flat feet, adult — how about a fight?

Foot hallux valgus with a problem facing the continuation of the 25% of the population.

Depending on the shape, the severity of the disease, conservative and surgical methods for the treatment of the syndrome.

What is the strain of foot?

For adults with flat feet – this is a common orthopedic pathology, not in the axis of the first foot and the toes in the correct position проявляющая.

The winner of such a joint the tibia недуге x-shaped curvature.

From the outside looking at yourself what is the pathology of the hand and pinky finger Dec finger the foot in defending the common folk known as "bone".

Also Service properly heel. The heel of the foot at a distance together such as a сведенных 4 cm or more.

This deviation affects the status of tendons, ligaments, joints and bones of the lower extremity.

A similar pathology occurs, for various reasons, one of them is genetic predisposition. Construction features may also occur in feet.

This problem is often faced by a woman after the age of 30.

The main reason is that there is no orthopedic pathology this fair sex – hobby high heel shoes.

valgusna to deformaciya-stopy-u-vzroslih-prich-vozniknoveniya

This disease can also occur, if a person uses a narrower or smaller shoe size why загибаться toes.

Osteoarthritis joint provokes wearing a shoe like this for a long time.

Flat feet osteoporosis because they may appear. Observed in this disease, bone system calcium deficiency, therefore, the bone deformation is exposed to the abundance of people and faster.

People with excess body weight is a problem frequently faced. Gravity in the body due to the increased workload step, therefore, to provoke the pursuit of developing a flat foot.

Facing this problem and pregnant women. During the period, the child, the woman's body that occur in the hormonal if it fails, weakening the bond drive.

Also flat feet foot injuries because they may appear.

Other reasons:

  1. Inflammation links.
  2. Clubfoot.

Deformation, such as often occurs in the big toe together with accompanying diseases:

  1. Osteoarthritis joint.
  2. Flat feet.
  3. The core of the metatarsal heads Exhalation.

The reasons hallux valgus foot old

The first leg of the foot bursitis in the elderly metabolic disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system, The reason appears.

Connective tissue dysplasia also may be the reason for the deviation.

During the development phase of hallux valgus

There are 4 disease the first finger. Play and deviation from a different angle.

The first stage is characterized by 15 degrees the wrong position. Second, the severity of the disease is equal to the angle of deviation at an angle of 20 degrees.

If a person shift 30 degrees, the third stage hallux valgus the evidence.

A fourth-degree finger of your stay, up to 30 degrees offset.

A person first or the second degree of development of the disease, it's not worth it, radical measures to be taken.

valgusna to deformaciya-stopy-u-vzroslih-uprajneniya

This pathology causes the pain and inconvenience that it brings, it is rarely just a cosmetic. The third and fourth stage, the person pain and discomfort while walking.

This type of treatment you will need if you don't do it because the extent of the disease, then the negative consequences as it may seem:

  1. Walking fingers atrophy.
  2. the growth of the nail right.
  3. Friction calluses.
  4. Osteomyelitis.

The last disease is extremely dangerous for human health. Called Osteomyelitis purulent-necrotic process that develops in the bone system human. This disease which results in destruction all the components of bone foot.

The curvature of the foot, 3 kinds of. The longitudinal belt is characterized by a mild form of the neck from 15 to 20 mm, the angle of inclination reaches 15 degrees of heel.

Forniks moderate height less than 10 mm, the angle of inclination is 10 degrees.

A severe form due to deformation of the belt 0 to the Height 5 mm, angle of inclination more than 5 degrees.

Thumb deformation foot treatment

Hallux valgus treatment in adults worth seeing an orthopedic foot specialist or surgeon. It would not be wrong Advisory endocrinologist.

The doctor's examination, a series of foot to do the necessary analysis to confirm or eliminate the possibility of endocrine disorders in humans and because of this problem.

Today, doctors use conservative ways to correct the problem and processes.

Of the foot hallux valgus treatment without surgery when it is possible only a person first and the disease second phase of the development.

Surgery compared with conservative treatment less effective, but more easily tolerated by the patient.

Therefore, if any deviation is an opportunity to correct them without surgery, doctors, prescriptions, move, lock, gymnastics, and a comprehensive treatment drugs.

