Flat-valgus Orthopedics you are looking for a good warp stop

At birth the baby passes the first and very important steps in an exciting life with almost a year. At first people crumbs awkwardly. Corrected in build up the skills of walking with almost the entire walk, but there are cases when a child, go, walk, step, the inner surface of the foot — valgus stop — defect, a gifted life to make it harder, little man. Negative about this issue today, and will be discussed.

What a flat-valgus deformation stop?


This is the inside of the curve (middle body) of the femur to the tibia along an axis with the foot is initially Flat, a heel and toe ends the reduction desired and the height of the vault deviation foot outward (in the back looks like the wings of butterflies). The inner Dome the middle lengthwise of the foot (a little hole between the heel and toe) almost disappears. The baby's knee compression and fix the distance between the inner ankles surface more than 4 cm. If you put a child's feet between stops clear pathological the letter "X".

Such an X-shaped position of the legs relative to each other in the name of "flat-valgus deformation"stop.

What causes development of this disease?

Stop Valgus in children may be:

  • The location and shape of congenital disorder of bone occurs in the breast of another period of intrauterine life. The most complex shapes is worn the name "taran vertical" and "stop rocking". You can identify this flaw in the hospital or in the first month of the baby;
  • The result is the child of machines purchased beams and bonding defects. Diagnosis "acquired on a straight-valgus stop child" between the ages of 10 and 14 months, the child puts an orthopedic specialist — the first step is the most obvious the child's the disease itself.
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Factors influencing the development of the disease

This emergence and development of hallux valgus may be purchased:

  • premature infant;
  • small body mass, an unborn baby;
  • rickets;
  • obesity;
  • regular colds, bronchial and/or lung disease at an early age;
  • muscular dystrophy;
  • polio;
  • several injuries, leg and foot;
  • long-term fixation of the extremity (gypsum);
  • dysplasia;
  • congenital hip dislocation;
  • of being a mother for the child's feet early on;
  • low quality shoes (soft, not instant, the appropriate size of the child's feet).

Visible symptoms of hallux valgus foot

The defect is visible the most obvious symptoms while walking a child:

  • the baby's not coming, one foot on the entire surface, and only an inner edge;
  • X-shaped foot that you want by using;
  • a clumsy gait;
  • uncertainty the steps of;
  • mixing;
  • walk from fatigue.

Outside of these first two symptoms can detect all children, beginners and their first travel feet. At least the child you want to be done walking skills — symptoms disappear. If nothing else he walks the child for a long time, and this is the last 4 symptoms manifest. Don't panic, but also due to pathological findings demand an explanation need a doctor.

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The degree of development and the severity of the disease

The doctor depending on the severity of disease pathology and severity, the degree of the degree of deformation loads:

  • range between 10-150 degrees — the degree of risk;
  • 15-200 on an anomaly — some sort of medical treatment you will need to work;
  • the declination norms vary 20-300 — treatment long;
  • More than 300 long — term treatment. A comprehensive treatment of the problem of ineffectiveness foot surgical treatment the flaw.

Often children with the diagnosis of "flat-valgus stop" developing flat feet. Later childhood outcomes valyutnogo defect attributed to low back pain, osteoarthritis, scoliosis, deformation of various hip, knee and golenostopnii fields. A less abbreviated limb. Develops Kosolapie foot varus deformity — valgus in the opposite direction.

What and how is it treated?


Treatment can be prescribed to a patient is small, you just a professional doctor. Fixing foot valgus and used instantly to get rid of the wound windings are innate, hotels or curse. Can't be a specialist in children's Orthopedics is a key element to get. Takes into account, and individual development of the child and according to the characteristics of defect:

  • biometric — method allows a determination of pathological changes in the case of an uncertain status;
  • radiography X-rays in 3 different projections (small children, very rare);
  • computer a pantograph — research of morphological parameters of the foot;
  • visible external signs — the individual care and normal functioning of the foot throws back extremity grip.

As a result, many treatments a podiatrist will give you an opportunity to steer research is on the way.

The flaw that received the treatment usually spend comprehensive valgus foot:

  • foot baths;
  • massage;
  • paraffin (wax Tue);
  • ozokerit and mud;
  • electrophoresis;
  • magnetic therapy;
  • electricity Nov the foot and lower leg stimulation;
  • health, swimming;
  • RTI — acupuncture;
  • Exercise therapy — physical therapy.

