Valgus foot deformation y adults: treatment

Valgus deformation of foot unpleasant and painful problem, one humanity. People are already trying to overcome for years we are a versatile way to this disease and treat it.

Valgus foot deformation y adult

In addition, aesthetic issues, a person experiences pain in the legs, it difficult to find suitable shoes for her, going through the process of walking it's a painful feeling.

Valgus deformation of foot what

In scientific terms, the accumulation of this training, legs, at the base of the thumb. Time event begins in a similar "go hand in hand" and the sensation of pain that prevents normal movement of a human.

As demonstrated, long-term application, "surprise finds a disease" are often of the fair sex.

When it occurs, the effects of this pathology in these structures of the human body such as:

  • tendon;
  • bone;
  • packages;
  • joints.

It should be noted that the curvature of the leg, not just a problem faced by a man.

In addition, all these difficulties, perhaps the development of illnesses such as:

  • chronic inflammation of the vesicle weird;
  • the internal metatarsal bone of the right shift;
  • deforming arthrosis;
  • cross flat feet or a combined character.

Feet can be a hereditary abnormality, and treatments available for it is extremely difficult to warp.

However, the type of able to offer patients conservative methods to resolve this issue, ... orthopedic specialists is a highly successful and positive results is made in manner in the absence of a surgical intervention.


Important factors causes a number of abnormalities, and the value between them is as follows:

  • Inheritance. Nov fiber apparatus may be Advanced from birth. Occurs from here, flat foot, is the result, and stay deformed.
  • The presence of excess weight , can cause the pathology you stop like a foot this experience a very powerful load.
  • Osteoporosis is a disease, why change bone structure.
  • Flat feet. A determination that is in almost every patient, flat feet, valgus foot deformation, and then taped.
  • Wearing uncomfortable shoes. Many women even prefer to wear uncomfortable shoes, never without thinking about the consequences. And such actions provoke the development of disease.
  • "Venture," the endocrine system of the body. A similar situation frequently faced man in a period sudden hormonal changes. For example, this, as often happens, an interesting location with women, during menopause, the menstrual cycle or hesitation.

Risk groups

Risk groups

Now flat feet is a condition known, talented, significantly change a person's life to make it worse.

The most unfortunate and painful injuries that result – anomaly and feet to meet her "face to face" a person at any age.

However, according to leading experts a certain group of people that are more prone to this disease.

This woman is 30 years of age the representatives of the people and the language professions:

  • class teacher;
  • vendors;
  • model;
  • fashion models;
  • for standing work bench;
  • surgeons;
  • barbers;
  • the activities of the athletes, jumping and running about.

Foot deformities to some extent

There are 3 degrees:

  1. The first degree. Apparent at this stage is not typical transverse flat feet. Deterioration, joint, change the angle of the thumb in which at least 20 degrees.
  2. Second-degree transverse flat feet gaining a more meaningful character. Of thumb tendon deformation and angle offset at an angle of 25-30 degrees more equal.
  3. Third, the degree of risk that clearly is characterized by deformation of the foot flat feet and the fingers angle up to 35 degrees.

Danger pathology

As mentioned, the foot usually accompanies early degradation besides other unsafe diseases. Therefore, any problem, even the smallest symptom need to go to the doctor.

In the absence of an appropriate treatment won't be stopping to deal with its own essential properties, then the violation only full Nov activity-skeletal system. In such a case, the affected spine, hip, and ankle joints.

The most common challenges, which, perhaps, a tireless struggle to keep a person must include:

  1. arrival;
  2. osteoarthritis;
  3. scoliosis;
  4. severe headache;
  5. view heel spurs;
  6. disorder of internal organs;
  7. joint involvement;
  8. the trail of corruption.

It should be noted that the most dangerous consequence described disease – the inability to act normal, and even disability.


A clinical hallux valgus of the foot so impossible a clear enough difference is detected when the symptoms make sense, seek professional help immediately.

So, the symptoms are as follows:

  • open, the sensation of pain walking;
  • swelling of the legs;
  • fatigue in the feet;
  • back pain;
  • the wrong posture;
  • emergence, corn, and corn;
  • changing position of the joint of the thumb;
  • knee pain;
  • the presence of the thumb swelling and redness in the area;
  • disorders, don't walk.


In the first stage diagnosis, and disease during the establishment phase examination the doctor prescribed.

Medical research allows to set:

  • the situation the veins;
  • elasticity of the foot in the top pane;
  • case plantar surface;
  • precision foot;
  • the main functionality of the phalanx.

Diagnostic methods include the following:

  • identifying changes radiography, bone tissue;
  • plantography – evaluation of the whole foot;
  • computer analyses.

Adult treatment y

Completely accurate diagnosis is very important so competent to cater a successful treatment Delivery should be done by a very competent professional.

The diagnosis and treatment begins after already ruling that requires very time-consuming for the patient and must be prepared in compliance with all prescribed recommendations.

Suppose in this case the 2 treatment method:

  • conservative;
  • surgery.

The first method includes:

  • Orthopedic arch support for a patient individual who wears the shoe, custom insoles, and rubber. When it comes to orthopedic shoes, plays an important role here. It should be emphasized that it should be soft, a wide nose and heel 4 cm
  • Registered regular fit physical therapy procedures.
  • Stipulating the hormonal drugs drug treatment of cavity input. This method is an inflammatory process, which helps to eliminate.
Orthopedic insoles Orthopedic insoles

These devices, orthopedic insoles, improving walking, and the pain disappeared largely suspended development of the pathological process.

Insoles to give a particularly high result at an early stage of the disease. However, the separate insoles for your foot and the shoe is installed in the support, a fix for whom the main action of the foot position.


And massage itself can be done, but this is a quick and efficient solution of getting warrant. For this, the best professionals and competent in order to fulfill the job successfully. Basically massage course consisting of 10 sessions, it is desirable a few months.


To spend fix feet and includes a private gym with the help of, perform the following simple exercises:

  • twisted fingers Hiking;
  • Hiking a rough surface;
  • stay on the outside of the walk.
Physical therapy

During physiotherapeutic procedures gives the results from shock wave therapy. In situ lesions that helps to improve blood circulation to remove swelling and reduce pain.

Activities better to achieve the effect of physiotherapy massage and gymnastics with the execution.


If the foot deformity progresses, and the above treatment does not work, then another way to cope with a possible disease – this surgical intervention.

Surgery includes the following methods:
  • the accumulation of Removal;
  • fixation of the joint;
  • tendon transplantation;
  • implantation of the joint.
Public treatment

Foot, correction of hallux valgus, it is possible to home without resorting to special procedures or drug application.

Among the people, resort features:

  • Dandelion. Good is poured and dried, and then a small amount of iodine. In this way is a must have tool to infuse for 3 days and then applied on the affected area.
  • Propolis. A small piece of IT tools applied to the bone and then a hard bandage.

In addition, the tool of an incurable folk contraindication and side effects include:

  • normal salt;
  • sea salt;
  • honey.


Pathological the development of the foot can be prevented a few simple rules to follow:

  1. Wear the right and proper shoes.
  2. Give you an opportunity to relax as often as possible to an ideal foot.
  3. Bare feet in summer grass, gravel and sand.
  4. Adhere to a balanced diet.

Valgus deformation of foot – the end of the world it's not even sick and I heard this is a dirty diagnosis, do not despair and panic.

Just follow the instructions and the related rules according to the doctor, and then the disease will show itself, to a lesser extent will give you the opportunity to enjoy life.