What is flat - valgus stop and how can I fix it?

Setup valgus flat-stop — orthopedic anomalies that is characterized by a deformation with changes seen in adults and children. When his feet slid down to the middle portion constitute a violation of surface deformation and outward toes and the heel rotated. Why weakness lies in an abnormal growth of the foot, ligament, and tendons Nov, Nov, took a stronger when under the influence of a foot. The result is the formation of such a domain duztabanlik.

Valgus deformation of the flat wait, this is actually the same as flat feet, is a very common defect seen every fifteenth of the residence planet. The disease is difficult to treat, and the treatment process is long and troubled.


The causes, development, pathology

During evolution to receive and evenly distribute the weight to our stop formed on the human body. Great shock absorption during the foot lies in the role to ensure that walking, running and jumping. At the same time this unique anatomical structure of the foot, the man walks, steep, tractus in this case, left — right, back and forth. The vault has two faces for feet speakers: transverse and longitudinal. I mean, you are a grown man and as a support of three points:

  • the guy is a great metatarsal bone;
  • heel......;
  • account fifth metatarsal bone.

Pathology significantly more often dating young women they wear high-heeled shoes. Such a deformation of the foot is visually similar to the letter "X". One side of the calcaneus bone and the fingers at the same time (outside) the middle part and slipped down to the foot.

Therefore, the deformation promotes development:

  • fatigue fiber apparatus;
  • connective tissue diseases;
  • weight (obesity, an additional burden is created, which leads to the deformation of the foot);
  • uncomfortable wearing high heels.

Classification pathology

Depending on the shape, camber, toe, pathology, and sometimes three kinds:

  • transverse;
  • longitudinal;
  • the combined.

A leg brace longitudinal — longitudinal Arch of the foot saggy these. If you encounter a violation Hiking; pain during walking and on palpation, and even visually changes observed deformation, longitudinal deformation of the foot something to talk about.

Transverse deformation is characterized by a special type of foot — visually looks complanatus. Fingers tense and unnatural curvature of the tendon at the same time mootoosamy has a view. Patients Complain of pain for the disabled, walks and walking.

Symptoms such as foot anomaly called compound combines transverse and longitudinal loading and transverse — longitudinal flat foot. In spite of this, different pain and do not have a problem.

Deformation are classified in the following manner:

  • spastic — occurs after Nov spasms;
  • rickets— as a result will follow-hypovitaminosis D;
  • structural — abnormal talus position;
  • paralytic — polio result;
  • giperkorrektsionny — visible as a result of a failed clubfoot correction;
  • statistics — developing scoliosis and posture disorders;
  • compensatory — development of the Achilles tendon defect, bone wraps;
  • developing as a result of traumatic damage, bruising, sprains and fractures.


As mentioned above, on a background of inbred duztabanlik flat valgus deformity developing. The symptoms of the disease will depend on the plot, which have undergone deformation foot.

For example, the deformation may be the result of valgus. pathology fibula Nov. It is characterized by palsy, and lower leg stop on Nov.

If you have a "pulse" symptoms manifest is as follows:

  • front bone is inflamed, swollen and cheer;
  • the thumb curled in, and the same fate overtakes the other fingers, they deform and bulge in the form of Hammer;
  • impossible worn narrow shoes or high heels, and sometimes even comfortable;
  • pathology would be sick too often to wear shoes more in more than one dimension;
  • curvature prevents the thumb from the other fingers in the normal position, they bend and bent in a weird way;
  • a long walk that it causes pain in the legs and your weight;
  • base visible, corns and calluses.

Pathology treatment

Diagnosis of valgus flat foot to say immediately assumes a very long and complicated takes a lot of time for treatment. Important disease diagnosis and start adequate treatment as soon as possible. In this case, a timely treatment, because the patient gives us hope for quick problem who is running against disease.

Valgus flat foot treatment contains:

  • the healing and strengthening of the muscles of the body aimed at a correction of the shape of the foot;
  • physiotherapy procedures;
  • wearing orthopedic shoes, insoles, arch support;
  • the use of orthotics orthotics, audio cassette and other ue;
  • Regular massage Alegre sacroiliac joint MRI lower extremity-diagnostic plot.
foot boy

Plano valgus foot in children

Immediately, that is to say, all of the above applies to the pathology, the presence of an adult, but in small children, the situation is different. Almost all children are born with flat feet, and it's understandable why. These are just the first steps on its feet and loads existed because at that moment, when to put them on foot. Naturally, in this period, not able to walk because of the feet they put wrong.

