Often, people complain about growth, more bone in the leg area and blocking motion. This bone is called the cone of valgus deformity foot. Such a clubfoot wear any shoes that prevent you from severe pain. This growth looks aesthetic and compulsory treatment, which requires absolutely no specific pathology, special wore shoes, and some suggestions to perform. Especially in advanced cases, the pathology that requires surgical intervention, and without which life is sick, it's really heavy.

Property and the causes of the disease


Valgus foot deformation that seem to adults, it's very frustrating. Like this foot fall. Divided heel impressive a distance (up to four inches) when it is reduced to be fixed along and feet. The foot is flattened and walking themselves to the environment an extremely pleasant feeling.

The pain can be expressed not only within the region of bone, ankle and even then, to impress his neck, and buttocks. Human gait which makes an attempt to change the plan base of the hallux to get rid of the ever-present pain and "harmony" status.

The root causes of the curvature of the foot to so many different situations that can be:

  • Developmental disorders, limbs in the womb pregnancy is different.
  • Wearing the wrong shoes of poor quality child.
  • Connective tissue dysplasia.
  • Emerging medical or other serious hormonal disorder.
  • It's not hard, a metabolic disorder that can be treated.
  • Paralysis, paresis, osteoporosis and other diseases.
  • Incorrect posture, constantly wearing high heels and uncomfortable pillows.
  • Pregnancy and the postpartum period up to six months.
  • Overweight creates pressure on the bones strong.
  • Fractures, torn ligaments, and their tears, broken bones.

Other causes may doctor's examination after you will be able to install, and work history.

The presence of the disease in pre-school and the early childhood years talking about the evolution of ruining the wrong shoes already correct. Very strong, physical activity, exercise illiterate distribution – movement is hazardous and no load. You need to follow in this advanced age and chronic diseases and injuries of the foot just duztabanlik possible developmental change, but also "persistent".

A person of a specific valgus, x-shaped curvature. The inner edge of the heel is based on the surface. At the same time, the protrusion of bone into the big toe foot. The most common defect is accompanied by Flat feet.

Risk group


The problem that is most prone to foot disease, such people who advocate spend most of their time in occupations: dancer, model, vendor, surgeons, barbers, teachers.

People are forced to stand for hours, absolutely cannot leave the workplace away. The results of their own attempts to change the position, accompanied by a deterioration of labor. The shape of the hair will not be a hairdresser, needs, and classroom teacher are part of a large class of out of control. Vendors only spend almost all day before I had a chance to sit, but often worn at the same time a weight, nor a foot deformation effects. Also in this category, models, model, and dancer. Them you have to spend twenty hours on your own feet, often in high heels or uncomfortable shoes.

The people there are more prone to disease manifestation, other. What is a common phenomenon, such as flat feet though, that any person may appear, there is a category of people, the more likely hallux valgus is a foot deformity has been detected.

Suffering, the sensation of pain

The first thing you need to do to get rid of or reduce pain – control shoes. Most likely, they are guaranteed against material defects or made a disturbing figure. In this case, a change necessarily, shoes, help, a large portion of a tension and discomfort. Appropriate and comfortable shoes significantly less pain or none at all.

Paint will not help when a significant change when there is a bone. These signals early in the inflammatory process, one you need to remove. It helps to cope better with bad news:

  • Massage inflamed places.
  • Use anti-inflammatory ointment.
  • Special exercises, and prevention, both to relieve unpleasant sensations.
  • Use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is highly desirable to use them without a doctor's prescription.

As often happens, so consult a doctor before a prescription medication, the right treatment, you need to remove the sensation of pain. This is used for folk remedies and medicinal drugs.


The various stages of treatment

Doctor, an orthopedic specialist assigns a description of the different options, including, plantography and podometry in such transactions. Based on this data that only you will be able to put the correct diagnosis on the prescription valgus foot deformation in adults of treatment, depending to a very large extent.

Valgus stop a grown man can be in three different degrees of weight:

  1. The first degree. Significant foot deformities are seen, the patient feels good and is easy to move. However, long-term severe pain and begin to walk a deformed feeling. This is the first alarm signals that require preventive actions and reactions and get rid of the disease foot.
  2. In the second degree. The shape of the foot starts to different from the outside, but it's not critical. A small outgrowth of bone visible increased. Shoes for you to choose becomes problematic. The reaction at this stage, the application will be treated to massages, baths and packs with herbs, special exercises, and orthopedic shoes, foot almost flat. The answer – stage the disease passes.
  3. The third degree. Finds not the natural form of the leg is highly attractive looks. Finger and thumb about a very pronounced bone accumulation and the distance is not equal and is deformed. When you try to follow the pain and it is almost impossible to get shoes walk all the time. But soft, not oppressive coloring, clearly visible is a problem. At this stage, conservative treatment is not suitable already, therefore, the most frequently performed surgical procedure. And a question: How does the treatment of hallux valgus deformity at this stage, any doctor will answer – I was just in the hospital. Intervention itself, a difficult operation with a heavy post-operative period. Not the most advanced cases of the disease as we work to deal with the first complex activities, the second stage of diagnosis is generally applied.

Notice if you have unusual bulging toe bone yourself, you should see a doctor-podiatrist. This amount of foot examination and, if necessary, X-ray sends.

Surgical method


Deformity of the foot that may be a negligence case, anyway can't do without surgical intervention. Ill just stepped trying to stand up, already is experiencing a terrible pain, bone that reaches serious dimensions. As a result, even shoes to wear while running, have to cope at home, sitting or supine position.

The recovery period after surgery is not the most lightweight and fast. It takes nearly a half months, the patient serum required to participate treatment. Given during this period is difficult and painful, but you can't compare how much had surgery. Before the surgery, because, as a rule, a person wasn't able to reach the room itself, and you can wear Slippers.

During the surgery, the doctor will make a small incision and put it in to bone. Then they cut out unnecessary growth and purify them a body cavity. More experts, custom-cut resistant yarns and sew a place for her record appropriate metatarsal bone.

Surgical intervention is considered the most radical treatment foot hallux valgus. Surgeons without trying to follow the "extreme" patients until you are pleased with crazy expression and I don't want the pain starts if you try to take the step.

And pathology no treatment

You will be out of pain, constant over time sick and uncomfortable while walking a friend lost an opportunity to get a comfortable shoe.

Occurs weakening nov a number of other diseases that appear relevant platypodia. They accompany hallux valgus deformity and it will bring many problems. Think forward supposedly ignored during pathology diseases:

  • Curvature of the spine.
  • View pathologies, defeat the different internal organs and joints.
  • View the toes and heels spurs are deformed.
  • Headache and weakness.

Disease is not ignore the problem it solves and leads to corruption of the state. Sad for this to end like this, the absolute inability of movement and people with disabilities. Therefore, it's best to seek timely help.