Foot thumb hallux valgus treatment without surgery

Valgus deformation of foot (halus valgus) disease, affecting Nov-Dec system and the connective tissue surrounding the joint of the first foot foot. This pathological case is characterized as a slowly progressive. Before it appeared, the more effective the treatment will be hallux valgus foot thumb, the character, the physician, based on visual inspection, the patient's complaints and results received during X-ray studies.

foot thumb hallux valgus treatment

Treatment of hallux valgus foot deformity where and how

The first form taxpayer halus valgus conservatively (without surgery) can be treated, the basic aim to relieve symptoms and slow the progression of the pathology. Valgus foot deformation progresses gradually developed for many years, therefore, patients usually do not pay attention for the first stage characteristic symptoms of the disease.

Mostly to the doctor for treatment in the second or third period of time with visible bone at the base of the big toe bump, causing pain. In this case, only eliminate effuse bone tissue surgery (surgery) in a way. To prevent this, and treat the foot deformity finger to spend with conservative methods (without surgery) to a specialist timely.

Next at changing the normal position of the big toe joint an important topic identified and is selected from surgery (operating system) tactical therapy. What type of treatment will give the best result in this case, a profile after consultation with a doctor.

Taking the road to our clinic by the help of our experienced professionals during treatment of the first tactics you select any degrees hallux valgus foot foot.

With the method of operative treatment hallux valgus foot

Halus valgus operation are carried out with the strains I-IV degree. The surgeon determines the type of bulk data about the operation and the position of the thumb and the metatarsal bone between the first and second corners corresponding with the metatarsal bone.

Until recently, the only surgical treatment option in adults hallux valgus foot bone metatarsal bone fragments, bulging head sawed off or removed during the transaction, which stayed shad.

Modern surgical correction of hallux valgus thumb orthopedic patients in the clinics and to offer hundreds of options outside of the foot and a longer rehabilitation period effect of small Shad.

For example, osteotomy (artificial bone fracture or the deformation process troubleshooting to enhance the functionality) by removing the Insert and allows the joint to return to the lock position, the patient's persistent pain, walking and the development halus valgus warning late complications.

Halus valgus surgery made removal a hospital environment, a special compartment (trauma, surgery, or Orthopedics). From time to time about treatment surgery foot deformities, crutches and a walking plaster bandage to the patient for the pleasure he had in the past.

Loading the application technician provides innovative surgical correction of foot immediately after surgery, evenly distributing the load by orthotic.

Valgus deformation of the thumb: treatment without surgery

In Solution, feasibility profile halus valgus conservative treatment you have to take doctor — podiatry, podolog (busy, stop treatment or Orthopedics, justified such tactics only because it's a normal situation scroll to small inaccuracies in the joint.

In the early stages of basic therapeutic aspect:

  • withdrawal discomfort in legs when walking or finding displayed for a long time;
  • crooked thumb stop location fix;
  • achieve optimal weight-defined age and sex of the patient accordingly;
  • decreased physical load on damaged joints.

Basically, any problem a multifaceted treatment plan halus valgus, clubfoot shoe suitable for a wide enough a selection and not a limitation of the patient.

Walking load is properly distributed, recommended daily, wearing various orthotic designs: individually selected insoles, arch support, roll, set it between his fingers. The patient using these devices, not just get rid of the pain, but set visually deformed foot.

treatment thumb-hallux valgus and foot exercises

Conservative treatment methods in hallux valgus, foot, adult

Warning the pathology of the foot hallux valgus with targets in the development of therapeutic treatment removing pain syndrome in young patients and, in old age the extent of any deformation.

The basic measurement causes:

  • to reduce the weight of the stepped pressure normalization;
  • load optimization is a long hiking and a static condition;
  • selection of orthopedic shoes and insoles to reduce pressure on the metatarsophalangeal joint of the right thumb application;
  • use custom orthopedic audiocassette between the first ear and the other toes, the foot to prevent the deviation of the thumb.

Adults to show a good result in finger treatment valgus foot trimmers, worn out night. According to the axis of the finger lock foot securely, and the discomfort they cause. Recommended hours of sleep also to fix on Special the arch of the foot donning gum-SAP.

Foot pain as severe as possible?

Strong pain in the field of bone accumulation, edema and symptoms of an inflammatory process uses warming and anti-inflammatory ointment. It has a good effect and circular massage service providing bone ("blow") with a piece of ice. Help relieve pain syndrome intro-articular and articular circumference of the needle and when hydrocortisone. This treatment foot finger deformity from the foot of the courses they are doing. Medication as it is recommended that you purchase ibuprofen nimesuli.

Halus valgus or ozokerit parafinoterapia courses assigned during remission, magnetic therapy, UHF, electrophoresis with anti-inflammatory drugs.

Massage and gymnastics in the treatment of foot deformities

Halus valgus conservative treatment methods in action – gymnastics and massage, courses organized. Foot massage movements help loosen the muscles. In this case, effective friction is performed and joints kneading, tapping, circular movements thrust the fingers of more than one diversion, and set them aside. Nov to relax massaging lumbar spine, thigh, and knee joints.

Duztabanlik of gymnastics is aimed at the removal, restoration and retrofitting, Nov-fiber apparatus. Log required to perform a series of special exercises: they improve circulation and reduce unpleasant symptoms findings that contribute to hallux valgus foot.

Valgus foot deformities observed today, not only for people of mature age, but it is also possible, children and adolescents. Conservative treatment in time helps to avoid later problems, therefore, characteristic symptoms emerged halus valgus, do not delay a visit to the doctor. Experts, the most appropriate course for you to take conservative treatment clinics deformation of the thumb.