Valgus foot deformities in children with: photography, treatment, causes, symptoms

Valgus foot deformities in children with a form of duztabanlik. Happening the lower extremities leading to the formation of the axle's internal offset, an X-shaped location of the stop, the photo above represents. Pathology recognized during the walk, it feels like a child on the inside.

Reasons and shapes

The reasons there are several factors that are associated with deformation of the foot education. Pathology is often seen in premature babies or intrauterine hypotrophy in the formation of character. In some cases effects are fatigue, connective tissue. Why hallux valgus, foot and various diseases, a childhood passed:

  1. Pneumonia.
  2. SARS.
  3. Bronchitis.

Stop-can be flat, and in the following cases:

  • A polyneuropathy;
  • During the polio;
  • A child with cerebral palsy;
  • If you have myodystrophy.

The reasons lesions, feet anchored and obese. Congenital hip dislocation or hip dysplasia, the child in a negative situation. It is important to note and pathology form, in this case a child features include valgus foot deformation. The following types of properties:

  1. It's innate.
  2. I purchased.

Congenital deformity of the foot formation observed during fetal development baby. When working with issues affecting the acquired form Nov-skeletal system. The reasons presented incorrect training is an improvement. There is what is called promoting formation, hypotension, tissue Nov, foot. Having a negative impact of injury, legs and other parts.

valgus deformation

The degree and symptoms of the disease

Valgus foot deformities of children with multiple developmental stages.

Stage I

At 1 stage, the stop foot flat, however, the creator of deviation 10-15°. If parents are taking steps of their treatment for a child, a disease easily eliminated.

II - III stage

If the value of deviation of the foot 15 to 20°, scene 2 The child has improved. The effort required that will allow you to get rid of disease, lower extremity, so there's nothing to worry about. In a different situation when it's 3 degrees. Curvature 20-30° can eliminate, but you may need treatment for a long time to spend.

Stage IV

Is a condition that is referred to as the degree of heavy, to stop it's a straight shot, and deviation from the norm is equal to 30° and more. A comprehensive treatment which have an impact on the tibia, foot and other foot portion of the path and a positive outcome. Surgical tactics to get rid of in this case is assigned that allow the lower extremity of the flaw.

Valgus foot deformities often manifest when children reached 1 year. The apparent defeat of leg and foot because of an external featured. Walking a child uses the entire surface and only the inner side of the foot. In this case, the child towards the Mother began treatment to a specialist.

That will allow you to mark which revealed deformation of the foot?

  • Walk a child changes, causes, incompetent.
  • Baby unsafe during walking motion is heard.
  • The movement quickly tiresome to a child, therefore, locomotor activity, the baby is low.
  • The character of changes that can occur that is associated with painful sensations in the field of shin.

To characterize the findings, stop the development of hallux valgus in the initial stage. Other changes are determined, give thanks.

Current methods for definitive diagnosis and staging purpose instrumental poll:

  1. Computer phonograph.
  2. Podometry.
  3. Radiography.

Data about the status of a certain to get a foot X-ray, 3 appeared. In this way, the difference in pathological changes. When you run the computer planktonology morphological characters of the parameter of the calculation exercise. During Podometry evaluate load not only him but also the distribution of different parts of children stop. Ultrasonic diagnosis for joint, leg, and foot necessary for a child to explain the diagnosis.

Techniques to resolve

Necessarily the treatment at the time of Exercise, otherwise the child may remain a lifetime foot pathology. To avoid such a situation the methods that are used to treat a variety of fate:

  • Exercise;
  • Massage;
  • A special shoe;
  • Surgical intervention.

By many experts that have proven the effectiveness of your workout. The age of child and developmental pathology a complex thought is important to select the best option. You need to exercise to get an experienced specialist – a podiatrist or rehabilitation specialist. However, it is possible to perform simple household items. You must remember that adult, kids, love games, therefore, to represent a fun way to exercise. Article a photo or video on the elements to recognize the appropriate courses for the following procedures:

  1. Sequential outer and inner side of the walk on foot.
  2. Various ledges Hiking: stairs, stones.
  3. Rolling a rolling pin foot.
  4. Using drawing thumbs.
  5. Capture, it's the small things in the foot.

Often the foot is not coming out of the appropriate load, therefore valgus deformation occurs. Create, load, artificial, what is used for baby massage. The task of the procedure is relaxed, the outer and inner tissue of the foot Nov the voice the plots of the lower extremity. The only ones who need such a treatment specialist with the experience of Exercise. During operation, only follow in the footsteps, but at the same time, back, calf, hip and low back pain. The lesson to review lesson 3-4 months treatment for flat deformation.

Baby massage treatment and prevention. Safe normalizes blood circulation, strengthens the texture of Nov. If the procedure is to go through missing the ability to walk, irregular objects and surfaces. Use of this treatment for the child is too big.


Another component, special shoes and wearing insoles orthopedic treatment application. An orthopedic shoe for hallux valgus of children playing plays a not insignificant role. With the height insoles it is used to secure the foot in the position of the baby in the inner part. The selection of the topic the effectiveness of the treatment hallux valgus big is happening because they are separate. Into account anatomical features of the foot, size and the degree of deformation.

It's not enough if the child wearing the insoles, expert advice on the use of orthopedic shoes. However, it is necessary to constantly wear shoes. This requires a specific measure because it is a small child is always comfortable.

In rare cases, surgery applied. Even established doctors are not status correct procedure. Help-surgical care, such as in the presence of severe forms of hallux valgus.

Prediction and prevention

If you started treatment deformation, timely, and ensuring all information is extremely positive forecast. In the first stage, the disease is easily eliminated, and only to put in the necessary effort. After the treatment stick to the recommended control measures. Such actions that are required for any baby. In the first months of life baby massage. A private gym that uses a corset to strengthen the Nov.

Selective feeding of a child of the body, therefore, a good diet – basic child health. Not necessarily about the quality of the food can be mentioned. Installed during feeding proper diet. A warning rickets with vitamin D to strengthen the muscles of the foods consumed in the diet of the child recommended to consult a specialist before taking these or other products.

However, the food is concerned only with the main roads, the prevention of hallux valgus. The selection of the right shoe – mother to another task. The size must be suitable for a child himself, and the shoes are manufactured from quality materials.

Therefore, the stop requires a careful handling and maintenance. Valgus deformation is a rare event because it is not so prepared – a task for any parent. A number of measures to get rid of the child the issue of problem diagnosis and a timely start.