Stop the support body. The city's own structure to be able to withstand an important burden. But a feature, structure, required by any section of the foot changes such as the transformation of other structures. Hiking causes a change of foot deformities, fatigue, feet and restriction of motor activity, disability.

There are congenital and acquired foot deformities. Several factors that contribute to change the shape of the foot: the foot of hereditary diseases that are passed before the structure due to properties and lifestyle. Distinguish between various foot deformities:

  1. Clubfoot;
  2. Flat feet;
  3. Stopping a hollow;
  4. Valgus deformation of the first foot (hallux valgus synonym);
  5. varus deformity of the fifth finger of the foot (es — Taylor deformation);
  6. malleo deformation allows.


Clubfoot — this is usually a congenital pathology, is a common condition in newborn thousand and a similar deformation. Clubfoot can be one-sided, though that is more common although the double-sided deformation.

Clubfoot consists of the background of the acquired foot injuries, lower limb paralysis, burns deep in this area. Clubfoot clinically manifest the following symptoms:

  • The foot is the distal loop;
  • equinus — flexion of the foot;
  • Supination — return yards.

Depending on the severity of the above symptoms to distinguish between mild, moderate and severe deformation.

Walking is a type of disorder in such people: they move in small steps, re-given another few drinkable on a foot-specific and rotated lateral thigh. The outer part of the foot dropping a whole load of walking.

Because of the changing center of gravity, straighten your back and knee joints so patients with these types of increases in lordosis and transverse deformed.

Flat feet

Distinguish between transverse and longitudinal foot vault. They plays a role of shock absorber, the spine and internal organs carry save shake. In the vault that is kept in the desired position the bones, ligaments, Nov. Neglect is characterized by Flat feet vault. The reasons for the decline of elasticity the development of the machine, the foot Nov.

Flat feet, sometimes innate and adaptive. Developing flat feet due to chronic excessive wait that you purchased, then rickets, injuries, lower extremity paralysis and is much more common, more innate. It should be noted that the symptoms duztabanlik many children at an early age. This feature is related to the longitudinal vault mold less than seven years of age. Duztabanlik the severity is reduced with age. Thus, the deformation that remains for nine years, only by 5-7% guys.

Is transversely and longitudinally flat feet. The distance between the metatarsal heads is characterized by a transverse increase. Therefore, the load is properly distributed the forefoot. Why make your fingers the flexor digitorum high voltage malleo foot here. Another symptom of the cross-the development of flat feet valgus deviation of the first toe (hallux valgus). In this case, the foot flattens in contact with the ground foot flat longitudinal longitudinal not what the code is, in part, already almost the entire base area.

There are three degrees set the height and angle loaded duztabanlik given. In the first stage, patients only celebrate fatigue, foot pain and stop running while duztabanlik stage accompanied by pain, impaired posture and gait.

a hollow stupa


Hollow stop — which this deformation the longitudinal arch height increases. That can be said hollow stop — and-reverse and flat feet, the time code is the exact opposite of flattened. The result of a similar development of the neuromuscular apparatus deformation disease (cerebral palsy, polyneuropathy, etc.), a broken ankle, or the heel bone and the foot burns. A hollow foot symptoms:

  • Heel supination (to return to);
  • Forefoot pronation;
  • Highly upgraded code.

Severe deformation relies only on the heel of the foot the metatarsal head and hunched, the middle portion of the foot is not in contact with the soil.

Radiosure Rotaru Stop propagation in the field of the heads and metatarsal bones, what is this corn emerging areas of skin often. Over time, the deformed fingers and the same form or malleo-shaped claws. People voicing complaints with a hollow foot fatigue, stop their pain.


Deformation of the first finger Valgus (latin hallux valgus) is a fairly common disease, people call him "shooting in the foot". This may be congenital or acquired deformation of the foot also. Disease occurs adulthood but still most of the time already. Valgus deformation of the first cross with common foot-flat feet.

The first metatarsophalangeal joint hallux valgus occurs when the curvature of a finger of time, a phalanx close to each other at an angle. Since visual bulging phalanx looks like the "bump".

Hallux valgus is a significant deformation on the top of the second finger in the third row from the top during the first second. Strained ligaments and capsule of the metatarsophalangeal joints in the foot deviation minimum first subluxations to occur. In addition, the pouch develop joint inflammation — bursitis. This condition is accompanied by redness and swelling in the area of joint disposition. People feel pain in the field of hallux valgus with the first finger.


Taylor deformation, known as "stop tailor" because such a deformation occurred due to foot and cross foot the representatives of this profession recubiertas Friday watch edge surface during operation.

The disposition of the characteristic curve for this disease the fifth finger joint, a foot, formed as a result of a small formation in the bottom — the "bump". A person with a similar problem, Pinkie uncomfortable swelling, redness, pain, fatigue, foot. Very often accompanied by a varus deviation of the fifth finger hallux valgus.


Malleo finger is usually encountered along with other types of foot deformities: a cross-flat toe or hallux valgus. Front finger and malleo to create as a result of cerebral palsy, polio.

Such a deformation will occur as a result of tensile reinforced finger the extensor muscles of the foot trail < include swelling Nov, flexor. So straighten your back and bend facilities such a change in the background fingerprint proximal, middle and distal phalanges. This disposition later developing osteoarthritis in the joints subluxations occur and corruption. And foot pain foot a short while, what a man actually is a doctor and drawn.



Conservative methods of treatment may be limited in the initial stages of using. These treatment methods include the following:

  • Gymnastics;
  • Massage;
  • Physiotherapy (paraffin baths, electromyostimulation, mud);
  • A hot foot bath;
  • Use orthopedic insoles, ear, painting;

Repressiya deformed anatomical position of his foot to hand the excretion of this violence. Then a hard foot bandage. But this method is not always possible in order to eliminate the deformation of all components.

Important! Treatment of the deformity of the foot at a very young age because children need to do before the plastic and the texture, as able re-build in the correct position during the stops. Accordingly, older children, the more severe the treatment.

In these cases, significant deformation, when the disease reduces the person's quality of life — surgical treatment. Distinguished types of processes:

  1. Surgical soft tissue of the foot;
  2. Surgery bone;
  3. Combined operations.


Warn foot deformities by using specific developmental recommendations. Prophylaxis should be done, the first year of the baby and must contain:

  • To strengthen muscles, exercise with the capture code;
  • A march toward the formation;
  • Weight control;
  • Tribute appropriate footwear;
  • Wearing orthopedic insoles.