Therefore to distinguish the functional and anatomical flattening the arch of the foot. Lower extremity orthopedic and physiological development is just a step for flattening the norm. Enough loads (walking on uneven surfaces) for deformation of the child quickly set. This situation, generally, three years. Also, closed for three years, a single child's natural layer of fat of the foot arch. It is only possible to see it in this case, you put in children's socks.

The formation process-a series of foot long that takes a few years. So to talk about a foot anatomically correctly formed, not more than five years ago. However, all children are different, so someone formed before this process, and then one more. This depends on how advanced and healthy development of the baby physically you experience any deviation on the side Nov — skeletal system disorders, endocrine and nervous systems. But, unfortunately, there will be situations when flat feet to be a distinct pathology.

Risk group lead in children, diagnosed in the first year of life disorders in the development of Nov-skeletal disorders, decreased tonus, Nov, knowledge, psychomotor development, obesity. Plano valgus foot deformity anomalies that will be the result.

Measure the angle of deviation of the stop line the baby the orthopedic axis, in degrees. In this case, the child's feet and body weight evenly distributed maximum load live, the feet of a certain site. In this case, where you need to be on the inner edge of the foot may occur, and the longitudinal code. Therefore, we call this pathology therapists plano valgus.

The causes, development,

The causes, the development of the disease include:

  1. Connective tissue dysplasia — the most common cause, resulting in pollution, water, soil and air, low quality food. All these results are abnormal connective tissue to the development of children, assault, and other organs.
  2. Inappropriate children's shoes, keep up with a bad catch.
  3. No baby you physical exercise (at home, in the yard manger).
  4. Inherited metabolic diseases (thyroid disease, diabetes).
  5. Hereditary osteoporosis.
  6. D hipovitaminoz as the result of defective bone tissue formation already.
  7. Inadequate calcium and phosphorus, as well as a result of the violation, the absorption of gastrointestinal diseases.
  8. Foot injury and damage.

Experts have many theories of the origin of a disease is:

  • Nov theory of hereditary weakness-bone tissue;
  • anatomical theory;
  • Vestibulum-mechanical theory;
  • vestimentatie theory.

The curvature of plano valgus and three intensity:

  • easy;
  • average;
  • it's heavy.

The pathology observed in the first step the first symptoms is the child. For this reason it is extremely important once you diagnose the disease is a problem. If you don't do it in time, stop expecting a Child, not only the deformation, but the ankle, knee and hip joints, posture and curvature of the spine. As a result, the excess muscles, joints, and suffer from the breach, their properties, visible and unstable pain disorder'. Can occur at a very early age, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, and disability.


In the direction of carrying the disease treatment:

  • foot bath;
  • massage;
  • ozokerytoterapia (paraffin);
  • mud;
  • treatment physiotherapy (electrophoresis, magnetic, electrical stimulation);
  • acupuncture;
  • swim;
  • physical therapy.


Massage is an important treatment method a comprehensive treatment. Nov that helps you to relax — Nov system Nov improve blood circulation and traffic to the base of the machine. Massage the baby's foot in the following order:

  • before you begin the foot massage stroke;
  • light strokes of the hip and knee treatment also;
  • the rear surface knead muscles with surface pressure;
  • soil the muscles;
  • spend child's leg, caressing the palm;
  • stroking ending spending.

General begins the massage stroke, increased blood flow to the extremities child. Moving the popliteal fossa heel spend. Nov stress relaxation a massage, do not make a child of friction. Couple rubbing in some areas that need to be made if energetic, then they should be at the same time lighter and more energetic. Let's hold pillow wrapping. Emphasis on stroking and shaking.

Physical therapy

Gymnastic exercises duztabanlik purification treatment with the aim of spending-it should be rough carpet (relief) surface. The carpet slide exercise, that occur at the same time a mechanical foot massage. Suitable for children who exercise two or three years old.

An exercise mat:

  • be transferred from one foot to another, the steps, The weight of the body;
  • standing on one leg, the other spending of the spatial movement and the mat;
  • by placing your hands on the belt, making a circular motion to a body, and on the other side;
  • put one foot before another, then socks heel and climbing download;
  • a lean heel foot the foot the heel of the other foot at the same time stocking up the shoals area;
  • the outer edge of the foot feet walking on the carpet.

Surgical treatment

Fix duztabanlik with the goal of operative treatment it is extremely rare for me to make. A number of excision according to the method of Grice to the foot. Makes defect fix and adolescence, however, which reposition the foot bone arthrodesis for progressive exercise technique that is used a number of fixes.

The most effective option to surgical correction of the defect 4 to 5 years child's flat feet. At this age dies, ligaments and joints as well as bone reduction gives good results with fast recovery