While doing massage of the foot hallux valgus in children

Warp stop valgus in children are not uncommon. It can be congenital and acquired. X-shaped foot support curved inner side of the foot that are specific to many children at an early age, often "hanging" swing set and the Walker children are overweight. Whatever the reason, the first-and second-degree pathology can be treated as conservative. The important therapies, such as massage, comes with amenities.

While doing massage foot hallux valgus

If your child's diagnosis How do you "stop valgus deformation," in this article we explain.

Purpose and tasks

A valgus foot, a child's trust accounting, internal partial foot, bringing the heels and toes to stop the crashes and they find the inner part the outer side of the offset, thus internal swollen bones can touch each other, ask a child to put the legs parallel to each other.

Foot flattens too often staged such a wait, so the child are recorded at the same time flat feet. A child, in fact, trusts, and under the inner part of the finger of the foot and heel space. As a result, ligaments and strained due to the lack of depreciation to a certain extent the pain of the knee joint load grows.

Task the effect of massage – relaxation to strengthen this bond and a group for permanent residence Nov Nov idle voltage and mandatory groups (for example, during deformation sparrow no "doesn't work", almost "suspended in air").

Mostly children massage 1-2 degrees of hallux valgus on foot. Allow you to do it yourself, but just then an orthopedic specialist, installed an individual on the basis of diagnosis information and procedures guide that will give the child a special stop.

This procedure belong to the category orthopedic massage, they massage makes who requires precision, accurate power measurement and a reasonable approach. I won't go without effort awards – a problem if busy, a lot of kids duztabanlik manages to get rid of completely.

General rules

Before you begin learning techniques, you should read general rules and guidelines hallux valgus treatment with massage:

  • In addition, some of the daily treatment. Don't jump try massage.
  • The procedure should be increased gradually starting with a few minutes of time. You must stop massage to increase the load step by step. About the feet, Massage the baby's fall peak load in the middle of the cycle.
  • An adult should be moderate in all transactions, to eliminate the pain and discomfort of a child.
  • The classic layout with a massage daily for two weeks, then 3-4 weeks A dec.
  • If you have a baby that weighs follow that norm, weight after meeting with a pediatrician. It will be more difficult for an overweight child to get rid of valgus stop setup.
  • Don't wait fast results-orthopedic massage represents a long-term treatment, careful, very careful. Deformation usually manages to fix as a result, a comprehensive treatment for two years.
  • Children's shoes socks and squeeze the feet should be pressing him to put on stockings.
  • The correction of lower limb deformities, orthopedic massage special video course review, Ask the doctor show personal lakes Orthopedics at the reception.

Perform the technique

Usually 2-3 years of age that is set to stop the warp. And orthopedic massage techniques massage technique and calculated the effects of this age. Breast is done for, Of course, is not suitable for such a facility.

Foundation the influence of classical massage techniques, among them friction, kneading and vibration effect of such a sequence.

The starting position for the baby to the snow. Place the infant on the surface of the solid, or roller under a calf to put on a small pillow. The feet should be a little fluffy on the plane. Make sure before you begin the massage, his body relaxed, the shoulder belt is not tight.

It is done in such a position, back massage, aitch region, thigh, lower leg and foot. Start stroking, a gentle rubbing the skin with slowly growing influence covers. Time your warm skin, light blush, deeper massage that can start to warm up the fingertips.

Massage, movements, the direction of attention – guided spine on the down side these. Exposed to the vertebrae to avoid – massage.

You can apply a more intense effect in the area of hip – shock and in a circular motion, back, buttocks massage in the direction of located below the knee and on the upper side. Upper back, buttocks massiroval should be thoroughly for, because usually deformation is tense. Intensive heating and friction kneading with both hands, then slide Nov.

No need to Massage the knee joint, such a deformation, lower limb, namely the knee – "the weakest link", it can be easily damaged. After exposure, the rear part of the hip, in the region between the tibia and the foot quickly. The massage should be from bottom to top, according to the natural flow of lymphatic. The deformation of this part by means of the legs of the child residing continuous voltage, so please be careful. Massage watch, baguette, enough for him to "warm up" massage is quite painful.

Changing friction then spend up immediately and grabbing the nips Nov Achilles let her go. Then go to Massage the palms of both hands and ribs and shocking information.

Gently foot massage, rubbing her big toes to heel. Watch bones – all mashed thumb in a circular motion.

When completed, this facility, once again in the palm Pat all regions, the effect of a massage on the back and flip the ending of a child. Roll or towels to put under your feet again. A light massage with your finger the upper front region, hips, motion, to him, is similar, but the rear part of the hips.

Bypass the massage and go down on both sides of the patella, leg. Careful foot – pure each finger, massage, foot is definitely from the bottom up.

How to improve efficiency

How to improve efficiency?

Massage is able to correct a single pathology. Treatment procedures to improve efficiency should be addressed in a comprehensive, complementary orthopedic massage is the application of a private gym at home rugs-setters, complex LFC. Children 2.5 to 3 years it is possible to buy the bicycle – pedal deformation of the torsion stop is considered a fix for a great workout. The most problematic area of this printing, the arch of the foot.

Then, a massage session is completed, go now, a comprehensive treatment. About 10 minutes to walk, jump, orthopedic pillow. Fix for select, matte, hard tissue, swollen and deep elements. Such an effect after the foot massage helps improve blood circulation, lower extremity.

Nov lower extremity and connective enough so then "heated" to continue complex medical gymnastics:

  • do 10 clockwise and 10 movements in a standing position sitting on the floor in a circular motion, counter-clockwise;
  • ask children to depict the monkey – foot ball while holding a small toy or pick up an issue, and some time in a Holding position;
  • sit down with your child pose "Turkish" and facilities, sit back and a few minutes;
  • in addition, some 10-12 knee shuttle, divorced.

A good foot massage and gymnastics set to expire tub. For him you want to use as optional add warm water, herbal teas, medicinal herbs. Then, holding a baby, the feet soaked in warm water for 2-3 minutes and again put your feet in the cold water, hot water. Conclusion massage contrasting water treatments, such throughout make the most of a secure.

Join orthopedic physical therapy with the deal. Nov stimulation and paraffin – excellent treatments to achieve the desired result.



Score for busy moms, kid treatment hold only if it manages to eliminate deformation deformation starts from the beginning of a child a quick way to wear orthopedic shoes. In this case, massage, gymnastics are completed efficiently finding permanent stop is in the correct position anatomically.

Some parents after the child application bandage the foot massage, what for, how many hard hours with an elastic bandage the foot, thus the foot is Center of child's trust. Warn a clumsy child independent orthopedic bandage because it could harm the blood circulation, lower extremity significantly deteriorates.

Mothers does not speak very well, just cycling and swimming lessons. A complex approach (massage, gymnastics, exercise therapy, physical therapy and sports) and the problem is most likely solved throughout the year.