while the orthopedic insole, hallux valgus

Which when you need insoles, hallux valgus, says doctor-orthopedist. He selects type and size, duration, and usage rules.

Thumb Valgus deformation - this is a pathological condition observed in about half of all women and 20% of men. There is a disease, characteristic symptoms and their own stage.

The basic cause, why the hallux valgus of the foot, wearing the wrong shoes (high-heeled, narrow-nosed, complete lack of) and congenital flat foot.

Additional factors that can trigger the development of pathological process:

  • a hormonal background (sudden changes during pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause);
  • permanent load, due to the patient's joint, professional activities;
  • the first joint disposition of trauma.

Valgus orthopedic insoles getting time to help the cause of pathogenic disease. As effective treatment in the early stages. In later stages, your thumb pulls and other deformation structures visible when the foot is used to support a fully integrated in the treatment of disease.

Construction features orthopedic insoles

while the orthopedic insole, hallux valgus

Insoles a thumb-hallux valgus, type 2 Structure:

  1. Type I is designed for daily use and a private solid frame. Frame insoles with a solid 2 turns before it appeared.
  2. Type II insoles, a solid frame. The persons shown in their professional activities designed for them during the use of exercise or that requires a load of powerful, foot.

Done, hallux valgus of the foot support the foot during a variety of materials. Depending on the choice of material is not personal sympathy and infiltrate targets for future product.

The best known ingredients:

  • tube;
  • genuine leather;
  • velvet;
  • sheep's wool;
  • polar.

Sometimes several kinds of material to insoles for valgus to obtain the essential qualities of the product. Foot support must:

  • keep warm;
  • obstacle to air circulation, not the feet;
  • there are antibacterial properties;
  • for securing maximum treatment effect.

Any insoles from the hallux valgus

Insoles separated production and special.

The first is usually the insoles of all of the casting form and be offered the miniature pads. These 3 kinds:

  • half-high heel shoes for wool - valgus correction specially designed for women. Such arch support softens compression (pressure) the pads entire body mass, fingers and toes, mainstay of a physiological condition;
  • droplets - effective process development for hallux valgus in the early stages and prevention;
  • half-wool, and cross-belt design, thanks to a record belt in the correct position and removes installs special pillow the foot the front foot.

Molded insoles are made to order and according to individual standards. This orthopedic disease complex with other methods of treatment that uses all items a more professional stage.

- To-use features

A valgus deformation of foot and insoles for the treatment applied to the thumb. Insoles depending on the type purchased, each for a different use features.

For maximum efficiency recommended for long term use and to wear foot support for a shoe.

You should not wear them every day, but a maximum of 6 hours. Otherwise, too tired to stop and therefore keep, the true physiological situation.

Foot deformities convoluted's earnings axis.

Footbed for regularly take care of them must be alive as long as possible. Foot support every evening to dry, at room temperature, and clean it clean with a damp cloth, but in no way can be washed. If necessary, fix in place is to buy insoles.

How to select the right insoles for valgus

Valgus insoles help and time? Definitely.... But of course a proper choice of all of the options:

  • Clearly intended that the base should be selected;
  • If you have chosen all kinds of shoes, custom arch support;
  • The material should be durable, non-slip, breathable;
  • The base should be anti-bacterial properties;
  • A better casting choice for the Lord, he repeats, in a clear manner and the shape of the foot registers;
  • Must have 2 or 3 mainstay unloading arch support foot;
  • The material must be of good cushioning.

Time yield valgus insoles

A properly chosen and even foot help support during the initial phase of the process to delimit and reduce valgus deformity. Molded footbed support your foot in the correct position on the record clearly, and the various pressure points of the foot they are cleaning out the body. The process of leveling and axis advances. Go to accompanying symptoms: pain, swelling, inflammation.

Orthopedic insoles - an important step in this treatment there is no contraindication, and it's always a positive result when used properly.