If the reason for this orthopedic disease, excess body weight due to excessive pressure on the foot, doctors a person's weight. In this case, the assigned diet.

Special exercises

While doing gymnastics, hallux valgus, foot, adult contains a complex workout every day, you need to repeat.

Initially, the doctors stretch ankle. People sit on the floor, stretch my legs, and he will fold himself sock. Standing on your toes is also recommended to do the upgrades on a hill.

The most effective exercise while doing so, hallux valgus, foot, a grown-up "Bicycle".

valgusna to deformaciya-stopy-u-vzroslih-fixator

To perform a man that lies flat surface, smooth legs alternately reminiscent of feet in the air and in motion makes a bike.

Also, to perform such an exercise: a person squat on the ground leaning toward the dorsal surface. As the leg in a straight position. Divorce socks alternately in different directions. To make at least 10 times.

For joints is recommended to bring sound to actively compress and uncompress toes.

If a person is a special ball, he kempel between the "holes". Сдавливается how kicking a ball can be more powerful.


A person the first or second phase of the development of pathology and orthopedic appoint secure wearing.

Special devices that fix the leg of the element deviation thumb. You should only fire one night and in the morning put up a retainer.

Drug treatment

Drug therapy, the application of IMA, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs designed for cartilage and connective tissue.

Drugs data is given in different forms. But most often injected by doctors as vehicles for drug выписываются articular injection, gel, and ointment.

Along with anti-inflammatory corticosteroids for the treatment applied in ways.

Data accelerate the regeneration of drugs, connective tissue and protein and regulating water-salt balance.

This synthetic steroid hormones that affect the human body such as natural.


While doing massage of the foot hallux valgus, it is not recommended for adults do it yourself.

His best professionals. To improve the situation, you will need at least 20 routines.

valgusna to deformaciya-stopy-u-vzroslih-vannochki

The outer portion, on the inside lower leg soft and massage in a circular motion massage is intense.

This technique relaxes the muscles, inner and outer, and foot.

Baths and compresses, herbal

The bone in the right position if a salt bath is recommended. 30 g salt, 2 liters divorced.

The mixture is then steamed along the foot in a basin of hot water for 15 minutes. Intervening every day for 15 days before going to bed.

Orthopedic compresses to make this rejection. Take 2 leaf, burdock, pre-oiled, add the turpentine, T-bone.

You should apply a compress bandage and a polyethylene film on top, then wear cotton socks.

Leaf of the need to keep no more than 20 minutes. The mask is about 2 months every day before going to bed.

Get rid of выступившего joint using clay. Preparation: 50 grams of red clay, mixed with 200 ml boiled water 1 tsp sea salt 5 drops of turpentine. The ready mix is thrown out, and the complete solidification of the left foot. Then rinse with warm water.

Also марены dyeing water compress to make a recommendation. Lawn poured a little water be brought, and остужается a boil.

Apply a piece of gauze moistened with liquid пораженному site.

Surgical treatment

Third and fourth, the severity of the illness, a surgical intervention.

Techniques, surgical treatment, mini-invasive fix. The edges of two fingers holes in that section, over help align phalanx cutters, great play, and.

If a person is 17 degrees maximum bending is observed, but the disease continues to progress, then a valid method of chevron-osteotomy. This process of cleaning the accumulation joint.

valgusna to deformaciya-stopy-u-vzroslih

The first foot phalanx also hard wire and titanium screw. Onto this structure are installed. Leveling a finger, a foot with screws and wire pulled.

Entitled to apply the proposed process during the development phase of orthopedic pathology, second and third scarf-osteotomy. Titanium screws for fastening two phalanx introduction to surgical intervention.

Also, in some cases exotictube applied and osteotomy (phalanx finger parts removal).

The joints I was very surprised, recycling implant.

Postoperative care

Surgical intervention is immediately prohibited from moving on foot.

It's only the second day fidgety fingers. Not earlier than after 10 days to allow foot for foot.

After surgery, it is recommended that special person that is worn for 3 to 4 weeks throughout a shoe. Preferably putting corrective night tire.

During rehabilitation, however, is considered anti-inflammatory drugs and gymnastics.


The first time if the difference in foot bursitis, development through the disease can be prevented by orthopedic shoes she wore.