Bone big toe. Valgus deformation of the thumb: treatment

Valgus deformation problem is quite common, especially among women of mature age. At the base of the big toe of the foot the toes look very nice, and as the disease progresses, the pathology is an important cause of physical discomfort. Well, a big toe bone? Many of the tools which modern medicine?

valgus deformation of the finger, foot treatment

What valgus deformation?

Ugly bumps legs in most cases, hallux valgus toe deformity is nothing to represent. These means vary the load to be distributed to or for other reasons under the influence, and this, in turn, why the deviation finger phalanx, natural axis. Certainly the effects of all these changes the case of the bones of the foot — if left untreated, the deformation gradually covers everything from finger bones and joints.

Basic causes foot deformities

Stop developing under the influence of both external and internal factors are actually a similar pathology. It should be noted in the list of causes genetic predisposition in the first place — if mothers thumb valgus deformation, a high probability, this disease appears to stop, and his daughters. Meanwhile, it can be connected risk factors female sex, mature women of a similar age illness most often.

In addition, the disease is usually associate wearing uncomfortable shoes volatile high-heeled and narrow-th drum. The thing is, while walking in a shoe like this creates imbalance — the main load, so that the front foot section.

This is true for risk factors, the observed changes of the cross the flat with this type of foot, Nov tonus, in the front part of the foot. On the other hand, creates an additional strain being overweight, develops the risk of deformities. From time to time that arise in the legs bone mechanical trauma, e.g. injury, fracture or dislocation.

During the development phase of the disease

Unfortunately, this disease is considered a fairly common foot problem. And here a very important difference to the emergence of deformation in the early stages, when, for nothing, without the help of a surgeon. In modern medicine decided to devote a four-phase development of hallux valgus thumb:

  • The first degree. Accompaniment of a small deviation thumb (at least 20 degrees) and represents, more aesthetic, more physical discomfort.
  • The angle of deviation in the second stage in the development of the disease approximately 20 to 30 degrees.
  • The third phase is characterized by 30-50 degrees offset that you are experiencing the first deformation and limited joint motion of the other foot phalanges of the thumb.
  • In the fourth stage the angle of deviation of approximately 50 degrees the entire foot that you are experiencing a significant deformation, the patients complain about constant pain.
finger valgus deformation of foot treatment

In any case, the cost is extremely disgusting and foot to understand this disease is dangerous. Therefore, it is requested that when the cone at the base of the small toe, seek help from a doctor-podiatrist.

That is accompanied by symptoms which a disease?

Valgus deformation is accompanied by characteristic symptoms of close to definitely. The little ledge in the initial stages that make the difference, "seedless" foot at the base of the thumb. At first, patients perceive a cosmetic defect such as the physical discomfort, there is rather a similar event.

But as the disease progresses, the deviation starts thumb-influenced phalanxes against others. Patients Complain of heaviness and pain in the legs, visible a long distance walk, especially during uncomfortable shoes. In the third stage, the pain is permanent human friend. Often begins in the affected joints inflamed soft tissue swells, skin redness. The fourth stage, almost all deformation is characterized by the development of the disease finger foot phalanx — existing continuous pain even resting.

Diagnostic methods

Questionable hallux valgus deformity of the thumb it's not that hard, especially later in the development stages of the disease, he asked me to help the sick. However, other symptoms that accompany foot disease, for example, warp the skeleton may be associated with arthritis, gout, and other diseases. Therefore some additional tests to pass on advice to the patient, in particular, X-ray examination — the doctor in the photo I was going to see exactly the extent of deformation and the presence, severity, respectively, is similar to a disease that will respond to the question how the right treatment foot.

Bone big toe treatment

When you are prompted, the slightest doubt, the development of deformation, you should see a doctor. Bone big toe, depends to a large extent, at this stage, the development of the disease. In the initial stages the conservative media that you can use to correct the situation, but in each case the value will be treated at the same time prepare a long and comprehensive.

An inflammatory process to start, need a doctor, eliminate to alleviate the patient's condition. Are used for this purpose, various anti-inflammatory drugs — special gels and ointments that have the largest effect in this case.

