Hallux valgus (valgus deformation)

Hallux valgus ("bump in the big toe", "leg bone") – this representing the deformation of the foot the curvature of the thumb outward. This deformation common of the adult population to 25%. The curvature can be determined, and children, in this case, the carry innate character. Hallux valgus in women is often detected. The fair sex the curvature of the bone observed ten times more frequently than men. The reason for this female apparatus the fiber is weaker, exacerbated the situation uncomfortable wearing a narrow shoe. To detect pathology of all age groups.

Leg bone

The curvature of the thumb is increased, the angle between the first and second metatarsal bones, really. Therefore, misalignments in the first bone, a finger, a kept Nov, outward motion. Creates a bulge in the head (usually called "bone" or "shooting"), are inflamed and turning red shoe the head with continuous interactions, the sensitivity increases. Could be causing this < weird vesicle inflammation of joint inflammation of the mucosa bag.

The causes, development, hallux valgus

There are a few main reasons the big toe deformed.

  • The first group is so called due to the mechanics of bond failure, that is, it is happening, a long-term violation of the first bone that is associated with the biomechanics of a thumb. A cross that could be causing this-the flat foot, varicose veins, extreme mobility, joints, extreme extensibility bond.
  • Among the second group of reasons, congenital foot deformities, trauma, and certain neurological diseases (e.g., polio).
  • The third group – hereditary predisposition to disease. Such a deformation there are usually close relatives (mom, aunt, grandmother).

Other factors – the boat uncomfortable shoes (narrow, short, or close to it), wearing high heels – secondary. They just contribute to the development of deformation, if you have a predisposition.


The main symptoms of thumb deformity:

  1. The sealing area of the first foot.
  2. Pain with varying degrees of field curvature. The inconvenience may cause pain of different character and strength, perhaps sudden and burning. The pain then intensified and uncomfortable shoes or standing for long periods. They disturbed sick at night. During resting, the pain disappears. The size of deformation, associated with severe pain every time, but if the head slipped in, to a large extent, the symptoms and the pain intensified.
  3. Obvious deformity, foot – bone slipped head first, the thumb has shifted outward himself.
  4. Redness, swelling of soft tissue and a great foot in the field.
  5. In existence a large callus in place of constriction, soft tissue a "coup".

Sometimes an X-ray to find subluxations disposition the first foot joint, foot. Other deformities periodically goes hallux valgus (flat feet, and claw foot).

The causes, development, hallux valgus


The doctor diagnosis of the disease is done. Initially, the doctor listens to the complaints, patient, settings, search with a load of problems, at the foot of the deformation of inheritance. Then the doctor throws the big toe joint stop joint research review disposition produces 1 radiological examination. More detailed research can be assigned to radiography 2. and 3. joint foot.

Diagnosis based on the symptoms of exposure and X-ray data. Then, diagnosing, prescribing doctor treat the patient. In some cases, a doctor may prescribe, and the last magnetic resonance imaging of the foot.


Two quantities expressed in degrees of hallux valgus: angle of deviation the angle between the metatarsal bone and the metatarsal bone 1 and 2, the thumb 1. Depending on the severity of hallux valgus in three conspicuous these indicators are the disease.

  • 1 degree angle between first and second metatarsal bones of at least 12 degrees, declination of thumb is no less than 25 degrees.
  • The degree of risk that is characterized by an angle between 2 the deviation from the deviation angle of the metatarsal bones of the foot of the first leg less than 18 degrees more than 25 degrees.
  • 3. degree (Final) the deviation angle is determined between the metatarsal bones 18 degrees declination, the first finger – more than 35 degrees.

Conservative treatment

You cannot remove finger operated without deformation. However, a small curvature may have to live like it . Only the first phase of a patient, diseases, doctors, prescriptions conservative treatment method. Elderly patients regardless of the degree of foot deformities and you also people prescription.

Conservative treatment includes:

  • fixes the interaction between custom orthopedic shoes wearing a pain "shooting" and price shoes
  • wearing the Inter-digital gasket
  • correction lifestyle, weight normalization and regular physical activity
  • use arch support (insoles) set-arched feet.

Aside from the procedures and is used in drug therapy. Drugs target pain syndrome removal. Often, drugs from the group of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs relieve pain and inflammation. Strong ground deformation lubrication is recommended for pain, anti-inflammatory ointment. The passage doctors prescription patients physical therapy procedures: magnetic therapy, phonophoresis, paraffin inductothermy.

Show inefficiency in a few cases conservative treatment course, the doctor's prescriptions surgical intervention.

Operative treatment

All surgical procedures are divided into three groups:

  • intervention,soft tissue,
  • undergo bone,
  • intervention bone and soft tissues at the same time.

Undergo in soft tissues is regarded as the most effective, only first-degree strain. During surgery, the doctor cuts the tendon in the left thumb Nov Silver. During the popping operation-at this point the tendon moves. This intervention can be done with the operation, cleaned in this way, the first bag accumulation and disposition in the subcutaneous bone joint.

Hallux valgus of the patient to determine if the second or third degrees, in this case, produce surgery, bone surgery, bone and tissues. Maybe the double osteotomy brace application. In this case, the doctor removes a small V-shaped piece of the distal portion of the first metatarsal.

Saw a craft osteotomy is performed (z-shaped incision (cut) all through the big toe metatarsal bone. Then the parts in the shifting of debris, is secured with a screw.

The surgical operation is performed on a trauma and orthopedic offices. In the postoperative period ongoing for about 6 weeks. Orthez may be ill during this time only special loading of the foot. You need to avoid the patient from excessive, often at a high level to keep the foot body.

After removing it the orthosis to the patient it is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes (without spikes and wide), the course to perform special gymnastic exercises, self-massage, a foot using a tennis ball.

Which doctor

Thumb you should see a doctor during deformation. If it determines that the degree of the disease, prescription, treatment is necessary. Help you Orthopedics, trauma and orthopaedic specialist or surgeon. You may want to consult a therapist and endocrinologist in parallel.

Qualified medical treatment will help you eliminate defects, its cause and back foot.