. The method of operation according to Dobbs. This manipulation of a child who complemented a further coating plaster bandage Kirchner happening speaker. Some of the intervening stages does not require any cut and narcosis.

Disease prevention

The treatment of disease more difficult, more alert to the development of disease. If a hereditary predisposition, disease, legs watch, and there are a lot more Hiking as a child of feature diseases can be transferred genetically.

Visual inspection of the legs in the first place that need to be made in the skin in the region to monitor a toddler that it wasn't a rash of foot injuries. Cheerleaders and mom should be wrong, incompetent children observed in children after walking for a long time.

You need to show to the doctor a few times a year not necessarily for children. Profile a doctor or Orthopedics, for children's show is a surgeon. Detection, slope and disease inspection should be done much more often.

Choosing the right shoes for the baby that is high-quality, orthopedic insole. Coloring savings is questionable because if you have to spend quite a lot more in the future spend money on treatment and torture of the joints throughout the life of the child.

Rickets and the common development of joint pathology. The prevention of disease and adverse effects as vitamin D, or vitamin C should give the baby's foods as well as hiking in the outdoors, on a sunny day.

Massage foot bath and then needed to make a baby during wakefulness. Children at an early age with joint and flexible plastic, therefore making them literally beautiful and fashion master a move is the right way. Thanks to massage you can save the child's developmental duztabanlik, a mold of your foot have a slight curvature to clear the child in the womb because of incorrect presentation.

In good summer weather, a fire boy and shoes, give him a chance to run small pebbles, gravel stops on that will provide the effect of massage.

Massage rollers can be purchased with a special mat, and then to the boy for a few minutes every day to walk him.

If you have the second and third degrees, warp stop, shoes a better buy for the children's private health institutions, is one such product that specializes in the production of.

The many illness that will arise during the growth of a child, there's nothing to be afraid of. The starting time for the cure to a healthy life and more there is a chance the toddler.