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Ivana told us this story, Prahran. Girl shared, the kernel told him the problem and how I was able to get rid of it using socks on your feet Valgosocks.

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My grandmother is suffering for a very long time in the core of big foot, I remember it well and brought so much grief overriding her a curve. I knew genetically that can transmit disease, but my mother had a problem like this I have, and I looked about prevention in particular. I never touches me and that is a problem.

I started having problems like me, the pits on their feet

The problem is that the buds have feet, I started to post when I started, the main Manager is located in the heart of the best restaurants of the area. He was supposed to wear all the time and dress heeled shoes 10 cm heel height on this 10-hour day to execute the work you didn't have to sit in an upright position, or just break for lunch. Of course, very tired after the leg work, but I thought it was just a habit and it will soon pass. Somehow lessen the pain, did I use a sea salt bath and cooling gel.

I realized it was such a work of bone feet a month was quite a bit bigger, too, blushed. I just remembered, a blessed grandmother, in the manner of infusion sore spot. I asked What's wrong, mom and she gave me the recipe. Received and self medication. Unfortunately, this is a big craze because first of all, this method was helpful grandma and, secondly, a solution to a problem you didn't have to pull it and go to a specialist.

Bad here as my partner went on vacation, and I worked for 3 weeks before he left. During this time, the situation significantly deteriorated stop me, so it was twisted and there was finger pain, could not sleep that night only after dose of sleeping pills and painkillers. The shoes with the shoes already impossible, so I had to buy a few more colleagues to conclude in a manner that the sizes of shoes you can rotate and go to the hospital immediately.

How I was able to resolve the issues as носкам Valgosocks

Overall, in the last days just the hell of it: I tried all ointments, infusions and I did I read on the internet about the packages, but the result wasn't. Re-Mass the long-awaited appointment with a podiatrist I was going with this disease with information for the only surgical intervention with complete confidence that helps me. The doctor carefully looked over and said to me, no action, but definitely not me wear heels, at least for a while treatment. As treatment the doctor prescribed me to wear socks Valgosocks. The difference is, my insecurity of such a treatment, the expert assured, this is a very efficient tool, and many patients to get rid of the problem completely successful only корректору.

In general, I had to leave work because of a long vacation couldn't give it to me. I bought the socks Valgosocks and started to wear them. I didn't believe your eyes after a few weeks, the finger was really straight, the swelling disappeared, no longer in pain, he was such a strong and only after a long time, move in. Yourself more time to decide, no installation feet and the result was quick, already after 2 months wore socks regularly, and only then-heeled shoes. Anyway, I didn't need them for more months. I'm sorry, an audiocassette that wasn't there before – my grandma, that's helpful.

Now I wear comfortable shoes, orthopedic close the store and very high heels. Sometimes strictly imagination and fancy Shoes, High Heels, thereafter, meanwhile, tired feet, just like before. Now that I understand it, that there are no rules, after any load and leg pain. Hopefully my reviews will be useful, and his girl will suffer прочитавшие bone, legs and you will be able to live a full life by using stockings Valgosocks.