Thumb Valgus deformation of foot: treatment, symptoms, causes

The most common pathology of the foot – valgus deformation, protrusion of bone on the outer side of the expression to various degrees, on the bottom of the foot, the first phalanx, phalanges allows a large deformation of the lower corn and education.

valgus deformation

Such a deformation is called distortion and pathology of the metatarsal joints, their Expendables that calls an extension in the front part of the foot, driven, ligaments and tendons amplitude offset.

The ancient roots of disease, the first promise that's seen him a scrapbook, a healer and sorcerer, dated 1769 Public year.

For further clarification, the definition of eligibility, thumb-hallux valgus deviation of the foot therapist in 1871 and in his time a famous mid-plane – Shutter. Already in 1911, G. A. Albrecht, Russia, which is described this disease of gout is the most common orthopedic pathology.

Clinical picture

To understand the nature of disease, think this issue was briefly available a form for every reader. The structure of the person's feet which includes a set of the metatarsal, phalanx digitus, ligament and tendon connects.

The normal position of a healthy foot completely parallel to the metatarsal close to each other. Become the first metatarsal and rejecting him because of various negative factors in the deformation direction (outward), forming small sizes oblongus cone.

Stop disease progression that causes the duration of the process which is the result of "fuzzy". Dysfunction loss of elasticity of ligaments and tendons, why the first metatarsal bone of a larger pathology. Depending on the severity of the symptoms and progress hallux valgus disease, multiple stages.

  1. 1) Early stage disease the large footprint of variance the indicators for a correct distance, a large pre-five degrees. There is a lump small in size.
  2. 2) the middle stage of the disease is determined and a deviation of up to twenty degrees. Finger the next, second, recalling the form of the thumb on the hammer removal.
  3. 3) when running, the stage of the disease — deformation celebrated triginta gradus deviation. Deformed at the base of the thumb, the first phalanx on the ground formed a big bump and a large voltage is going from coarse corn.

The disease and allow any transaction if you are the pathological processes that causes the load on the wrong feet, spine, knee, and hip joints.

The reasons for hallux valgus

demacia thumb

Risk among the group, mostly middle-aged women almost ten times more often in men in women the disease also celebrated.

Risk factors include the following:

  • rickets – childhood transported;
  • age factor;
  • long-term employment with professional ballet and dance;
  • the inflammatory process that causes the disease joint.

In 1852 the first reason is that hallux valgus of the foot, defined dr. He tied Brock a claim, and the resulting pathology with wearing the wrong shoes. Later accept his assumption, so wearing a shoe systematically high (more than 5cm), high-heeled, narrow-toed shoes, pads hallux valgus is one of the factors that it may be the wrong education.

Because of the anatomical features, the main reason for hallux valgus, the result of natural causes-related adverse the structure of human feet. In most cases, this transverse flat feet acquired or innate.

But even such a failure, genetic factors, congenital pathology of a single approval, how small children, nor children, in the age of puberty, valgus deformation of the thumb doesn't get out. This just goes to show you, even hereditary factors contribute to the any reason, they could be:

  • longitudinal or transverse flat feet;
  • as a result, congenital pathologies;
  • loose connective, due to, in women during pregnancy or menopause;
  • large body weight;
  • osteoporosis, when bone loss is significant;
  • with the fast growth at puberty;
  • as a result, traumatic deformation;
  • the character of the disease changes in the endocrine status;
  • professional activity related to a foot long and energetic.

Symptoms of hallux valgus


To the big toe deformity hallux valgus in the initial stage you need to know the early signs of diseases. The deformities of the foot depends on the stage of the symptoms characteristic symptoms.

In the early stages of the disease are noted:

  • and general walking him a nagging pain, proximal phalanx;
  • Cover Skin abrasions, redness and bulging of the bone.

Middle stage:

  • notes development of joint inflammation;
  • characteristic symptoms of pain and swelling and growth Education First metatarsal bone in the region of the head;
  • under a third, middle, side, heel calluses are visible.

The active stage hallux valgus foot:

  • different sharp pain in the big toe and the base stop;
  • bulging Virgo-outgrowth visually noticeable;
  • under the cover leather in the second and third phalanges, implicit or Horny skin Calluses.

Diagnostic foot hallux valgus

The first stage of hallux valgus diagnostics, visual inspection that identifies a stage of the disease.

  1. 1) Determine the detailed changes throws bone radiography.
  2. 2) stay on stage and explores possible at plantography method determines a load level duztabanlik.
  3. 3) computer analysis – podometry, definitions pressure foot.

The results determine the method for such advanced diagnosis basic treatment.

Foot thumb hallux valgus treatment without surgery


Treatment of valgus. pretty without surgery is a long process and requires patience quotes. Deformation directly depends to some extent on the thumb joint.

The right choice begins with early and moderate hallux valgus of the foot treatment suggestions coloring – free operation, wide-nosed, to reduce the discomfort and remove the pressure to avoid deformation.

Selection, orthotic devices for hands, deploying, and reduce tension, friction load and stay on. This can be:

  • foot support;
  • supports in between the fingers;
  • orthopedic trimmers;
  • breeding footbed.

The use of devices such as contribute to the healing of hiking, problem, pain, breaking the pathological process.

Applies to drug treatment, corticosteroid medications, and a common anti-inflammatory drug with the use of physiotherapy procedures. If valgus. as a result any systemic disease in the first place, the reasons for eliminating the wall that leads to the pathology of a disease.

In the active stage of the disease surgical treatment surgical intervention. This can be:

  • surgical removal of the accumulation method;
  • zoning deformed bone;
  • operation laying the periarticular muscles;
  • regardless of the angle between the distal and proximal osteotomy changes;
  • arthrodesis – operation in the completion of the joint;
  • tendon transplantation;
  • joint surgical implant
  • approximately 93 or individually selected methods.

Disease prevention


I want to avoid the big toe deformity hallux valgus? Then I remember, ' prevention of the basic rules are as follows:

  1. 1) timely diagnosis and treatment, all kinds of flat feet.
  2. 2) choosing the right shoes, non-high heels and tight socks made of natural materials.
  3. 3) Use orthopedic insoles and Arch support.
  4. 4) long-term stress to the foot, the foot-rest a hot bath and relaxing to do.

A caring attitude to their health, help to avoid many health problems.

Which doctor to treat it?

After reading an article belongs to you; you specific to the symptoms of this disease, the value podiatrist should be consulted.