Valgus deformation of the sticks

Valgus deformity of the tibia is characterized by an X-shaped form of the foot as a result, a fiber attenuation apparatus Nov. Why might breach the pathology in the spinal column, internal organs and systems failures.

valgus deformity of the tibia

Hallux valgus development properties

Valgus deformity of the tibia in children may be congenital and acquired pathology. Fundamental changes visually noticeable deviation overextension of the knee joint the child the feet and the heels outward.

Curvature in the feet and legs of the main reasons children:

  • Genetic feature;
  • Sticks anomaly;
  • Corruption, bone and cartilage tissue;
  • Useful items wrong the absorption;
  • Inflammatory or infectious processes;
  • Severe extremity injury;
  • Transported rickets in childhood;
  • Excessive body weight.

In such cases, the curvature of the bow is capable of more depth small the congenital deformities in children. Then, the resulting knee joint and the pelvis of a pathological process.

The existence of deformity in the knee, the space between the inner sides 5,5 CM stop. A congenital anomaly is diagnosed in children with a rare, mostly wrong about intrauterine development, the femoral neck, foot and lower leg.

Common cause hallux valgus, and lower extremity – natural instinct, forcing the foot down in an effort to save balance. An 8-10 year old child that is not able Vita The Life of this non-deviation.

The disease occurs in childhood, the higher the load, the foot, for a walk on my port early, accelerated the process walks in a child who inherited weakness and underdevelopment bond.

Symptoms of illness

Hallux valgus of the tibia in children the representation, not just a cosmetic flaw, but it and significantly reduce quality of life. As the disease progresses, the person a difficult move, walk, incompetent, a status accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Constantly aching feeling in your legs;
  • Disorder, blood circulation, skin bruising, the appearance of varicose;
  • Fatigue while driving;
  • Swelling in the area of the calf muscles;
  • Mixing to the foot during walking.
valgus deformation of the leg treatment

Wrong load of the joint in children slowly is destroyed. Receive timely treatment if relieving of the disease, the patient loses don't move.

Valgus deformation that looks like a bat, photo, X-shaped curvature is not always possible to reduce knelt down. The distance between the inner extremities of the axis the observed apparent offset of 5 cm is the continuation ankles

Violated to the extent

In the first stage, the disease does not exceed 10-15 degrees outward deviation of the tibia, the second about 15-20 degrees at the most. Diagnosed with severe curvature deviation more than 20 degrees.

Pathology treatment

Then examination, an orthopedic specialist, meeting the X-rays accesses two bats is a disease that is diagnosed. You may need to ultrasonic inspection to determine the cause of the deformation, delivery, blood test, control work, kidney.

Hallux valgus of the tibia treatment principles in children and adults:

  • To resolve the painful symptoms of orthopedic corrigendum stacking assigned events are used for fixing, tyres, orthopedic shoes. The heel was important, elastic and durable, 5 mm under the heel, broad-nosed, elected separately a base;
  • Strengthen the joints and stability necessary for therapeutic massage corset Nov child – at least 20 sessions, once a month, the damaged area being exposed to violence increases gradually, the technology used, stroking, friction, time, vibration, tapping, consolidation pizzicato movements;
  • The effect of physiotherapy – electrical stimulation of the plantar muscles, improves blood circulation, physiological position of the foot while driving is supported;
  • Gym – the amount and regularity of exercise, the doctor is installed to perform them. Hallux valgus is a foot and ankle joint flexion and extension rotation of the lower leg applied to the children of the toes of the feet and tail capture and sequestration of small items, squat side squat walk of the spring foot.

When working in a situation, when conservative methods fail to correct pathology, if the assigned operation – osteotomy. Part will be deleted as a result of the procedure, the thighs, the rest is processed. Then, the compression-distraction nail: Elizarov installed device the angle between the right to create the bones of feet and lower leg.

Refrigeration for 2-3 days after surgery and analgesia of the leg, held running and walking with a walker and then a crutch custom is assigned to the patient.

Complications operation occurs rarely, bleeding may be due to cuts, blood vessels, participation of secondary infection, severe pain, and walking.

It is possible to get a great result in the same process, although again the development of the disease – in the absence of preventive measures, and carry out, the overload of the lower extremity.

Surgery usually applied in childhood and adolescence, he shows the most, the elderly, the curvature of the pipe accompanied by inflammatory processes of the time, plenty of swelling, coordination disorder, movement.


Hallux valgus tibia arise can't be avoided? It is important that the child physiologically correct feed for the toddler to his feet, flourished trace elements beneficial diet, also vitamin D, to prevent the development of rickets.

The first step is to buy a good quality baby shoe, to prevent overload of the femur and tibia to the age of 7 months. Useful do on a regular basis, a relaxing massage of the legs, glass bathroom with the addition of heat to extract juice from medicinal plants.

Positive effects to install the foot:

valgus deformation of the leg exercises
  • Swimming;
  • Cycling;
  • Skiing, skateboarding;
  • A football game;
  • Climbing the ladder of Sweden, in the wall.

Useful in hot weather, barefoot grass, gravel, sand, dirt road. Avoid is important to dress warmly and to stay dry or overheating extremity so as not to aggravate the disease course.

The slightest sign of curvature, it is important that you seek the help of a doctor – Self lead to disability and death (the development of thrombophlebitis, curvature of the spine, corruption, internal systems and organs).

Timely treatment of hallux valgus lower extremity operations eliminates and prevents fatigue, foot injuries, problems Nov-skeletal system.