Bone big toe

Bone in big toe causes

The middle bone of the leg of the foot may be ahead of the changes that the structure remains almost unnoticed, yet it is obvious they get a cosmetic flaw on the outside. Orthopedic valgus deviation between the cause of why is called:

  • Transverse flat feet;
  • Curvature of the rear foot portion;
  • The metatarsus of the first and second deviation bone, the increased angle between;
  • Achilles contracture or reduction;
  • Enhanced sports and dance with a great power load of the foot;
  • Расшатанность metatarsus I-agme explicarte joint;
  • Stroke the foot of small muscles;
  • Inheritance.
Bone big toe

Work the foot when walking is disrupted. The basic premise is that the load displaced in the area allocated and metatarsus I-agme explicarte, joint subluxation occurs. Shift right metatarsus bone head, protrusion under the skin, starts to develop around him Nov-an accumulation of cartilage. So the "bone".

Torquent due to subluxation thumb begins – that is rejected, and on top of the other toes. You can buy a modified form scary stop without timely treatment, it is very difficult to fix.

Narrow and tight shoes and high heel of women, particularly encouraging the love of valgus deviation. While walking, The weight of the body to tolerate such a shoe is ten feet, the deformation path of metatarsus joint. Nucleus is observed in overhead athletes and the risk of ballet dancers feet. One risk factors, "bone" may be transferred to the foot and foot injury broke last get to work.

Symptoms of a "leg bone"

The first symptom of deviation with the thumb. So distinguished valgus deformity gout and other joint diseases. The violation remains for a longer period without treatment, the more the thumb is rejected; II and III on top of that feet.

Tuber occurs in forward – attribure metatarsus bones, under the skin. Calcium salts deposited around an ever increasing overhang of the head bone and begins to cause discomfort. Attends forward pain symptom bone pain, friction shoe, and then the rest. Aeque soluta est and deformation due metatarsus I-agme explicarte, joint inflammation develops in the surrounding tissue swells, more pain develops. Go to a local joint and redness in the area of purulent inflammation.

The affected foot flat, broken a patient can walk, stop, start walking to the inner side скашиваться. Foot looks visually gears and stop – abyssus torta. Weather and Meteo expert advice and treatment you need to refer to a modified joint of the foot is noticed.


Diagnosis "valgus deformity" you can put in Based on visual inspection and a story collection, but it's a flat projection radiography and lateral foot assigned to clarify. Subluxations in the photo becomes visible metatarsus I-agme explicarte, metatarsus valgus joint angle deviation is determined and a finger bone. In parallel with this, the differential diagnosis with program changes, joints, arthritis and артрозом; if you have medical conditions that accompany definitions.

4 distinguished during the development phase "bone" under the great toe:
  • 1. phase – angle deviation from the normal position of the thumb is less than 20°;
  • 2. the phase – offset angle between 20 and 30°;
  • 3. phase – 30 to 50°;
  • 4. phase – 50°.

Treatment to leg bone deformation

Diagnosis and treatment of hallux valgus and who's to stop the doctor-orthopedist. Time, the first symptoms that appear at an early stage, conservative treatment methods can offset. Simple therapeutic measures include:

  • wearing orthopedic insoles for flat feet help to eliminate;
  • work and rest correctly;
  • if the patient's occupation loads associated with foot, break or change the type of activity advice;
  • it is forbidden to wear women shoes heels (the heel should not be high 7 cm) shoes, сдавливающие foot.

Maybe special bandages and silicone interdigital target diferentes ear. His thumb returns the position of this fixture physiological and long-term wearing, deformation of the front brake more to stop.

Wearing orthopedic insoles can be extremely effective. Insoles are made individually to order for each patient. "T-bone" that supports the sole of the foot arcus firmamentum are created using a cross-vault foot. In this way, the load is properly distributed on the foot, walking to the side скашивается it's not stopping.

Increase the effectiveness of treatment in modern medicine developed several technologies, which were "bone". The curvature not to eliminate them, but the service in preparation for основательному more of a precaution or secondary can be treated.

Shock wave therapy – treatment hardware deviation valgus, Flatfoot, heel spurs. Reviving with acoustic shock waves occur in the tissues improves blood flow, food, dying, damaged cells restore and update.

As a result, collapsing calcium deposits in the area of "bone" – one of the forms of emerging therapy is significantly less than 5-6 weeks. Increases flexibility, Nov, and ligaments of the foot, expense, reduces pain and swelling, inflammation in the area of deformed joints.

