Children with Valgus foot deformities - types, causes and treatment

Of course, many parents immediately starts, and starts sounding the alarm tone. And because this is not a coincidence to miss a serious illness, very simple, the only difference is the first signs. In this case, fatigue and pain in the legs, wrong, warp stop signal and preparing them about a very disturbing problem: hallux valgus stop.

Children with foot deformities valgus and how to diagnose what?

valgus foot deformities in children with

By any bias or Orthopedics pathology to understand what your child is quite simple. Take a look at children feet: ideally, they should be completely smooth and the distance between the knees, ankles, and sural muscles symmetrical. If these three points will be able to visually keep a straight line, i.e. there's nothing to worry about. Situation or when you need to see a doctor-podiatrist.

Well, let's call that an anomaly is to warn mom and dad:

  1. A child is walking, in your opinion is wrong, so the legs resemble the letter "X", in this case the knee and ankle during walking is a common child divorced almost touch each other side;
  2. Your child will lie on a flat surface and place the knee and to reduce it, then it will be decided, not on a knee bone ankles and even in the workplace more than closed;
  3. Try to put your son or daughter back and rate, how smooth his legs. Valgus deformation is visible quite good: relatively flat, toe, heel, like, "leave" from the side opposite from each other;
  4. Open the baby formed flat feet, the arch of the foot only, and this must be the place "autumn" touching the ground as they walked in;
  5. Toddler to hear constant complaining of severe leg pain in legs or stockings puts that lame.

According to the specs, the parents to determine whether their children require the intervention of a doctor of pathology in the lower extremity.

In contrast, the intake of orthopaedic trauma will carefully examine children's feet by measuring its length, deviation angle, heel and knee joint. If this angle more than 5 degrees, so alarmed was not in vain, and the kid definitely pathology you the treatment you need.

What is flat foot valgus deformation of the

Flat valgus foot is a child of the deformation, which tells us that the curvature of flat feet plus joint place-i.e., a complete lack of the arch of the foot. A similar valgus deformity of the knee diagnosis can be often sufficiently between a significant flaw: the foot is similar to that of the letter. When the foot is curved in the opposite direction and there is another pathology, toddler, i.e., the propeller, the dome, and the outer edge. This the foot, ankle and knee near the front of the opposite, divorced, and a similar letter. This problem bearing the name of varus deformation.

Valgus deformation with flat feet usually is a congenital disease, and heredity is considered an important factor. If a mother or father that have a similar problem, luck and when the baby was born with a similar disease.

Normally a child, just to start doing the first steps, the bond is very weak and Nov-advanced skeletal system is not very good. The first three-year-old boy, mum and dad don't panic: how very young children learn to walk, run, jump and even footed the gears without experiencing this discomfort. The situation will change in about 4-5 years and foot aligned, and a doctor by themselves without any intervention from the outside.

Dear, when smoke more than five years and the problem still feels very visible and active movements of a child or a serious illness, you should treat the pathology was an inevitable, otherwise can't do without unpleasant results. First, the foot permanently deformed, and then the knee joint due to permanent loads. Secondly, this is the curvature of the spine and the hip joint. Needless to say, how severe a disease is considered a deformity, vertebral? Just such a malaise, scoliosis can cause pain and discomfort, so still and why of permanent disability in severe cases.

Moreover, it is permitted to emerge concomitant diseases, e.g. osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints of both thumb-hallux valgus.

This issue is definitely there is a difference, many adult human: you are a very twisted my toe and was like, "entering" under the second finger. Is bent and substantially at the same time the other fingers, feet and the stick that begins in the bone and even much harm.

Vitamin D deficiency is the cause hallux valgus foot development.

Treatment of hallux valgus in children

Hallux valgus treatment visit must begin with stop skilled orthopedic specialist. Dr. evaluate degrees camber, listens carefully to complaints and diagnosis.

Results are usually little sufficient to produce the following activities:

  • I would recommend the custom of wearing orthopedic shoes. Maybe someone has a particular view because a parent may not, however, currently, manufacturers of shoes for children creates a very modern and beautiful. At the same time doesn't have to walk a little patient with him all his life, and most importantly, hard insole orthopedic heel and chosen wisely will do the job: after a while, mom and dad how much you appreciate soft steel feet, child;
  • Surely, to pass a few massage courses. Take this value for and experienced masseuse, with a baby certain exercises help develop the muscles in your foot. Parents in their own home and to learn how to do a massage like this;
  • Make massage foot bath, conifer extracts and sea salt. Relieve your baby's feet to rest of such treatments, increased tone and tension nov a bond;
  • From the swimming pool;
  • For purchase special massage cushions, or make them with their own hands. The Walk is flat, it doesn't change the ground situation better, and, on the contrary, only aggravate;
  • Gymnastics sessions every day and do a complex exercise, a fix for an arm, a foot, a child. Alternatively, experience the lessons of physical therapy, exercise therapy.

How massage cushions with his own hands for a house?

deformation during the massage stop

You can buy it in specialty stores baby massage mats, orthopedic shoes sold in the same place. But you can try it yourself, stitch mat, massage stop.

For example, the forehead, thick fabrics: felt, denim or any other home. Sew eco-fabric furniture with different sizes of buttons because he's a staple of the lock and then along a carpet on the floor didn't move, a small step to him. A similar mat is better for hanging out because wood furniture is not a staple of the floor-mounted tile.

Also you can get basic soft matte tile-shaped puzzle. Using a hot glue gun, glue them to the sea to try and smooth stones, glass stones for aquariums, beans or a great coffee beans. Another preventive use soft curlers sleep a night for ladies convenient carpet during stacking.

Gorgeous prevention, hallux valgus, stop, away, ground, grass and sand. For this reason you must go outside the city with a baby in the summer, summer holiday or edit the sea.

Radical treatment methods

Unfortunately, sometimes manages to stop using the curvature LFC beat children, orthopedic shoes, or a massage. In this case, you have to apply with more radical methods of treatment of this pathology.

For example, you can try drug-induced electrophoresis. Drugs that will help to provide the fields you want by acting through the skin of electric shock. Don't worry, this is a painless procedure. This is what a child feels a slight tingling sensation, but the discomfort in the lives of children in overwhelming numbers during the procedure.

Another option is to get rid of the hallux valgus magnetotherapy. The action of physiotherapy during this process, through a magnetic pulse. That accelerates blood circulation in certain areas, have anti-inflammatory effect and reduces pain.

During hallux valgus foot surgical operation

The reception and consumed in the most extreme cases doctors try surgical procedure. The purpose of eliminating defects at the foot of hallux valgus thumb-staged process, and turn in the direction you want the grip to stop.

Used titanium screw or the wire is removed during the surgery usually persists after the stabilization of the patient significant discomfort. Small surgery is rarely done in patients are turning to this method more frequently, in more advanced age, closer to 18 years.

To solve this problem completely stop the curvature in children, can continue to divide, the standard way cure. Just in time for the march of children and mom going to the doctor in time without attention disease.