In addition, to treat a congenital disease, a widely practiced orthopedic splint valgus of the foot your purchase, elastic bandages, and other locking elements.

A beneficial massage action

While doing massage of plano-valgus of the foot has a special place among productivity with all the technology with the help fight disease. He arranges his legs and feet Nov, Nov, pulls unnecessary stress and makes it more durable, more flexible, and durable, improves the flow of blood. Normalize the increase in the development and growth last legs.

Only the problematic regions that should be considered.

First start a massage, foot massage or for a wife to put the game first hanging of the edges form a small pillow under the legs to put on the changing table pillow.

We go back along the spine with massage strokes. A baby in the womb ironed side of the neck. The growing distance between his hands, stroking until all of a Backless produce lateral and axillary. Place restoranya easy to open the batting. Hold them, with your fingertips on the entire surface, backrest-boy. Then bend so related with the tips of their fingers, palms and comb rasteirinha to do poluchivshiy move. While one hand is moving in one direction, the other the opposite, it's like I saw it. Backless must complete massage hit.

Firming massage to increase the effect of special exercises:

  • the sole of the foot inward swivel;
  • on the rear side of foot flexion;
  • flexion of the foot;
  • the small fingers flexion of the legs;
  • internal capture and sequestration and stop them rotating toys;
  • rotation of the feet.

A motivated child with childhood easy to realize in the morning gymnastics.

Required to perform the exercises that are listed is complex. Along with your first baby, and to make them, and you've always been the little guy grows, possible self-healing to perform on the move.

A man that is already strong to express their feelings, the baby's full 6 months, start scanning, learning, attention and concentration, learn, love, her people. It's a pleasure to watch the misdeeds of this period!

A nice and handy gymnastics

Equally, pathology, therapeutic massage and special exercises that helps resolve exercises. There is a sports complex, kids stop the need for exercise.

The most easy and enjoyable to perform an exercise — jumping and hiking a small slotted carpet, under postelnoe baths. Exercise strengthens the excellent feet, bone joint overload still fragile children by creating children. Necessary gotta the Sports Complex several times a day. Suggestions about a better workout valgus foot used for the treatment of this child, he has to give a child an orthopedic specialist.

Access is also necessary, physiotherapy procedures, prescriptions, doctor and self-medicate a child.

The right shoe is very important in the treatment of

Pose the child the wrong foot, necessarily required to wear, orthopedic shoes created as a private individual. Stop feature to stop the hard side if there is mounts and heels, arch support, insoles are individually selected functional, small, wide heel. The parents themselves not to get such a shoe have to do this, knowledgeable expert. That about the same time the borrower corrective shoes wearing (continuous wear can not be — Nov atrophy). Even a healthy child orthopedic shoes clothing are the first steps in starting with the advice of a doctor.


Walk or walk barefoot?

E. O. Komarovsky a famous pediatrician advocating in favor of walking home barefoot valgus foot: "This only has a positive effect, annealing may be safe, but at the same time helping the formation of a foot," he says. Only the surface, in which the child walking must be smooth and absolutely flat. The application used during exercise medical gymnastics walking barefoot or thin socks.

Barefoot — an important aspect you should not miss a mother.

Acquired to avoid as much as possible plano-valgus of the foot as a child?

Defect prevention boils down to the following activities:

  • not to put the baby's feet before 7-8 months;
  • hardening of daily;
  • Nov rooted and connective gymnastics;
  • gotta preventive massage;
  • a child a full meal;
  • diet during the LIVER;
  • daily walks with your baby;
  • protivokrazhnie crumbs to give vitamin D;
  • to choose the appropriate size and high quality children's shoes feet;
  • specialist time to join in.

Treated until the age of 7 flat-foot valgusna completely. At the age of 12-13 — the process of adjusting and just brake. Then, the treatment is virtually useless.

Generalize the main thought:

  • pathological staging stop — single issue treatment;
  • massage and gymnastics are very effective;
  • your child has a special shoe;
  • pathology treatment depends on the severity;
  • good bare feet for uneven surfaces;
  • to prevent the development of disease, observing daily simple rules;
  • independent massage must be under the supervision of an expert to execute better.