Massage therapy relieving valgus during rejection, overvoltage small foot muscles. The course massage, joint, rolling back, physiological status, increase mobility, and eliminate extreme discomfort. Nervous when the metatarsus I-agme explicarte, joint massage is contraindicated!

Nominal tire life for a long time, the initial effect wore corrective orthopedic application, the difference is 1-2 months. rubber toe valgus pulls to move it into the correct position by turning. Raising the foot of the cross vault that also corrects. Tires are worn constantly, right, fire, during sleep. Foot mobility is saved.

During laser therapy, "T-bone" foot – warming with the help of this inflammatory phase, the laser. Thanks, no calcium deposits, reduces the heat effect, edema, painful sensations are drawn to. Tense muscles relax the foot back spasms.

Ultrasound therapy relaxes the muscles of the foot active the same effect of small runs in the veins and capillary blood flow and help to restore cells and tissues. In addition, ultrasound to encourage collagen tissue, therefore, improves elasticity, feet, muscles and ligaments are strengthened.

Some deviation occurs during physical therapy rehabilitation exercises for legs yoga gymnastics valgus, point feet on intensifying techniques, business Applicators, invigorating massage.

Also assigned is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs reduce inflammation and to relieve the pain in the affected joints. Warming a bit in some places anti-inflammatory ointments, creams and compresses, but all treatment must be performed under the supervision of a physician orthopaedic. To self-medicate "T-bone" leg it is not recommended.

Surgical treatment of deformity, leg bone

If adequate bone metatarsus has already shifted back to her normal position and to an extent unable to the treatment, proposed surgical intervention. Selects the type of operation the doctor who treated. This eye is in front of coexisting diseases, the patient's deviation to some extent, the finger from its normal location, the situation and the secondary foot deformities and feet.

There are 2 types of hallux valgus surgery: reconstructive surgery and mini-invasive surgery. Determine to make the process or not, it's very simple – if "bone" walk the obstacle and the friction shoes, can't do without intervention.

Before surgery, should undergo radiography of the foot that poll:
  • ECG,
  • clinical analysis of blood,
  • urinalysis,
  • biochemical analysis of blood,
  • blood group and RH factor,
  • blood tests, viral hepatitis, syphilis and HIV.
No special preparation process of a foot required.

Mini-invasive surgery

In such a surgery done with the degree of hallux valgus. Surgery without skin incision. The tools are entered through a few small holes for an unforgettable stay – microscale, special tools, and others. Under X-ray control metatarsus and phalangeal bones in the right places special Esperanto outgrowth removed, the joint in a physiological position back, the thumb and the foot goes to the floor. After surgery, no crashes – what external, nor internal plates and staple.

Reconstructive surgery

This kind of treatment is made 2. and more deformation stage. Osteotomy or his other name "excision, bone". The operation is less traumatic, but it happens a lot is the only way.

Osteotomy is done by steering clear of the skin and joint capsule. Deleted "bone", bone, metatarsus I with the disk crumena mensa special Esperanto. Variance with a statement bone more powerful, more difficult and volumetric serrations. Done interposition phalanx of the thumb. Then give them the bones, position them, and lock titanium mini screws from the inside.

Required retention after the surgery, bandages, crutches, and other devices is not required. Uninstall titanium screws are required. You need to keep the patient in the hospital 1-2 days. Allow them to walk, already in the first postoperative day. Within a few months of orthopedic shoes clothing recommended. Swelling lasts up to 3 months.

Possible outcomes "bone" big foot

The resulting growth you on foot, if left untreated, the breach only progress. Also with a cosmetic defect and issue selection coloring, the possible effects for the body.

LED damaged ankle joint deformed curvature side the other fingers, heel spurs may develop. Mower also foot walking path at the hip and knee joints. Leg, x-shaped, knee in Abraham. Torta pelvic abyssus and sloping, position the division is broken curvature of the spine, displaced vertebrae. All vertebrate nervous intervertebralis herniation and root compression driven this development.

Prevention "core"

To avoid pathology development frustrating and dangerous, must, first of all, feeding, their feet, and interest them enough to pay attention. You cannot wear a tight shoe to the foot squeezing. Preferably, buying shoes, wearing the elastic material to stretch. Women 5-7 cm above the heel to be worn while doing sports with a big load of your foot and toes should be selected Sports shoes with thickened base which gives good cushioning.

Useful walk barefoot in the summer – swivel physiological status and obstacles of the foot, flat feet. Useful for relieving fatigue in feet and exercise to improve blood circulation – sided, stocking, handling, weight lightly with the heel of the sock foot разминать – this strengthens the core and then prevents the small muscles offset.