Bone on the thumb: does it make sense surgery

Valgus deformation of the first toe, or hallux abductor valgus, a common foot deformity. Due to impaired biomechanical foot — simply put, wrong and insufficient walking load. The main reason for education "thorn" — wrong distribution, body mass index, walking, which because of increased workloads, this is the front section, foot, finger. Most of the time, this result duztabanlik destruction with cross vaults. Primitive weakness, due to the stop of the machine, Nov, genetically, so often a family problem out there are the bones of the thumb: grandma and mom's and daughters will have.

Risk factors

Other risk factors in addition to genetics) development of catalysts for a service that may be "cone", are as follows:

  • Obesity. Crushes excess weight, your joints, creates an additional burden on the foot;
  • Wearing narrow shoes. Deviation of the thumb pads in the wrong that makes the fit such an abnormal situation, stop and walking — time will be familiar curve;
  • Wearing Shoes, High Heels (above 4 cm). The forced shift all the Weight the front foot section.

Valgus deformation may develop in adolescence and progress to adulthood. Emergence and development "cone" friction and pain accompanied by redness of the trail. When selecting shoes, an obvious deformity of the forefoot section becomes more complex.

Conservative treatment

conservative treatment finger deformation

Maybe you heard, Bath, chamomile, iodine and grids packages, to whom you need to deliver things according to plan "cone" is on their feet. Unfortunately, such tools does not work. A bump a big toe bone, foot orthopedic problem and solve it not under force to only the doctor.

Development during the first phase of deformation that can be applied to a treatment method. For example, wearing orthopedic insoles, different inter digital ear and/or night to the tape I made thumb.

Stop rational in the selection of the deformation necessary for preventing the coloring. Give preference to a comfortable Shoe, Heel 4 cm in a basket with your foot, avoid high heels. A private gym exercise and train the muscles with the foot.

The key expression to refer to the foot of the surgical treatment methods. It's not that simple, as usual tell in advertisements, therefore, for this step, if you dare to search of professionals, who have narrow, specialized surgical stop, has a long experience and numerous successful transactions. A doctor that specializes in the detection, treatment and prevention of diseases, called podolog the lower leg and foot.


From the middle of the foot to reduce the deformation of the first angle, using a variety of osteotomy (artificial bone fracture or steering). Special screws bone fixation usually is done during the surgery.

Thanks to modern technology, patients already special shoes for walking on the second postoperative day, but I guess full-term rehabilitation impossible: every situation is different, so is corrected based on the amount of bone. Just keep in mind, and even after him, "easy", duration of operation, recovery is approximately eight weeks. Also, the Old, the sick, slower bone grow together.

Risk if you need to re-process, are hard to predict, but he has. In this process, the osteotomy, it should be done only for medical reasons, the objective of time, quality of life suffers: for example, the deformation of the feet it hurts to walk, as a result, I have to give a long walk or the gym itself, this is already harmful for health, risk, OP is right.

If you're just not as aesthetically protrusion of the bone, much more secure, change, clothing style, and, respectively staining. Sometimes you may need special orthopedic shoes you ordered.