Hallux valgus treatment: minimally invasive surgery

Then, like the others, the dental branch of the patient, a clinic that is known to us in Freiburg, pain, illness, hallux valgus (valgus deformation) of the inner finger bone spurs in the foot during the beginning 1 ("bone" or "bump").

Each expert in the clinic treatment for orthopedic foot deformities with the help of 1 Extra gentle treatment you can keep your finger without the complications of minimally invasive surgery the front portion of the foot. This fact greatly speeds up the recovery and rehabilitation period, great attention both German and foreign patients.

valgus deformation of the foot

Treatment of hallux valgus, the orthopedic clinic for cosmetic quick recovery for each patient to improve both mobility tour on foot.

Foot hallux valgus treatment

The purpose surgical treatment of hallux valgus, moving back, stress is a form of cosmetic gifted with beautiful feet.

In this article, you purpose hallux valgus surgery, which is realistic.

Note, then, means more severe hallux valgus, are more difficult to treat. Therefore, if painful, unpleasant to say about disease advance disease specialist protective methods suggest a fix.

Meaning what is hallux valgus?

Valgus deformity (the curve of the foot) - this is 1 of the most common diseases finger, toe. This pathology of the degradation of the cross-belt 1 on the bottom of the foot finger. 1. the outer edge of the foot from the floor is visibly rejected finger and small fingers. These diseases 1. joint prone to overload, can cause, but this is a long and painful joint (hallux rigidus).

Illness develops when the bone protrudes through the skin 1. the joints may become inflamed and painful, "bump" or "bone" intervention begins walking. Hallux valgus treatment for the pain can be done using different conservative methods. By clicking on this link, you will get the necessary information According to the topic, "diagnosis and conservative treatment of hallux valgus ".

Indications for surgery: in what circumstances is surgical treatment is made what is hallux valgus?

Many patients ' shoes when it is lowered to clear the choice, problem, hallux valgus, first of all, a cosmetic problem is a character. Usually, the foot just for some reason a bad view in the treatment of hallux valgus can be made. In spite of this, treatment planning and during the meeting our specialists offering plastic foot, hallux valgus, give a great value and cosmetic outcome.

Operative treatment hallux valgus disease should flow to pass without pain. In the same way, would we the people how to take care of the full treatment hallux valgus, impossible, with the help of spare shoes, custom orthotic devices an application and even stop for gymnastics oriented. Orthopedic insoles, of course, the incentive to alleviate pain, however, of itself determine whether they can deformation.

Offered for medical reasons surgical treatment of hallux valgus when the patient feels the pain on feet and able to move around are not the same.

If conservative treatment hallux valgus would fail to experts, the operation of the plan starts. About 6 months after surgery and conservative treatment.

Conservative treatment and prevention of hallux valgus a problem with pain, disease progression. Definitive treatment conservative methods are possible by using 1 finger foot hallux valgus the growing skeleton, i.e., if the patient is younger, the body grows and develops.

Hallux valgus operation plan is definitely separately compiled

Valgus deformation always passes with several painful operations. So, this skin changes observed in patients 1 finger hallux valgus or inflamed mucous bags (bursitis). Crooked finger from the small neighboring toes as a result of excessive exposure. The first operation plan, our clinical experts will determine the degree of improvement to do and the correct diagnosis of the disease. Your attention is standard procedure in hallux valgus are presented in detail below. Also, note that for this disease the patient's to surgery the first thing we need to understand the direction of individual situation and assess the degree of hallux valgus.

Only qualified experts with long experience to spend on surgical treatment of hallux valgus. The surgeon discusses all the details and features of the upcoming intervention, and the patient's pre.

All the possibilities, only time and conservative treatment of plant diseases, Orthopedics, hallux valgus corrective execute many operations in Germany, 1 finger, toe. Long and painful joint, such as osteoarthritis hallux valgus disposition between Features 1 results.

Patient surgical treatments to prevent?

Uncomfortable shoes time Custom, the space required for forming the foot without surgery and regular treatment can prevent the development of the disease. Therefore, after the emergence of bone spurs, foot, consult a specialist immediately.

Whatever brings hallux valgus conservative treatment the desired results?

