A number of exercises for hallux valgus during a stop child

During exercise of the foot hallux valgus effective method in children, missing data recovery, and a successful struggle with The Shape of the right foot is a disease. In the treatment of valgus motion during exercise in patients with how small the person? Exactly which exercises are most effective and efficient?

valgus deformation

Disease short description

Stopping feet Valgus deformation representation of the area, which has denied the outer side of the heel and toe. In this case, the internal structure and wears the curvature the arch of the foot is significantly reduced. Children, valgus deformity of foot pain, tired quickly in the process of walking, uneven walking, their lower extremities X-shaped. Additionally, children, pain, particularly prone to this pathology, the development of flat feet, arthritis, arthrosis, joint deformities of all kinds.

According to experts, the foot a little sick, may be deformed, and as a result of the weakening of the ligament Nov traumatic injuries, rickets, polio and other adverse external factors.

In addition, the character may be wearing and innate valgus deformation, in which the baby suffer more if the foot during fetal development, usually associated with the gate complex pregnancy.

However, regardless of the cause valgus deformation stop, you need to fight with you guys. In most cases, such techniques for the purposes of a doctor's advice, massage and on-site physical therapy, exercise therapy.

What are the benefits of medical Gymnastics valgus a person?

Specially designed exercise is an integral part of a comprehensive treatment valgus setup during stop, data combat the disease.

Especially effective in the treatment of therapeutic exercise in patients with valgus exactly small. The reason for this is of bone, cartilage and joint tissue of the child's different softness, elasticity and very good payer fix. Of course, an organized and systematic approach to achieve positive results pursuits.

Of course, it will be smaller and more easily available to correct the deformation of the patient.

A course of treatment, physical and gymnastic exercises when you are doing a languages allows you to achieve the results of treatment of hallux valgus:

  • the problem pain;
  • the severity of withdrawal and the feelings of discomfort in a region of localized, lower extremity;
  • hiking fix;
  • the warning further progress to a pathological process;
  • duztabanlik valgus prevention and other characteristic developmental complications;
  • strengthening ligaments and Nov groups;
  • correction, anatomical correctness, and giving him The Shape of the foot;
  • the processes of normalization, circulation, Nov tissue structures;
  • problem.

For maximum effect, experts to participate in exercise in the treatment of a child with parents Cabinet at least twice a week, busy with the house for a child you need every day. In this case, positive results you don't have to wait for a long time and wear them to gymnastics and a determined character.


Basic complex exercises recommended

While doing gymnastics, foot hallux valgus is primarily aimed at strengthening groups Nov. Especially recommended for young patients the following are simple but very effective workout:

  1. Alternately the boat heels, foot (a particularly effective deformation of the thumb).
  2. Draw a chalk line straight and offer the child a few times and go through it (you can use the old for the kids, and "an imaginary line).
  3. Allows flexion and extension.
  4. Squats.
  5. The foot of the slope. This smooth for the foot to be a little patient.
  6. The foot so that the boat is external. This should be the foot to do a little something.
  7. Another foot stroking a foot of the surface.

The exercise presented above is basic, basic, complicated, every day should be done by focusing on each exercise for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Like a gym that is applicable to not only a treatment but as a preventive measure (especially to prevent the development of flat feet).

More exercise

When doing the following complex gymnastic exercises in hallux valgus, the wait is a little more complicated, however, and help parents to deal with them even the smallest patient:

  1. Have your child sit cross-legged. Hold hands. The next child, slowly, go down and exit the place. Then a few accesses your foot when you need to repeat the exercise changing the underlying.
  2. Oner withstand back and hands baby to sleep with paul. Add a small ball to stop between the child and ask him to throw a toy using her foot. Usually kids love this game.
  3. I put it down, a handkerchief, and ask the child to collect him using the toes alone.
  4. Oner the child lie down, on how to perform the movements back and leg riding a bike. The required amount of trial — 10, and 15.
  5. Portray a little patient to ask, "fan", the most widely spread fingers, this little toes. Repeat the exercise about 10 times.
  6. Seat, baby seat, ball and roll toy for a kid, ask him to put a little rubber foot under the feet. Optimal exercise duration is 5 minutes.
  7. The kid can play but the applause is not only oner, the palms and the feet.
  8. A child along and ask him to reduce it to the foot of the plant. Repeat 10 to 15 times.
  9. Put a large stick on the floor and ask a child standing recumbo stick to it. Days proposed this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes.
  10. Your child will lie on your back, flex ankle and foot alternately forward extrusion in their field. You need to do 10 reps on each leg.

Experts to perform these exercises twice during the day, and the desire to achieve the therapeutic effect patient a little massage to make it stop.


A walk about the use of Health

Valgus deformation is an important issue in the fight against children stop sports hiking. Also, the Walk is recommended for children fluffy, uneven surfaces. For this purpose, you need to buy a special cushion for mom sick little mat. However, to cope with the task and their power is only concurrent large fabric buttons.

Work in the summer to a child, walked barefoot on the grass as much as possible, pesochek or gravel. You relax, the sea, a total of more gravel, they will be beneficial to a kid to do that more hot foot baths with the effect of stimulation.

In the winter, just sprinkle a circle on the floor or peas, grits, and offer children to run. This is the maximum sensitivity which improves all groups contribution Nov the feet to strengthen the foot, in addition to remedial physical training will help productivity greatly speed up the recovery process.

The required to do gymnastics

The main rule in medical Gymnastics — is this on the basis of regular and systematic exercise. However, sometimes we need a small child to explain the lesson is very difficult. Therefore the process to try to lure a little sick slide lessons, therapeutic exercise in a fun way. Mimics many other children, mother and father, therefore, much more the busy mom or dad along with baby, exercise them again.

We do try course, maximum diversity, varying, it is important to exercise a little patient I'm not sick. Boy, if you will be really tired then stop and continue her the appropriate exercise.

Additional suggestions

Although high-performance performance indicators and remedial gymnastics, exercise alone may be insufficient to stop a complete victory for child's valgus deformation, especially if the disease is running a heavy scene. Will help to speed up the healing process, perform the following very simple suggestions:

  1. Kid Mac, high quality, comfortable shoes with orthopedic insoles.
  2. Boy do hot foot baths with the addition of pine needles or sea salt. Such tension contributes to therapeutic treatments in the area of your foot muscles groups and Nov.
  3. Combine on-site massage and therapeutic exercise, it is advised to make a stop regularly.
  4. Accounting exercises, consult with a specialist in this topic.
  5. A good many water sport swimming as a sport and exercise within the body to give the effect of the Swedish wall.
exercise results

When it comes to disease prevention, pregnancy planning and prevent the development of hallux valgus of the foot along a child specialist, there will be a waiting period authorized regular visits. Also, not recommended to put it to begin with, the foot of the baby, not yet reached an age of eight months. Weight tracking and Child Development: inadequate weight and this extra body weight factors advocating for basic development of hallux valgus.

When you expect positive results?

Systematic approach, classes, physical therapy, exercise therapy, and simple a fit of experts for recommendations, the first results are already noticeable then a course of weeks. Easier for children to walk, you are eliminated and pain and discomfort. Because it's hard to determine the duration of treatment depends on the pathological process and the individual this stage is a baby.

The most noticeable results for a person returns a year later to stop therapeutic exercises valgus, regular, systematic training.

Physical therapy people during valgus in children — a proven, effective method that enables the development process and resolve the symptoms of pathological deformation are suspended. To combine to achieve extremely positive results with wearing shoes is recommended for therapeutic massage and orthopedic Gymnastics.