Flat — valgus foot deformation in a child: can we fix it and how it is treated

Boy Valgus foot deformation

1 Valgus, wait — what is this

Flat-valgus deformation – this foot, which is a flaw in his code, and reduced the extremity of the axis wins X-shaped. In this case, the outside of the heel to the toes and open the foot section down the middle. Walking the baby dies, is incompetent, he complaint pain in the legs and he gets tired quickly.

At home mom, without knowing what it was – valgus stop, you can easily check them bits and pieces of this flaw. Do this immediately and firmly squeeze knee to ask her to get up. Such a posture, the distance between the inner edges of the ankles than 5 cm should be

The map even by a child foot the "naked eye" as can be seen, the crashes stop, and the legs inward, similar to a letter "X" as a photo.

With flat feet can be represented, depending on the degree of deviation degree of the arch of the foot:

  • 10 to 15 degrees – fix a flaw that lends itself easily;
  • 15 to 20 degrees – the necessary effort to fix deformation;
  • 20 to 30 degrees of long – term, comprehensive treatment;
  • more than 30 degrees – a flaw to be corrected, surgical intervention may be required.

Depending on the cause, is a disease which leads to a flat foot in two kinds:

  • congenital (mold-breaking, bone and more the position during fetal development);
  • taken (weakness, Nov apparatus and bonding, among other factors, roads, foot deformities during this period, the child starts the main boat).

Valgus foot in children of which age can be corrected most

Put your baby in diagnosis "flat-valgus stop" to remedy the situation, the first 14-15 years. Until such time as a child, I have an account, an orthopedist, and are treated regularly. How to fix read. If you read these lines because you will succeed for sure, so you're on the right track.

Boy foot valgus treatment

Depending on the age of the child and the degree of deformation, which reached in development treatment. If flat feet, innate, that is used for special diagnostic methods:

  • computer plantography – doctor examines the foot parameters;
  • podometry – weather separate computer operating the load that indicates whether a foot and a part of him.

If a pathology is detected, provides that rubber limb used for treatment fix.


A course of treatment involves a series of treatments in older children. Foot tubs attached great importance to. The temperature of the water is approximately 40 degrees for the procedure. Add sea salt to the water and hold the feet in the bathroom for half an hour.

Baby foot

Put a cup of water to increase the effect of massage on a mat, and ask him like a child. Secure it strengthens the muscles, and this does not create a burden on foot.

Do not ignore this, at first glance, an unnecessary procedure effect is worth it.


Massage – another method is lifting, and the tension that provides Nov Nov bond stronger and more flexible. In the legs improves blood circulation and normalizes the development. To get rid of plano-valgus of the foot the necessary massage back, waist and your hips move forward, after that the feet in the feet (that will be the end of the article a detailed video about the technique of massage and gymnastics):

  • Follow to the back side before stroking the neck during movement. Then moving the fingers to rub your back and bend one arm up and the other down. Results the procedure friction movements.
  • Follow the spine in the lumbar region massage.
  • Stroking a finger or don't do on to behind the gluteal region.
  • Foot massage hip dimples under his knees, then knead all the rear part of the leg.
  • In the area of the tibia to stress movements relaxing: massage, massage and shake.
  • Remove your health between heel and toe latch applying a foot massage, rubbing and stroking.

Along with massage, physiotherapy and other current and other:

  • ozokerit a bathtub or boots;
  • Tue wax;
  • electrophoresis;
  • swimming;
  • Physiotherapy
  • acupuncture;
  • Exercise therapy;
  • electrical stimulation;
  • there are stepping stones to walk on sand, barefoot, mat;
  • magnetic therapy.

At home, or an opportunity to participate in an expert, do your own workout:

  • Turn the foot inside the base.
  • Bend on the rear side foot.
  • Flexible outsole.
  • Bend the toes.
  • Capture base, small toys, pencils, pens (pen foot chiropractor even recommended taking a draw).
  • Spin the feet.

Also a medical centre and a map if you have the opportunity, treatment, feet flat on LFC, this is a big plus, so you will be able to, as home to do these exercises without help.

Custom shoes

A must-have item for the treatment of special shoes the name is "orthopaedic". Its main difference from a normal shoe is the inner side of the foot that supports the arch of the foot the insole has the rise, and are in the correct position.

Facilities hard heel stop is fixed. Personalized for your child, order the best shoes. But if there is a possibility that purchase of the product or standard orthotic insoles, plant normal for a shoe.


To resolve severe cases, deformation of the surgical treatment. Several kinds, surgical intervention, however, the bond which is their essence, or cut, or to add a bone to minimize its mobility.

Operation with regard to children, is rarely used: in most cases, a good result can be obtained by using preventive methods.