Valgosocks Stockings

The correct way to use bones in sock Valgosocks

Application features sock Volgodonsk

In addition, bandage Valgosocks high efficiency: an action, this orthopedic products is also very easy. Preferably to wear them every hour of the day, even sleep through the night. If not, such an opportunity, donning a sock status. But remarkably, longer thumb in a natural position, it will be hard under pressure, get rid of the bumps faster and more successful. You want a special primer just slip a knee brace every 3-4 days. Socks are completed with detailed instructions, rules to reach the best results as quickly as possible.

It should also be noted that while a knee brace, desire, pleasure, comfortable, in a convenient size shoes Low-heeled shoes. Professional doctors-orthopedic advice for a shoe like this to enjoy even after you fix bone deformities, to prevent the development of a new curvature.


Bandage Valgosocks to resolve on the leg bone if you want to use in the following cases:

  • curvature thumb;
  • emergence, dry calluses under thumb;
  • transverse flat feet;
  • расплющивание the bones of the foot;
  • pain or discomfort when walking or long-standing legs.

Existing contraindications

Orthopedic socks Valgosocks there any contraindications, but there are some limitations that need used bandages very carefully and slowly:

  • presence, wounds, burns and rashes on the skin use: the slow regeneration of the affected tissues, socks;
  • fungal infections: fungal infection may cause again, bandages (e.g., steel orthopedic products that are used to enjoy them fungus treatment and post-treatment disease);
  • the skin lesions on several places of contact with the socks in existence.

Accordingly, concomitant diseases and problems get rid of the experts first, and then start to apply a bandage Valgosocks for the correction of bone deformities.