Also, it is important that you get an appropriate shoe. Pin th high drum leather shoes you will have to give up in favor of comfortable and narrow a wide nose. Ideally, load balancing should be to promote correct and orthopedic shoe and stepped on it. The doctor, get a proper diet to help keep it under control body weight and reduce the possibility of development of inflammatory process.

It will be extremely useful to regularly (daily) back to the machine ligamentous mobility exercises throughout the foot. Also, let's not forget, strained muscles, or contribute to the deformation to correct therapeutic massage the recommended course for patients with these risk factors.

valgus deformation of the fingers of the foot diagnosis

Contains all kinds of natural therapy, and physiotherapy. In particular, patients we offer medicated baths, as well as drugs by electrophoresis, ultrasonic treatment, sludge treatment.

Deformation Orthopedic Devices to troubleshoot

Many mass Orthopaedics Modern Tools, Utilities correct distortion in the early stages. For example, unloading the affected joint, which provides advice for patients with special insoles.

In addition, a special bone that is regarded as the most effective leg brace for an "out" and it keeps your finger in the desired direction. More often such a fixture of Don, is not very suitable for the night walk.

Between the fingers to help distribute a load to the front foot supports and custom foot support in the Department of visual harmony. To support a cross-the arch of the foot is used a special SAP, but is designed for them, and must be worn.

Modern Orthopaedics the most effective products for rubber, lining the bone of the thumb. To use them, after a period of rehabilitation during conservative treatment surgery. Such a continuous tyre that can be fitted, even the shoes.

Surgical pathology

Unfortunately, the impact is not great for fingers, the taxpayer always conservative treatment methods. In some cases, you must still apply by using a surgeon. So far, more than a thousand techniques, meetings, and similar processes — fix path selection depends on the degree of deformation and the concomitant development of disease pathologies.

Remove the thumb phalanges metatarsal bones or in some cases the head is done. But most of the time manages to save the doctors normal foot structure. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the normal connective skin around the joint returns and the most recent situation. If necessary, bone can be captured with the special screws. Only in the most serious cases, the affected joints of the foot are replaced by implants.

After a while surgical rehabilitation

The rehabilitation period of time primarily depends on the degree of difficulty is an operation that is executed. In most cases, it is possible to even a lot more already in 1-2 days the patient does not move smoothly. Usually, more then 10 sick days may be walking already, but, naturally, the respect of certain precautions. Value avoid prolonged and intense stress on your joints, stop.

Also, it should be comfortable shoe certainly to take care of a suitable, broad nose and good cushioning. In the meantime, pick up a pair of orthopedic shoes you the proper to ask for a better doctor.

Preventive actions

Much easier to prevent the development of deformation, an effective treatment for later to try a big bone getting finger. And preventive measures here is quite simple. In the first place to give up an uncomfortable shoe. Heel surely it must have been very high (up to five centimeters) wide enough for socks and a phalanx of pressure. At least that's what it should look like daily shoe — in the festival's case I make an exception.

corset the treatment of valgus deformation of the foot fingers

Remember, the weight of the body is held in the joints of the foot, so beware giving a figure of the development of obesity. Foot care is extremely important and regular hot baths, massage and gymnastics for legs is really helpful.

Valgus deformation children

Similar disease most commonly arises in children with flat-foot flat foot hallux valgus is observed that the deformation of the belt — rejected by the patient a little in the heel outward. Some complications that may cause a similar disease. Move worthwhile to start with the child as it grows increasingly heavy, accompanied by her walk because it is a continuous pain. Of curvature is also possible, including other joints and bones, and spine.

Fortunately, timely detection and treatment the prognosis of the disease positive for children. In most cases, manage to resolve without the deformation processes. We took the kids, special orthopedic shoes, makeup ideal for large and equipped gym regular massage program is recommended. In a positive development, the system which will affect bone and Nov Cycling, Hiking, barefoot for uneven surfaces (e.g., shingle), as well as swimming lessons. Surgical treatment of hallux valgus is made to stop children in this case, only conservative treatment did not give a positive result.