Exercise 11 during the stop hallux valgus

Valgus deformation of foot – a very bad pathological change, bearing not only an aesthetic inconvenience, but also mass pain. Valgus deformation of the big toe joint this disease is the manifestation of the curvature directly.

valgus deformation of the stop

Because such a distortion distort and all the other toes. Hallux valgus as a normal person not wear shoes at the base of the thumb bump. She rubs gives about Walking Shoes, inconvenience and aching pain. Stop Valgus symptoms that can be seen:

  • the hotels increased bone leg, the first finger;
  • fatigue, foot;
  • coloring problems with your purchase;
  • joint pain foot;
  • hammer finger deformation in the form of the foot.

Good quality and sturdy dress shoes

Fingerprint curvature selected incorrectly can cause legs shoes, especially high heels, and tight socks. Typically, women are not less satisfied with this orthopedic disease, so they sacrificing uncomfortable high fashion for comfort and the pursuit of shoes you purchase exactly how to walk, it's just impossible.

In addition, the investigation on the heels of camber, toe, take risks, negotiate and arrival.

The thing is, the wrong shoe while walking a similar distributed load, the distortion at the end lead to me. That plays a role in the development of a significant genetic disorder: if someone was a relative, and you gave a great chance for this disease that is going to be passed. The reasons can be warp stop endocrine disorders, congenital transverse body and a flat foot.

A valgus loading of the foot that can be mixed with gout or arthritis symptoms. Before you begin treatment, and prevention of disease to confirm the diagnosis, doctors orthopedic. After a careful examination, radiography, and prescribed the course to give that a result of failing drug therapy, exercise therapy, or surgery posting. All depends on the degree of development of the disease the reasons revealed.

Pathology stop gymnastics

A valgus foot is gymnastics a very good effect the healing process. Several times a day to do the following exercises:

  1. Lie and exercise in a familiar childhood, imitation Cycling. To try an exercise by pulling foot-a foot to a foot further move and shoot before the motion of a foot, in the opposite direction. The legs should move in different directions is not parallel to the ground chat. About 10 approaches in a day to do gymnastics 2 times.
  2. Needed to do the following exercise was already sitting. Gotta lean the floor with his hands behind and extrusion foot forward. The order split, and then correct back leg for 10 times.
  3. In the same position, the above exercise, breed, fingers, feet as wide as possible, in different directions. If possible, try and get some rest we want back in this position after a few minutes, your fingers to the starting position. Gymnastics perform 10-15 times.
  4. Sit on the floor and lean back from his hands, on his feet, finger and jam it through 5 minutes.
  5. Sit in a chair and a hard foot in different directions, only with the fingers the foot. This exercise is called "caterpillar" to accomplish this very useful.
  6. Sitting in a chair, insert a pen or a pencil between the first and second toes. Do not try to draw a hand in a circular motion or a motion of a pen, different shapes, or letters in the air.
  7. Try standing, walking, foot, hand holding up, then walk, heels, hands at sides, then inner and outer edges of foot.
  8. The most useful exercise in this disease, tension on the ankle in any position. Sitting, standing, or lying down, foot not take until the end of my thumb. Then pull your legs forward, sitting on the floor and socks, pulling each finger in turn move forward with the foot, then both feet at the same time.
  9. He straightened in the Chair sitting forward, kick, back together, try to bring a piece of fabric toes. To do another small favor from somewhere else.
  10. You type studded rubber matting and put it under a water bath with temperature of approximately 35 degrees. Walk 10 minutes at the most.

The curvature of prevention to stop

When correctly installed plays a big role in the stop, barefoot. You and hiking in the hot summer months, grass, sand, gravel, or gravel.

Sitting at home in front of the tv you roll on the ground a whole foot finger or any object, for example, is studded with a small ball.

hallux valgus prevention

Deformed feet that sometimes gives surprising results during the LFC helps to distribute and even non-surgical.

A similar exercise will be the effect, but already a few weeks, a few months later completely forget about it pain, leg and bone.

In addition, the valgus foot massage that will be very useful while teaching physical education. You experienced a foot massage in each bathroom is a busy expert or yourself.