A massage technique foot hallux valgus

However, this can occur in children and adolescents as the harbinger of flat feet. The difference starts at the time of the defect can be treated is important and authoritative. In the early stages through to successfully get rid of this disease may be a sign of some other measures in complex with a therapeutic massage.

A comprehensive treatment of hallux valgus foot


In the initial stages or plano valgus-valgus stop next to the use most doctors advice a number of steps to:

  • proper nutrition, healthy;
  • regular massage in the area of the core legs;
  • wearing a comfortable and quality shoe;
  • gymnastics special execution;
  • physiotherapy treatment.

Play an important role, you need to do a massage all the time. As a result, this simple procedure is easily eliminated, as Nov foot tension and pain. Essence massage – kneading all of the right features solid feet and a bitter blow to him was established. This procedure is appropriate for children and young people, and adults. Another important point lies in this kind of massage, it helps to activate blood circulation and blood flow. So, the degree of swelling is significantly reduced and improved the texture of power starts Oct. To perform this procedure, photo and video that is suggested by a careful consideration of all the rules. One of the important benefits of massage that you can do this kind of treatment, do it yourself at home without any problem. Most importantly, examine his technique and rules. Our course will help you in this regard.

Step one: the right preparation, massage

Valgus foot deformation, which can occur, and children, adolescents and adults why is it important for physical and aesthetic it is an inconvenience. The simplest and at the same time specially designed a massage technique, effective treatments, organized home to come.

Initial and a lot is an important step in preparation for the upcoming procedure in the right manner.

The first thing you need to do is thoroughly steam swelling of the feet, in the area of the thumb was less painful. You can use foot baths for food softener, natural oils or herbal teas, medicinal plants, for example, chamomile, marigold, birch leaves glass or kidney.

After the bath, feet and finger necessarily large for the region, particularly fat-rich and warming effect with a nourishing cream or other tool. It is advisable to extract or participated as part of their components, such as oil, Bay oil, and shark. While doing this you can begin massage after hallux valgus, foot, lightweight and soft movements.

Features massage meeting


From being for clubfoot bring discomfort, it is advisable to do every day in a specific area of massage, therefore, a very responsible way to approach this process. Because it is such a different procedure, a special complexity to perform from her at home contact, professional medical help, by looking at lesson. How properly it works. during the massage, hallux valgus, foot, video, you, too, to consider.

A foot massage such as the effect of the positive effect such violations very special flat-valgus stopping and increasing bone leg. Most importantly, all these effects because the final result is a tight series to perform the movements treat.

While hallux valgus are massaged to begin, stop, children, adolescents and adults no need to warm up warming foot and follow it up with, just the leather covers, at the same time, Nov. To implement this, a handful, a hand tightly hug the foot, a second of intense pain. Then RUB a phalanx of each finger, foot.

Then Massage the base of the foot – thumb.This circular and the transaction must be soft. Generally, the thicker and coarse the leather cover forniks lower foot – the reason for this training that serves as calluses and calluses. Therefore, during pressing, a circular movement is stronger than it should be on this plot.

As soon as you begin the next phase of the massage bumps in the area of the thumb. Witness frequently the pain sensation if you are having plano-valgus cross-type. Using a competent massage preventable adverse events. In this case, the four fingers of the palm and thumb to lock the foot firmly embrace and intense pressing up and down to perform on the plantar portion of her foot.

Execution of the foot movements during the massage also massage hallux valgus in children and implied, hips, and lumbosacral.

Containing a comprehensive treatment of hallux valgus stop self-massage, exercise and a healthy, balanced diet has a beneficial effect and prevents the development of flat feet.