Bunion: symptoms, treatment, and PR aspects

Bunion applies to a fairly common disease. This occurs because the curvature of the hallux valgus is observed that a certain characteristic and usually due to genetic predisposition, but sometimes the result professional activity (ballerina, vendors, hairdressers, etc.). The wrong diagnosis can cause a form of acute and late treatment of chronic, largely because of the patient's condition will improve. In this case not only helps operating the lights, need to know how to intervene and prevent the causes, symptoms and prevention of this disease.

The causes of the disease

Numerous factors associated with the development of bursitis. Literally everything in the same process, but they affect the big toe joint and as a result, a protective response occurs from the effects of mechanical (fluid) cause the inflammation process, i.e. bursitis. The different types that can have a traumatic effect:

  • transverse or longitudinal flat foot (one of the big reasons);
  • deformity, the birth of the foot or finger;
  • congenital disorder or weakness, Joint, the big toe;
  • flat feet;
  • joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis);
  • wearing uncomfortable, tight, firm and pointy shoes.
The pursuit of thumb

The reason the fluid in the joint:

  • the injury of the big toe joint;
  • obesity;
  • cracks, fractures and grew up, for a long time;
  • calcium deficiency or excess;
  • shoes the solid material;
  • allergic reactions due to changes in climate, the body region;
  • autoimmune diseases (affecting the joints, Main to pass the time diagnosis prevention);
  • the thumb in the area of infection;
  • body poisoning;
  • the disease led to the destruction of joint tissue (psoriasis, tuberculosis, reactive arthritis).

Inflamed Joint the thumb joint capsule bursitis gradual growth in the cavity fluid (exudates), which later may appear pus. Pathology is a disorder of deception is that people notice right away, such as the pain of living in the later stages.

Disease classification

Their pursuit of flow is divided into:

  • sharp;
  • subacute;
  • chronic;
  • it's repetitive.
The classification of disease pursuit thumb

Experts also epidemic disease stages: beginning, intermediate, and heavy. That depends to some extent curvature, and pain the nature and size of bumps.

1 thumb and Curvature stages

Subject to availability and inflammation, joint pouch is divided into:

  • nonspecific — as a result of injuries;
  • custom — hitting complicated infection (tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhoea, syphilis, etc.).

Depending on the nature exudates can be produced:

  • purulent;
  • serous;
  • hemorrhagic (a pollution exodo erythrocytes);
  • purulent hemorrhagic.

Symptoms and diagnosis

To distinguish between the early and late symptoms. Early include the following:

  • the change in shape of the big toe joint;
  • the sensation of pain, prolonged walking, a foot and lower leg;
  • the Anatolian shoe is uncomfortable, small;
  • Joni occurs in a region on the thumb, and the inconvenience of bringing corn;
  • increased body temperature;
  • foot swelling;
  • drowsiness and fatigue;
  • nausea;
  • by reducing the mobility of the joint;
  • lesions on the skin redness in the area.

Thumb bursitis is a visible increase in the dimensions characteristic for common area, round and inflatable, elastic consistency (sizes may reach 8-9 cm).

These late symptoms include:

  • development of purulent bursitis;
  • constant pain at rest and while walking a small distance;
  • change in the form of joint — deviation thumb out. This violation of walking depreciation osteoarthritis, bursitis becomes chronic;
  • "bone" on the finger;
  • stop wins, broad form;
  • the arch of the foot deformed;
  • base visible, corns and calluses.

Held in the diagnosis of disease based on visual inspection and collection of patient's medical history. So, in the first stage, the curvature of the angle joint 20 degrees. With the advent of painkiller a short 20-30 second (e.g., long-term walking), then you don't need to look for switches. The third stage is characterized by the inability of familiar with wearing a shoe. The big toe joint is rejected by 30-50 degrees. A finger movement that manifests itself during the fourth stage, severe pain and a strong displacement of up to 50 degrees. In addition, containing the diagnosis, blood tests, X-rays, joint puncture.

Diagnosis and may be your own. Only necessary to spend a little test: crouch, squat, and the switch in this position a few meters away. The presence of this cue, resulting in pain and disease.


Attracting people, illness, necessary the right shoes. Orthopedic insoles-shoes are much more comfortable and painless throughout the selected супинатор of the nose and loose walk. Shoes must be flat on the platform selected. Intensity physical activity and reduce the number of feet of the proposed installation. Regularly to reduce leg edema improvement day.

Assigned to medication and surgical treatment only a doctor, after consulting with a doctor. On top surgery, the patient's prescription and физиолечение plaster bandage.

Specific orthopedic insoles recommended in the initial phase, collected, supinatoro, inserts, rubber, rings, dilator. That carries a special shoe. Assigned Executive, medical massage, and salt baths with iodine to stop. All of these actions are an intended fix, joint, and foot deformities correction. However, to appoint only the doctor-orthopedist as the wrong treatments can only make the situation worse.

Усугублении or medication ineffectiveness the patient's condition can be assigned and physiotherapy. In the first case, the input recommended hydrocortisone (hormonal medication) the area of inflamed joints. In the latter case, a common procedure to LFC, acupuncture, wraps, hirudotherapy, mud. These methods have a common area for the swelling to resolve, improve blood circulation and normal tonus Nov, foot.

Treatment thumb

All the above methods are effective and can be used as prevention only in the initial stages of the disease.

During surgical intervention, thumb bursitis is a fairly common treatment. Deformation joint is used significantly, and often her inflammations. The most common procedures are as follows:

  • osteotomy;
  • exoskeleton;
  • arthrodesis;
  • fix the cross vault;
  • arthroplasty;
  • resection arthroplasty.

After the surgery, the recovery period is extremely long lasting. After 2 weeks back in everyday life should be considered bed rest, six months. Despite holding surgery still the value necessary to comply with preventive measures.

Fix the exception cross-foot belt. For now, the most painless way, with minimal side effects and maximum results in the bones of the back foot.

A very popular procedure in modern medicine, laser treatment. Technical, expensive, but it's very effective.

Increases, the deformation joint, a leg you have surgery is the only way to solve the problem.

Alternative Medicine

Folk remedies that you can use for early stage disease.

Recipe # 1

Straw трухи Bathroom: 4 a handful of pot to boil and after about 30 minutes, drizzle the juice obtained throughout the foot every 15 minutes, the temperature should not fall below 37 degrees.

Recipe # 2

Honey, vodka and aloe vera juice mix ratio 1:3:2, and a patient somewhere in that five minutes and are applied several times a day.

Recipe No. 3

Йодной 1 time per day tincture diseased area of infection.

Recipe no: 4

Obtained by boiling burdock root, St. John's wort and yarrow in equal proportions mixed with moistened gauze, then impose thumb foot.

Recipe no: 5

Evenly distribute the honey and vinegar and mix together the same amounts and must take, and marl. Then, the obtained foot compresses on the affected area. The procedure is recommended in the evening, leaving the gauze is applied over.


It is necessary to prevent disease:

  • avoid excessive physical activity;
  • execute in time after disinfecting, scrapes, scratches;
  • comfortable to wear orthopedic shoes;
  • diet;
  • a series of specific exercises to perform to strengthen the muscles of the foot;
  • разминать before you begin exercise, your joints and muscles;
  • to avoid high heels.

For most people, is not a sufficient reason for foot thumb bursitis, to the hospital for treatment. However, that cannot be ignored health. Let's use surgery as the treatment of a disease усугубиться and vehicle.