1 disposition of inactivity due increasing joint damage to the joints adjacent to the fingers and toes becoming more difficult for the surgical treatment of hallux valgus.

Long-term follow-up damage, the foot, for example, hallux rigidus (osteoarthritis of the joint disposition 1) intensive and causes pain.

After surgical correction, the patient feels pain in the joints of the joints of each first disposition previous and now glad to walk normally. Likewise, the very satisfied patients, good aesthetic is the result of a process.

The purpose surgical treatment of hallux valgus: Beautiful foot without pain

Over 1 straightening hallux valgus surgical treatment of finger osteoarthritis joint, affected in the early stages of the first recording means and disposition. Therefore, effective long-term fix, the incorrect Terms 1 finger, toe. Only able to restore his old form to win a foot when a natural walking: walking is a healthy step, "roll" smoothly and slowly heel socks, foot deformities incase - broken disposition biomechanical joint 1. The process highlighted foot to meet the toes, as a result, hallux valgus overload them out of the way in time.

The main task is an operational treatment of this pathology be done, excision, drops, dew point: any disposition the first joint edge joints, foot bones and soft tissue as well as removal and matching the purpose of reducing pain and recovery internal rotation (pronation) and the previous joint configuration.

The main task is an operational treatment of this pathology be done, excision, drops, dew point: any disposition the first joint edge joints, foot bones and soft tissue as well as removal and matching the purpose of reducing pain and recovery internal rotation (pronation) and the previous joint configuration.

Contraindications, operative treatment of hallux valgus and other problems


A remedy for sure, after the surgery, a good blood circulation is very important and the front section of the foot. Stop - this is the most distant heart the movements of the body. Very thin soft tissue of the foot comprise the load, however, the mechanical load is too large. Therefore, all the terms have a negative effect and slow down the process of restoring blood circulation, foot after surgery. The following diseases may occur in the front section of the foot of an obstacle and the process is successful:

  • Corruption atherosclerosis, peripheral arterial;
  • The first stage, diabetic foot and polyneuropathy (systemic lesions of peripheral nerves due to diabetes);
  • Polyneuropathy(a nerve condition related to diabetes).

The disposition of joint operation

Clinic experts trying to spend less offset at least one bone and wound with surgical treatment of this disease. The purpose of hallux valgus surgical correction with the help of just on the soft tissue. So far, this, unfortunately, it's not really possible: special screws for fixing of bone implants and modern surgical that uses.

Minimally invasive surgical treatment this far "distance": During this intervention 1. finger, foot shift, starting with joint 1 joint disposition ("distal"). Our experts when you spend this treatment, the lung or the middle of the foot strains the results degrees.

Portable titanium screws in hallux valgus operative treatment with the best practices usually requires re-intervention for its removal. Titanium screws, usually does not need to be removed. Any discomfort you feel sick after this surgery.

Slight or moderate valgus deformity of the foot doctors for patients this treatment. This operation provides a good cosmetic result with half, at least.

Minimally invasive hallux valgus surgery how goes what?

During surgery, the surgeon makes two small incisions on either side of the thumb. Soft tissue is almost unaffected because of the process for minor injuries, therefore, shortened and sewing percent complications the healing process is significantly reduced. In this case, open surgery the foot hallux valgus, the situation looks quite different different.

The position of the right deviation this disease with minimally invasive surgical treatment of the foot bones with the help of a small surgical instrument, similar foreign equipment. In the next stage, short of surgery with a small incision joint capsule opens and expands to create the space necessary to allow normal alignment of the finger 1, toe.

Compared with other minimally invasive methods, there are several benefits to release the lateral soft tissue damage to a minimum of lowered. The lateral description of the hotel is more adult sick mobile as soon as possible. In addition, due to the minimum load soft tissue, post-cooperative edema of the feet is lower then other surgical interventions.

What happens after the surgery what is hallux valgus?

  • Surgical treatment, such as soft tissue damage that causes small: after a short period of time, patients, physical stamina recovers.
  • Immediately recovers from surgery joint mobility.
  • Using custom orthopedic shoes for correction of the forefoot portion of the foot step a patient needs to be immediately and fully install it.
  • With the material used during the completion of the osteotomy is often eliminated. In most cases, means any adverse effect. If you still feel sick, uncomfortable, standing order titanium screws are removed.