Flat feet in children during a foot massage

Valgus deformation of the foot most common in children under 2 years of orthopedic diagnosis a type when it is created, more emphasis on the internal part. The first obstacle curvature like a child learn walking skills, sometimes accompanying discomfort, pain, and concomitant pathologies. 1. and 2. conservative treatment of hallux valgus with degrees, you can spend 90% of cases completed the full treatment course all the doctor's orders. An integral part of the massage treatment during a stop valgus in children. Attention to how to do what is right, will tell you that an article.

Flat feet

Valgus deformation of the foot

Massage therapy it is indicated for many diseases Nov-skeletal system. Varus and valgus curvature of the foot is often misdiagnosed children. You need to understand the difference between the diseases of massage techniques such as data will be different.

Valgus of varus deformity is easily able to distinguish. A valgus foot, walking, walking, giving, Positive, the inner surface of the soles of the foot a particular X-shaped.


The correct link to put the child's feet to the knee, ankle you got there, that they will see more crazy 3: valgus deformation clearly shows the type of stop this symptom.

Varus curvature of a child, the emphasis of the walk will be the outer side of the foot, the pace will be form letters "About", in a round, deep, knee, ankle.

Duztabanlik necessary to distinguish foot and valgus deformity. Second, different complications accompanying the characteristic of flat feet. This manifested prolapse the arch of the foot, at the time, transverse or longitudinal him the code, and distorted, flat and extended base.

Good paint, normal paint and paper to a child who put him in a different bounce or valgus type a space (gap) between the inner side of the foot and Arch. Leg completely flat on the inner side and extended Edition. It can be easily seen in different pathologies presented on a photo is below. When doing massage is effective in children with flat feet, hallux valgus normally.

The rules for children under 2 years of massage

Children 2 years of age is difficult to recognize than the deformation of the foot there. This anatomical feature, legs. They have 3-5 years flat shaped. Over time, this self is through.

The child until the age of 2 orthopedic pre-diagnosis at home and need advice valgus curvature of massage.

The procedure of spending:

  • While doing massage of the foot hallux valgus the head, from behind;
  • You must put the child face down under the calf to put a solid cylinder;
  • Children's feet need to pendulous;
  • Light strokes that is required to start the process (used a special cream or massage for babies, children's);
  • Starts stroking her back, arms at the sides along the spine, side, without affecting the right armpit, the neck;
  • The fingers then rub the strokes possible, they must be lightweight, and with your fingertips;
  • A comprehensive hip for working with circular massage movements;
  • Should the alternative motion in any body part is not cooled, heated under the influence of the hands;
  • Carried out immediately BEFORE not move a foot, stroking, friction, with tiny fingers caressing your hips, back and front;
  • Gets in the end, massage each finger slowly, ... pulling its entire length;
  • To perform the "eight" - stroking finger and the motion center back heel.

Massage for children 2 years to be performed every morning and evening before bathing. The procedure given in a 10-15 minutes.

3 years with baby massage

That should be done at the age of 3, children advanced massage. Valgus of the foot in the same way the child is made a foot massage, morning and evening, as well as for small children. While classic massage is made to valgus installation stop:

  • Massage a child falls down the belly wall surface;
  • The startup procedure is to perform a back massage with soft stroking, saws, edge, surface, hand, friction;
  • Apply stroking his body, neck, heels;
  • Is performed in the lumbosacral region: energetic, friction, kneading and stroking the sides of the spine, dorsal;
  • The hip motion to cover the area of circular strokes, kneading, tingle, pat;
  • In the end, the entire surface of the foot;
  • Alternative hip and stroking and rubbing the lower leg (internal and external);
  • You can use tricks children over age 7 years, caressing, motion, shock noticeable as a tingling sensation;
  • It should be noted that foot, every finger, pure, massage socks, the heel;
  • Happens the joints of the foot, stroking from knee, finger, ankle, reinforced inner voice to bring the side stand should have an impact on the Nov.

That requires a simple massage strokes finger end pads.

Treatment of hallux valgus complex containing mer – massage, exercise therapy and orthopedic shoes.

General recommendations you need to know about

Orthopedic advice carry out massage at home, considering such suggestions:

  • Massage always begins with a position – down, roller feet on the sidewalk in the area of the tibia;
  • Curvature the procedure you must perform every day (morning and evening);
  • During a meeting of golf, or you need to use the exercise, exercise physiologist, they help strengthen the muscles, the child;
  • A child is crying and doesn't want the procedure to execute at a certain point, better to postpone him at a later time;
  • If your Mac is making the procedure in the bathtub with hallux valgus during exercise, exacerbated health effects;
  • A better self-understand how to perform each movement correctly to make a special video for treatment;
  • The average massage therapy 12 course depending on the degree of lesion, a foot-boy (break 2-4 weeks);
  • Children aged over 2 years must buying a bike, the business an additional incentive for the correction of valgus foot;
  • That should be avoided are strong, pressing and sudden movements not to scare the children.

Respect, meeting all recommendations and regulations massage, or completely get rid of duztabanlik hallux valgus foot.